Healing Crystals for Every Zodiac Sign on Your Gift List

It’s that time of year when we stress about the perfect gift to get each of the important people in our lives, and it needs to be affordable and meaningful. Maybe you’re feeling like there are too many people to shop for, or you’re a perfectionist and want to find the very best gift for everyone – and there are those family members that are nearly impossible to buy for. Let’s face it, while the holidays bring us together, they can also add to the pressure we may already be feeling in life.

That’s why this guide will help you find the perfect crystal for each person in your life, because there’s nothing quite as powerful or personalized as crystal healing combined with the power of astrology.

And you don’t even have to worry about whether or not everyone on your list believes in the power of crystal healing, because they are so beautiful that they make excellent gifts no matter what! Due to their versatile nature, crystals and gemstones make the perfect holiday gift, and this list will guide you toward the best crystal for each zodiac sign, helping you shop for each and every important person in your life.

Aries – Citrine

Have you met anyone who would say “No, thank you” to fortune and abundance? I didn’t think so. Citrine is known as the Stone of Abundance because it is so powerful at the art of manifestation. Aries – the Fire sign ruled by Mars – are passionate people with lofty goals, making this the perfect stone for the Aries in your life. Citrine will help attract the success that every Aries in your life desires and deserves.

Taurus – Pyrite

Taurus is a sign of hard work and responsibility – as proven by their Fixed nature and Earth element – and they may not always feel like their hard work is appreciated. If you want the Taurus in your life to know how grateful you are for their efforts, give them the gift of pyrite. Pyrite is known for attracting blessings and abundance, which will only help Taurus see how well their hard work has paid off. Pyrite may also signal that the Taurus can take a rest and seek a moment to relax.

Gemini – Rutilated Quartz

This Mutable sign of the Air signs is always a little all over the map. Sometimes this Gem’s head gets too far ahead of them. Any form of quartz will help your Gemini calm down, but rutilated quartz brings serenity into the life of any Gemini. This will help them to connect with their higher power, and achieve more balance and more rational thought in every situation. It could help them attract wisdom, and every Gemini will appreciate that!

Cancer – Moonstone

Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign, and their emotions reflect the deep waters that run within them – they are known to be quite sensitive. While this is simply the nature of the Cancer, and an admirable trait to be sure, there are ways to help them deal with the overwhelming emotions that they experience (although you may want to avoid letting them know that their gift is meant to balance their moods.) Moonstone is a crystal that helps Cancer connect to and appreciate their emotions without being ruled by them.

Leo – Tiger’s Eye

Leos are a Fixed sign ruled by the Sun. Given that the Sun provides our Earth with energy, it’s easy to understand that this sign is buoyant, warm, and full of life. With their exuberant attitude, Leos deserve to go far in life – which is where tiger’s eye comes in. Tiger’s eye will help Leo turn their energy into personal power and motivation to achieve their goals. This crystal will not only help keep Leo’s energy reserve filled, it will guide them towards the wisdom they need to fulfill their dreams.

Virgo – Red Jasper

Virgo’s somewhat rigid nature doesn’t necessarily line up with their Mutable standing in the astrological realm. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos know what they like, and they prefer to keep it that way; however, the magic tends to happen when they find the willingness to step outside of their comfort zone. Red jasper is the perfect crystal to get the Virgo excited to change things up and try something new. And beyond the benefit of spontaneity, your Virgo friend will be happy to know that red jasper attracts fortune.

Libra – Rose Quartz

Libras are a Cardinal sign, ruled by Air – meaning they’re pretty darn intellectual. As a result of their intelligent nature, they spend a lot of time in their heads, sometimes neglecting their emotions. Rose quartz is perfect for Libra, not only because it helps them connect to their emotional side, but because it’s pretty; and Venus-ruled Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty. The healing vibrations of rose quartz work especially well with Libra’s social side, as it helps people connect with each other.

Scorpio – Malachite

Scorpios are ruled by Water – stabilized by their Fixed position in the zodiac. Despite that stability, Scorpios are well aware of the darker aspects of life, and they know how to try to stay positive in the midst of negativity. Help your Scorpio friend combat those dark spaces that they seem to know so well with the protective stone, malachite. Malachite has transformative properties, helping Scorpio turn the challenges of life into victory and strength.

Sagittarius – Turquoise

Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and expansion. And as such, they seem to be naturally lucky – but they can sometimes lose focus of their goals. Turquoise is the perfect stone for Sag because it helps them feel inspired to turn that natural luck into opportunities for success. Turquoise stimulates the Third Eye chakra and will help your Sagittarius friend see the path they need to take to tackle their goals.

Capricorn – Peridot

Capricorns are the Cardinal Earth sign; and while they are responsible and hard-working, they can also perceive the neighbor’s grass to be perpetually greener than their own. As a natural leader, Capricorns are also quite naturally competitive, and they want to succeed beyond their peers. Peridot will not only help your Capricorn succeed, it will help them redefine success in such a way that they will no longer need to compare themselves to others. This stone will also promote the self-care that Capricorn desperately needs.

Aquarius – Yellow Jasper

As a Fixed Air sign, Aquarius can spend a lot of time focused on thing they can’t control, because their mental wheels are always turning. As a revolutionary sign, it’s better that they use those massive craniums to change the world, not to worry about their loved ones. Yellow jasper can help your Aquarius friend focus on the positive, freeing up their brilliant minds for bigger and better things. This stone will soothe your Aquarius friend, making it the best gift of the season.

Pisces – Lapis Lazuli

We love how compassionate the Mutable sign of the Water signs can be. But Pisces does have a tendency to waffle on the issues sometimes. Give Pisces the gift of decisiveness with the healing crystal we call lapis lazuli. This will give Pisces that little extra something when it comes to decision making. It also enhances their Third Eye and Crown chakras and will help them to see the outcomes before the decisions they make.

Crystal Versatility

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The versatile nature makes crystals one of the best gifts you can give during the holidays. And better still, crystals are the perfect gift for every budget because they can be bought individually or as a gorgeous set, like this Crystal Healing Collection.

This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of crystal healing.

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