Crystals to Use During December Solstice

The longest night and the shortest day of the year heralds special meaning for many people across the world. Though we may not all understand the significance of the December Solstice, we all feel the effects of it. On December 21st, we experience the seismic, cosmic wonders of the Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the south; wherever you are, the December Solstice represents a time of rebirth, renewal and celebration. It is a celebration of lunar energy and a rebirth of the Sun.

For us wandering people here on earth, we too can work with the energies of the December Solstice. It’s time to dust off old negative vibes and move into more positive ones; it’s time to allow ourselves a spiritual rebirth, mental rebirth, physical rebirth – any type of rebirth that is necessary for you at this time. It truly is a time to make way for the new and throwing out the old. And luckily, there are certain crystals that can help us along the way.

The crystals we’ve chosen for you to use during the Winter Solstice have properties and abilities connected to healing and rebirth. Read on to find out which crystals you can use to help you during this very special time!


This is a potent crystal during the December Solstice. It is one of the stones used traditionally during this period, used by pagans and celebrators alike. A powerful healing crystal, bloodstone promotes courage and vitality and has a strong ability to heal. For anyone who has been struggling in dealing with conflict or unpleasant, negative situations, bloodstone is soothingly grounding and can help you move forward to confidence and faith in yourself.

Snowflake Obsidian

This is a precious stone as it possesses powerful Yin and Yang qualities, helping you to find the balance between light and dark, between positive and negative. Snowflake obsidian possesses a unique ability to turn your attention inwards and help you reflect and analyze aspects of yourself that are troubling or concerning you. It has the ability to bring these issues to the surface so that you can transform them into a positive light. This crystal is best used in meditation or placing a piece under your pillow.

Black Onyx

The black crystals are often about repelling or transmuting negative energy and so they are some of the best crystals when it comes to aspects of resurrection and rebirth. (Very Scorpio of them!) Black onyx helps you deepen your connection with yourself and help you make wise decisions for the year to come. It can help transmute negative energy into positive energy and is particularly effective when worn around the neck.


As the December Solstice is all about birth and renewal, ruby is a terrific stone for manifestation in the New Year. The New Year isn’t too long in coming after the 21st December (and 2020 will be a particularly special year in terms of new beginnings as fans of Chinese astrology will know, the Year of the Rat marks the start of a brand-new 12-year cycle). With the New Year come opportunities to start afresh. Ruby is wonderful for setting intentions to manifest and create the life you want. It has also been used as part of December Solstice celebrations for centuries.

Snow Quartz

Special because it represents winter. Many of us associate winter with the color white (usually because of the snow that falls throughout the months) and this represents purity and cleansing. Snow quartz is believed to bring good luck and excellent fortune to those who harness its powers. It is excellent for purification, which is necessary to undergo when experiencing transformation. Wearing snow quartz around your wrist or carrying a small piece in your pocket can ensure its healing powers are with you always.

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Another crystal traditionally used during the December Solstice, garnet is a powerful stone of vitality. It is one that specifically wields creative energy to help you manifest the type of life you want. It is a magical stone and has a wonderful ability to help you reach your goals and create greater motivation within you.


This December Solstice, think about what in your life needs transmuting or transforming. It may come naturally or it may require some thought.

No matter how it is done, remember that these crystals are here to assist you. Each has its own unique properties, designed to help you with your own individual journey – crystals are only a few of the many wonderful friends and allies Mother Nature provides us with, and this Winter Solstice, she wants you to become the best of yourself!

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