The Tarot Quint: What it is & How to Use It

Looking to add one extra layer of depth and clarity to your next Tarot reading?

Enter: the Tarot Quint.

The power of numerology cannot be understated — this much we all know, as it carries throughout our lives in literally every way, shape, and form.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing some set of numbers at some point. But did you know that when applied to Tarot in specific or unique ways and methods, you can make even additional magic?

Today, we’re going to learn about the Tarot Quint, a method that combines the best of both worlds — tarot and numerology — to create something unique and powerful.

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What is the Tarot Quint?

If you’re at all acquainted with the Tarot, you know how important a number can be to an individual card meaning or an entire spread.

Often, they help us remember what ties the Tarot together; 5’s are full of conflict and difficulty, and 10’s represent the completion or fulfillment of a path, for example.

Stemming from the words “quintessential” or “quintessence,” the Tarot Quint is a card that represents the overarching theme or message of a Tarot spread. And in its own way, the Tarot Quint is about identifying a kind of tie through numerology.

The Tarot Quint card will be calculated and correspond to a Major Arcana card, and this will be the card that represents a core theme and message for the entirety of your spread.

How to Find the Tarot Quint


Calculating the Tarot Quint is actually very simple!

In your Tarot spread, you will take the number value of each card and add them together. If a card is reversed, you can consider this to be a negative number. If you receive a negative number, this is a reversed card, and if you receive a larger number than 22, you can reduce the number by adding up the individual numbers in your original result.

With the Minor Arcana suits, you simply use the card numbers as part of the equation.

An Ace of Wands would be a 1, and the 3 of Cups would be a 3, and so on.

The key with the court cards is to devise a system that works for you, but a common way to assign numbers to the courts is to go up from 11. (As a result, page = 11, knight = 12, queen = 13, king = 14). So long as you work out a system that works for you and stick with it, you can use the Quint however you see fit.

Now, let’s do some math to test it out!

If your Tarot spread consists of The Moon (18), the Ace of Cups reversed (-1), and The Sun (19), adding up all of these values would result in the number 36.

However, the goal is to receive a number that corresponds to the Major Arcana, so we need to reduce this number by adding 3 and 6, which creates 9. In the Major Arcana, this is the Hermit — and thus, our Quint for this reading!

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How to Use the Tarot Quint

Now that you’ve calculated the Tarot Quint, it’s time to reflect on what this means for your reading.

As we already established, the Tarot Quint is a card that represents the overall theme or message of a reading.

In our previous example, the spread consisted of The Moon, the Ace of Cups reversed, and The Sun, and our Tarot Quint was The Hermit. Let’s actually break this example down!

The Moon and The Sun both bring different kinds of wisdom and intense emotion to a situation. The Moon is a mystery and confusion card, while The Sun is about joy and returning to one’s true passion and happiness. With the Ace of Cups reversed on the table, perhaps the querent is also feeling a bit drained and detached from love overall, and The Sun and The Moon are here to represent the complex emotions that they might be experiencing because of this.

And in this situation, we can see that with The Hermit as the Tarot Quint, the primary takeaway from the reading should be that more reflection, solitude, and pause is necessary for the querent. The Hermit acts as a simple, helpful, and accurate representation of the reading’s overall summary and key themes.

It’s that simple!

Keep in Mind…

Similar to learning any new method or spread, the Tarot Quint may not always immediately make sense to you at first glance. It may take some extra practice to get the hang of using the Tarot Quint to see how it really fits with your Tarot practice.

However, at the end of the day, much like with all Tarot interpretations, what is most important is using an interpretation that genuinely speaks to your intuition and actually helps you gain clarity and insight. The Tarot Quint is just one extra layer of insight that you can add to your Tarot toolbox if need be, and not the end-all-be-all of your reading.

That said, it is always worth a go to combine the powers of numerology and Tarot if both systems are interesting or helpful to you.

Ultimately, they are here to help!

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