What the Upcoming Solstice Means for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Are you ready for the upcoming solstice?

Both the Winter and Summer Solstice are always special times of the year.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we will be experiencing the Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2020, while in the Southern Hemisphere, we will experience our Summer Solstice.

Spiritually-speaking, both the Winter and Summer Solstice are times of great change. The Winter Solstice marks the longest night and the shortest day; the Summer Solstice marks the longest day and the shortest night.

The Winter Solstice is a time of the rebirth of the Sun.

It is also a time to celebrate the energy of the Moon. It is a powerful time for renewal and self-reflection. With the Winter Solstice comes the need to rise from the ashes and begin afresh.

The Summer Solstice is a time of being alive and refreshed.

We are ready to take action after the deep contemplation and renewal of the Winter Solstice. The concept of rebirth is powerful with both solstices – think of a phoenix bursting into flames and rising from the ashes again to get a better idea of the cycle of the solstice.

The Solstices & the Chinese Zodiac

When it comes to how the solstice affects the Chinese Zodiac, we have to look at the different elements of each sign. Each sign of the zodiac is represented by one element naturally, but depending on the year you were born, you will have another element influencing you.

For example, the Tiger is represented by Wood, but if you were born in 1986, you would be a Tiger also represented by Fire.

The solstices have a profound impact on your element. Read on to find out what the Winter and Summer Solstices have in store for your Chinese Zodiac sign!

Learn more about the Chinese Zodiac and your unique element: Guide to the Elements of Chinese Astrology


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Water, you are quite at ease during this time of year, Rat.

You are keen to learn more during this solstice, and it is your desire for knowledge that keeps you balanced and grounded where other signs falter. Use your cool head to help others who are struggling during this period.

Summer Solstice

This can bring challenges in terms of getting things done.

Sometimes you prefer to stay in the realm of theory rather than practicality. Take a leap of faith and be brave – positive things are waiting for you; you only need to harness the courage to reach them.


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Earth, this is a positive time for you, and you have the ability to apply practical measures to issues or situations that become over-saturated with emotions, Ox. Others may turn to you for advice and help, which you will feel happy to give.

Summer Solstice

This can be difficult for you when you are hesitant to make a change or be part of the change. The key here is flexibility. Don’t be too rigid and stubborn. Learn to go with the flow, as the flow is ever-changing.


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Wood, this solstice can be challenging for you during the first half, but it eases up during the second, Tiger.

It is important to pay attention to your mood and sensitivity around this time; you may be more prone to low moods and snapping. Exercise and healthy eating are essential. And do things that make you feel happy!

Summer Solstice

You are in your element here as your dynamic personality is ready to take a leap and bound of faith. Others may look to you to lead the charge, and you won’t leave them feeling disappointed.

Just be careful of burning out; pay attention to your health.


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Wood, this solstice may have its ups and downs, and one thing you want to be careful of is getting dragged into conflict, Rabbit.

This can prove overwhelming for you. It is essential you have plenty of “me-time” and don’t cave to pressure. You cannot please everybody, and you have to recognize when it is necessary to place boundaries.

Summer Solstice

This is a time of new creativity and ventures for you.

Positive uptake with money is on the horizon, and your natural element is working overtime to make improvements for you. What you have to be mindful of is self-belief: don’t doubt yourself.


Winter Solstice

Represented by Earth, you are advised to proceed with caution during this Winter Solstice, Dragon.

Move slowly and cautiously. As such a dynamic sign and a sign of action, the Winter Solstice can be challenging for you to deal with because there is so much stagnation. Your Earth element gives you the grounding you need to reflect on what is practical and take measured steps to achieve your goals.

Summer Solstice

This is when you’re ready to get moving and start executing your plans.

You may need to be a little more cautious than usual, but providing you have a good balance between caution and impulse, you’ll see great success during this time.


Winter Solstice

Represented by Fire, you are likely to experience a profound transformation during this Winter Solstice, Snake.

Your fire energy scorches through the Earth, burning away what is necessary for you to become whole and more fulfilled. This is a time of powerful spiritual transformation for you.

Summer Solstice

The heat brings greater energy to your element, and fresh new ideas will be playing around in your mind. This is a solstice of opportunity for you where new connections can be forged, and a deeper understanding of what is will prevail in your mind.

Crystals are powerful tools connected to healing and rebirth. Make sure to read: Crystals to Use During the December Solstice


Winter Solstice

Represented by Fire, you may struggle to direct your energy inwards during this solstice, stubbornly directing it outwardly, Horse.

This could result in needless conflict and burnt bridges. Instead, find a way to harness your fire. Meditation, yoga, and bringing nature into your home – like flowers – are great ways to help ground you and enable you to use your element in a productive way.

Summer Solstice

Opportunity is on the horizon for you.

There may be some confusing moments, but you are encouraged to follow your instincts during this time and put your trust in the universe. It knows what is best for you, Horse!


Winter Solstice

Represented by Earth, yours is a sign that struggles during the Winter Solstice, Goat.

Your sign is most comfortable during the Summer Solstice, so you need to spend extra time nurturing yourself during these winter months. It’s okay to ease up a little on your diet and give yourself a treat now and then – just don’t go overboard.

Summer Solstice

You are in your element now, and you have tremendous energy and drive. You may find yourself in a leadership position, or others may look to you to take the lead. Believe in yourself because others do.


Winter Solstice

Represented by Metal, you may struggle during this solstice as your natural element is stifled, Monkey.

It’s important for you to stay physically active, so you don’t end up in a lethargic slump. Keeping things new and exciting and paying close attention to your dietary habits is crucial at this time.

Summer Solstice

This is a time of new energy and vigor for you.

Your natural talents will be enhanced, especially on the communicative front. As part of a worldwide movement, you may find yourself keen to make a change, playing your own special role among the collective.


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Metal, you may struggle during the Winter Solstice, Rooster.

The darkness of these months does not fit well with your desire for order and organization. Depressive moods or a ratty attitude may prevail. It’s important to keep your spirits up and engage in your own personal spirituality to keep your eye fixed on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Summer Solstice

You are likely to experience a series of events that will affect you profoundly on a spiritual level.

This Year of the Rat is a transformational one for you, and the transformation will continue well into the Year of the Ox. So pay attention to the messages of your inner voice.


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Earth, patience is required of you during this solstice, Dog.

You require balance and fairness, but unexpected events may throw you out of sync. It’s important to go inwards when this happens; the realization that surrender can lead to victory is an important lesson for you during this time.

Summer Solstice

You may undergo a transformation regarding your appearance or a personal belief that opens new doors for you. The advice is to go with the flow and not resist what is to come.


Winter Solstice

Ruled by Water, this is the solstice where you are in your element, Pig.

You are not afraid to face the darkness of these months, and indeed you find yourself when you are plunged into it. You may be drawn to helping others who are struggling at this time.

Summer Solstice

This brings you the chance to understand yourself and others at a deeper level. You are ready to take action on what you have learned, and you may be required to provide a helping hand to those who have lost their way.

Renew & Transform This Solstice

The solstice is a time of renewal, regeneration, transformation, and action.

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s to always expect the unexpected. We might not know what is going to happen. Still, by understanding ourselves at a deeper level and knowing how our Chinese Zodiac signs merge with the flow and ebb of the ever-changing universal energies, we can at least prepare for the unexpected stuff as best as we can!

What is your Chinese Zodiac sign preparing for? How will the solstice affect you as they approach?


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