Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 14 – 20, 2022

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Sweet, adventurous Sagittarius season isn’t for another week, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to escape the energy of the archer for now, either.

That’s right — this week sees Venus enter Sagittarius on the 16th and Mercury enter Sagittarius on the 17th. That’s two major planets (one of love and one of communication and thought — two big players in how we understand and interact with the world around us) entering the sign of the archer.

Sagittarius energy is notoriously optimistic, philosophical, and adventurous, but the way we handle these exact themes can vary depending on who we are individually (and even per zodiac sign).

But the stars aren’t the only thing in the Universe that get a say — the Tarot can speak too, and we’ll be getting its input for this week ahead for you first!

Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope for November 14 – 20, 2022


Strength (Reversed)

Aries always seems to be digging deeper than they need to be as the rambunctious ram, but this week has that quality in particular.

Strength reversed hints that you may be feeling off of your game right now and pulling from energetic reserves that are more like the “emergency tank” of your system.

In other words, you may be experiencing the feeling of moving through life on autopilot, being burnt out easily, and getting frustrated over the little things.

The key is not to “power through” this time but to seek rest, Aries. It will pass, but you need to get through it well and rested too.


3 of Wands

Taurus is gazing out into the unknown, ready to face some new horizons.

The 3 of Wands foretells themes of adventure, plans expanding, and your new beginnings finally panning out in their early forms. Everything isn’t exactly here yet, but you can begin to see the inklings of a better future.

This may feel more like a feeling at times than a series of actual rewards and outcomes. This is your sign to trust that feeling and not invalidate what is a genuine part of your new journey.


Knight of Cups

Gemini has been in a more romantic flow than others lately!

Fun, flirty, and charming, the Knight of Cups captures many of your well-known qualities. However, it does lean more emotional and intuitive in nature and encourages you to follow your heart.

Witty banter and finding a way to connect to others through conversation are great. But this week is about ensuring you’re making that heart-to-heart connection as well.

A question to ask yourself consistently throughout the week is: “How does my heart feel about this?” instead of asking your mind.

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Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Cancer, your core foundations may feel like they’re shakier at this time.

Stability, especially the material kind (finances, time, schedules, and responsibilities), may feel in flux with the Queen of Pentacles reversed. More specifically, it may feel like you’re not the one controlling them.

External circumstances muddling up your sense of control and vision over these things can be disorienting and frustrating. However, this doesn’t mean you should struggle to regain control automatically.

Sometimes being patient with time passing and trusting the flow of the Universe is all you can (and should) do.


4 of Cups

Not every week can be sparks and flying colors, Leo.

The 4 of Cups hints that you may have to find that spark coming from within this time. There’s not always a week full of eventful energies or even dramatic obstacles to overcome — sometimes, it’s just a stagnant pool.

Just because everything seems like it’s colored in a shade of gray right now doesn’t mean you can’t find peace and fulfillment.

It just means — yes, you’ll have to be the one to paint the rainbow. Choose to see the light this week.


The World (Reversed)

Virgo is not one to appreciate a feeling of disconnect and disorganization.

This week, however, demands that you try to find a way through those very themes. The World reversed may indicate loops not closing properly, like there’s just something missing, and the completion you seek is not coming through.

Truthfully, as much as you may not like the chaos, Virgo is still one of the most capable when it comes to finding resolution in chaotic times such as these.

There may not be the “ideal” clear-cut answer to the next steps or problems ahead. However, you can still find a way through in the next best way.


4 of Pentacles

A theme of boundaries and walls is coming up once again for Libra.

The 4 of Pentacles indicates that your self-protection and desire to retain stability for yourself can be inching more towards staying too far within your comfort zone.

Are you feeling extra stingy with your time, energy, and resources? Are you open to sharing, giving, or hearing out something that looks contrary to your current plan of action?

The only person who can respond honestly and truly is you. Your boundaries are yours — and it’s up to you to ensure they are genuinely benefiting you (and not keeping you in a box).


2 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Scorpio, sometimes winning the battle, means learning when to pass the baton.

The 2 of Pentacles reversed shows you biting off more than you can chew. You may have accepted too many responsibilities, juggled too many ideas at once, or entertained multiple opportunities simultaneously.

As dynamic and strong as the Scorpion is, you are ultimately still only one person. Finding balance in this instance will not mean simply powering through difficulties but genuinely striking an even flow.

And yes, this may mean saying “no” more this week and perhaps asking for help.


Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Sagittarius is struck with much Sagittarian energy in the skies this week on the whole, so what does that mean for you internally?

Well, the Queen of Wands reversed points out that your sense of self and identity and all of these parts of you are lit up, as are your insecurities and areas of instability.

Your strengths and weaknesses, your plans and goals, your difficulties and triumphs — all of these things are being highlighted simultaneously. You feel yourself at the center of the stage, which can be illuminating, rewarding, and also incredibly difficult at times.

Accept all of these parts as the full spectrum of experience at this time; the only key is to not try to “shut off” any part of yourself.



Capricorn is seeking objectivity, balance, and order.

Justice is your ally this week in putting your ducks in a row. In true practical Capricorn fashion, you may be organizing, structuring, and reframing many things in your life right now.

This goes for future plans, your relationships with others, and even your understanding of yourself. (Capricorn is a deeper thinker than others sometimes realize).

With Justice on your side, this week can be a productive one!


King of Wands (Reversed)

Aquarius may be feeling a range of powerful things this week, but your ambitions are scattered.

Patience with yourself and others is encouraged as you sort out all of these strong sparks and ideas. Some of them may be great! But it’s more likely that many are impulsive, conflicting, or too tied to your current circumstances (rather than seeing farther down the line).

While it’s important that you validate the strong emotions you experience, the King of Wands reversed urges you not to make any important decisions during this week.


Queen of Swords

Pisces has been on their intellectual, balanced wave for a while now.

This week is no exception with the Queen of Swords on the table. Your mind is razor-sharp, and the vision is clear.

It’s time to take advantage of this crystal clear flow and express yourself fully, take the reigns and lead a little, and have the conversations that have been put off for ages.

Now that the throne and sword are all yours, what will you be doing to wield it for good?

Ready For Your Astrological Briefing?

Your Tarotscope for the week has been delivered — you can make note of important parts, return to it throughout the week, or use it to your advantage in some other way that you see fit.

Now that the Tarot has spoken, however, you may also want to catch up on what the stars are doing in full.

With more planets moving into Sagittarius (and Sagittarius season itself approaching after this week), you can compound your Tarotscope knowledge with any astrological knowledge to see how everything might align in the full picture for yourself!

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