You Pulled the Temperance Card – Now What?

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Following the Death card is the fourteenth card of the Major ArcanaTemperance.

We see from the previous Death card that sweeping change has occurred. The death of a situation, the death of a relationship, the death of a career, the death of feelings, the death of a thought pattern.

But remember, death is not final. Death is a symbol of an ending in order to make way for a new beginning. Death and rebirth are powerful stages in the circle of life.

Death is change. Change can be scary. We may resist it with all our might. But change comes to all of us.

After the dust settles, we find ourselves in a state of equilibrium – not perfection, but equilibrium. We find a way to reconcile head and heart, light and dark. We recognize how opposing forces can come into balance. We find new meanings and new perspectives. We join the dots, understand the hows and whys, and move forward feeling ready to face anything that comes our way with this newfound sense of balance.

That is Temperance. It is about finding balance, learning to take the middle road, avoiding extremes, and maintaining a sense of calm.

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What Does Temperance Mean?

Some meanings of the Temperance Tarot card are:

  • Showing moderation
  • Finding the middle ground
  • Reaching a compromise
  • Experiencing harmony
  • Bringing opposites together
  • Healing
  • Enjoying well-being
  • Joining forces with others
  • Finding the right mix
  • Avoiding excess

What Does the Temperance Card Mean in a Love/Relationship Reading?

In a love and relationship reading, the Temperance Tarot card can take on several different meanings depending on the context, but ultimately it is all about balance and corporation.

In the position of how someone feels about you, Temperance means that they feel you are their equal. They may feel you are different from them in some way but that your differences complement one another. They may feel at peace with you and that the two of you fit together nicely.

In the position of how someone sees you, Temperance means that they see you as being well-rounded and put together very well. They may find you physically appealing – everything is in the right place! They see you as someone who knows how to make the best of yourself and that you are someone who has managed to bring together challenges – either internally or externally – and make them work.

For what someone wants to happen between you both, Temperance indicates that they want to find harmony with you. They would like a relationship where you can work through your differences and find common ground.

What Does Temperance Mean in a Career Reading?

Temperance is the ultimate card of diplomacy, so in a career reading, it indicates an area where your diplomatic skills will be harnessed to their greatest extent.

This could indicate being an actual diplomat or a spokesperson for a company, organization, or government. It could involve customer service jobs where you are dealing with customers. It could involve ambassador work where you are dealing with the public.

Temperance also indicates that you may be required to keep the peace at work and bring balance to an otherwise volatile situation.

What About Temperance as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, Temperance indicates there is difficulty achieving peace, internally or externally.

It highlights that the middle ground is not in sight. There is too much conflict, or emotions are too heightened.

This card also indicates that you are struggling to find the way forward as things have become foggy and uncertain.

When this card turns up in the obstacle position, it is a warning that there is a lack of balance which is blocking greater understanding and clarity.

What About Temperance in Reverse?

As a reversed card, Temperance indicates that you are feeling out of balance. You may be struggling between head and heart. You may be struggling with a relationship that is unfair – one side gives far more than the other.

Reversed, Temperance is a sign that something is not quite right in your life, and it is blocking the flow of energy to bring you peace and satisfaction. You may feel that you have lost connection to your inner self.

As a reversed card, this card is telling you that it’s time to recuperate and go through an emotional and spiritual detox so that you can start afresh and look at things with a new eye.

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How to Make Temperance Work For You

The energy of Temperance brings harmony, coordination, and mutual understanding. It is an essential energy to bring peace, to stop conflict, and to remind everyone of what truly matters in life.

During these stressful times, the energy of Temperance is more important than ever. This energy can be harnessed with the use of positive affirmations that help you absorb the energy of this card when you repeat them to yourself.

Some good Temperance affirmations are:

  • I will find balance in my life
  • I will bring harmony to my situation
  • I will find a middle ground in my relationship
  • I trust my connection to my inner self
  • I will use my talents to bring peace
  • I will find moderation

Use the Energy of Temperance to See You Through

The Temperance Tarot card is about finding balance and equilibrium after sweeping change.

Change is something we have a tendency to fear. The unknown is scary to us. We are creatures of comfort, and staying in our comfort zone is something many of us strive to do on both a conscious and unconscious level.

But facing our fears is a fundamental part of life and growth. No matter what shocking changes we experience from the Death card, balance is assured to us one way or another in the aftermath when the energy of Temperance arrives. Remember – rainbows appear after the storm.

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