How to Use the Tarot To Prepare for Mondays

It’s often with a grave sigh that many of us greet Sunday night, when we realize that Monday and the work week is a mere few hours away. Even those who love their jobs can feel a twinge of sadness that the weekend, which often provides a respite from the stresses that come with work, is coming to an end.

However, whether we realize it or not, some of this stress is linked to the uncertainty of not knowing what lies in the week ahead. This is where Tarot card readings come in handy.

Starting your week with Tarot can not only provide some guidance as to how the week will pan out, but it can help you prepare for any unseemly circumstances or the “unexpected” (which no longer becomes unexpected by dint of the reading!) This can actually take away an inordinate amount of stress from the week.

Read on to see how you can start your week with Tarot and let Tarot card readings lead the way!


An advisable way to begin your Tarot spread for the week ahead is to do the reading the night before on Sunday. This can enable you to have a little extra time to think about the reading, as well as make any necessary notes that can help you prepare for the coming week.

You want to sit in a quiet room with dim lights where you cannot be disturbed. Having a couple of crystals such as selenite and labradorite to hand in order to ground and focus you is also highly recommended.

If you would like to employ the use of incense such as Black Storax or Frankincense, then this is recommended too, as both can be very useful when reading the Tarot.

Ensure phones are switched off so you are not disturbed!

A Tarot Spread for the Week Ahead:

A recommended reading to do in order to prepare for the week ahead is the following:

Card 1: What Monday has in Store

Card 2: What Tuesday has in Store

Card 3: What Wednesday has in Store

Card 4: What Thursday has in Store

Card 5: What Friday has in Store

Card 6: Positives

Card 7: Negatives

Card 8: Advice for Me

That’s eight cards in total. You can set it out in whatever way feels right for you. One straight line, two lines of four cards, a pyramid shape, or even something more complex all work equally as well.

All of these cards can be clarified by pulling a few extra cards if you are still confused by the reading. Alternatively, you could pull one card before each day (So on Monday night, pull a card for Tuesday, on Tuesday night pull a card for Wednesday, and so forth) if it is easier for you to learn about your week ahead in this way. Do what is best for you!

The cards that appear from Monday to Friday will let you know what’s in store for you that day and any particular energies that may crop up.

For example, let’s say the Emperor crops up on Monday. This could point to a man – perhaps your boss – having a particular influence on you that day. If the card is reversed, it could be a negative one. It could also represent you and indicate that you will be fully in charge that day and much progress can be made. 

As the Emperor is equated with the Fire sign, Aries, it speaks of go-getting, passion, and determination; this could mean the day will be filled with energy and the fervent desire to achieve your dreams.

The Positives indicate things that ought to work in your favor for the coming week. This could be internal (within you) or external (among your surroundings and environment).

The Negatives show the challenges you may be faced with or the energy surrounding such challenges.

If the Tower crops up, it is likely there may be an unpleasant, unforeseen event that will occur, so you are advised to brace yourself (or you could even pull another couple of cards for clarification as to what the Tower means).

If something like the 7 of Cups turns up, it could indicate a desire within you – or someone around you – to drift away from responsibilities and engage in pie-in-the-sky daydreams that have no grounding in reality and could consequently lead to very little being achieved.

Look at the negative aspects of whatever card you pull and it should give you a good indication of how it could present as an obstacle for you. As always with Tarot, trust your intuition.

The final card, Advice for Me, indicates how you should conduct yourself during the week in order to best deal. If something like the Knight of Pentacles shows up, then the advice is to remain focused and determined, and not allow distractions to get in your way.

If the Page of Wands appears, it could be highlighting the necessity of “going for it” – not holding back, being creative, directing all your passions into your chosen frame of work.

Use Tarot to Avoid the “Sunday Scaries”

As with many things, the Tarot can be an excellent tool and guide to help you prepare for the week ahead.

With practice and doing this spread every week, not only will you feel more vigilant and prepared for what lies ahead, but you may also find a reduction in stress, as preparation and planning help whittle down feelings of stress and anxiety, particularly those that come with work. This can have a highly beneficial effect on your health overall – and what’s more, it can be fun too!

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