Things Are About to Heat Up With Venus in Libra

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Ah, lovely Libra! The sign of diplomacy, tact, and grace. This is the zodiac sign that values justice, balance, and harmony.

In the presence of a Libra or someone with strong Libra energy, you cannot help but be charmed by their witty nature, delightful appeal, and desire for justice!

Of course, Libra has its dark side, too, like any other sign—it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Libra is one sign that can’t stand conflict to such a degree that they will often do anything to avoid it. Sometimes, this can mean going against their beliefs or compromising their morals, leading them to even more inner conflict.

Unless Libra has other signs in its chart that are more forthright and ready to do battle—such as Aries or Scorpio, both ruled by warrior-planet MarsThis sign can really struggle with dealing with conflict because its natural inclination is to make everyone happy.

So Libra needs to find that balance within themselves—the one that takes others into account but doesn’t forget to take themselves into account too.

That’s where they can learn from their opposite, Aries, the bold and brilliant sign that is all about me, me me! While Aries focuses on “I,” Libra focuses on “we.”

A Libra that is out of balance with itself can quickly become a doormat and get taken advantage of. They can gain a reputation for being two-faced or cowardly and even lose their sense of identity.

That’s when they should harness the energy of Aries, which is known for its courage and confidence. Aries knows who it is—and it doesn’t care who doesn’t like them. This bold sign will do what it wants, and damn the consequences!

If Libra can snatch a bit of that confidence and combine it with their marvelously tactful and diplomatic nature, then we have someone capable of creating great change for the better, not only in their personal lives but in the world.

What to Expect With Venus in Libra

During this transit that begins on November 8th, 2023, we prefer to use charm over being assertive. We are willing to negotiate, and we can be extremely obliging to others. Remember, Libra is the ultimate sign of diplomacy. That is why you find many involved in trading careers, politics, and diplomatic roles.

In love, we will be idealistic and search for “The One” (if they haven’t already landed on our doorstep!) Venus rules Libra, so she is very comfortable in this sign.

As the planet of love, the arts, and beauty, Venus values harmony. When in the sign of Libra, she dislikes crude or uncouth behavior. Aggressiveness is a major turn-off. Anyone attempting to win anyone else by being domineering or overly eager is likely to experience a swift rebuttal.

This transit favors moonlit walks, refined restaurants, trips to the art gallery, and witty conversation over a cup of tea.

The elegance of this transit is also highlighted by how we present ourselves. Libra is a sign that cares a lot about its appearance, and during Venus in Libra, we smarten up and take greater care with our outfits and how we present ourselves.

We are keen to make a good impression and, as such, we may find ourselves attracting an admirer or two!

At the same time, we must be wary of being too dependent during this transit or too focused on superficiality. We may find ourselves glossing over important issues just to avoid conflict.

How to Use the Energy of Venus in Libra

Here are some things you can do to make the most of Venus in Libra.

Remember, this transit brings the opportunity to enhance an existing relationship with Libra’s love of, well, love! Libra rules the 7th house, which is all about love, marriage, and relationships, and when Venus is here, we become ultra-romantic!

It brings the chance to meet someone new—there is a strong “love at first sight” vibe with this energy.

However, to fully appreciate Venus in Libra, here are a few things you can do during this transit:

1. Enjoy a Makeover

Set some time to go through your wardrobe and try out some new outfits. Do your hair, take photos of yourself, and enjoy the fabulous you!

Libra spends a lot of time focusing on the “we,” so it’s important to balance this out by focusing on the “me.”

One way that Libra recharges its batteries is through beautifying either itself or its environment. So getting some new decor or treating yourself to a makeover, whether it’s a new hairdo or a new outfit, is a great way to harness this energy.

2. Embrace Your Diplomatic Skills

Venus in Libra seeks compromise in all things. If there has been ongoing conflict or resentment that has since found no resolution, Venus in Libra brings out your desire to find a middle ground.

You’ll find yourself more willing to hear the other side of the story and more willing to meet them halfway. This is an excellent time for negotiation and moving past conflicts.

Building bridges is a strong theme in this transit. It helps to dissolve excessive pride and ego and bring harmony to all situations.

3. Involve Yourself in a Humanitarian Pursuit

Even though Libra may acquire a reputation for avoiding conflict, don’t be fooled by this sign. This sign is the ultimate champion of justice and equality.

This is a sign that values humanitarianism and will use its skills to help make the world a better place for people and animals.

Libra cares strongly about justice and cannot bear to see inequality in all forms. It is a champion of the underdog and is only truly happy when everyone is treated fairly and equally.

With Venus in Libra, you may find yourself more interested in campaigning and activist work, or perhaps charity work and lending your support to a cause you identify with or believe in.

Go with it—Venus in Libra activates your activism!

Seek Harmony & Balance With Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra helps us thrive through one-to-one sessions, counseling, and heartfelt discussions that can lead to a positive outcome.

The law, beauty, harmony, relationships, and the arts are all very important issues coming to the forefront now. How we navigate this depends on how willing we are to ride with the energy.

Outright aggression or competitiveness is not so appealing, and we despise hurting others’ feelings.

Through Venus in Libra, we can begin to understand what harmony and balance truly mean; and most importantly, we can seek to find harmony within ourselves.

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