How Venus Placements Affect the Way We Love

While astrology is traditionally focused on the major planet placements, such as the Moon and Sun, your Venus placement can explain a lot about the way you love. Venus rules over both the signs Libra and Taurus, and as such, is associated with love and money, albeit in a complex, well-rounded manner.

Learning more about someone’s Venus placement can give you great insight into how they approach relationships. It can also give you great insight into how your own expectations in romance differ from someone else’s to give you the advantage of knowing how your puzzle pieces can fit together.

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First, look at what sign falls in Venus in your own birth chart and reflect on how you approach love and how this placement reflects what an ideal relationship looks like to you. For example, some people want to spend lots of time talking about feelings to create intimacy while others want to feel like they are creating a safe home, a stable future, and resources to express love.

Take a look at the following placements to learn more about the friends and partners you have in your life, and how to make sure they stick around.

Your Venus Sign & Your Love Style

Venus in Aries

Those with Venus in Aries are likely to be upfront about their feelings and intentions, especially romantically. While often impish, their charm brings something special to each relationship. These folks like to have a good-natured, fun time, but this placement can cause impulsiveness; they like to keep their blood pumping. This placement also encourages an appreciation of honesty and forthrightness. As long as they are not repressed or stifled, they make loyal, if hyper, partners.

Venus in Taurus

As Taurus is ruled by Venus, this makes for an interesting placement. Taurus is a sign that is associated with the finer things in life, as is the planet Venus. Those with a Venus in Taurus are likely to indulge their senses, preferring good food and lovely music to club-hopping and crowds. One downside might be their tendency toward jealousy. This is a placement that can cause deep, sometimes painful emotions. As a result, they often take longer than others to enter into a partnership. Show them your loyal, trustworthy side to gain their affections.

Venus in Gemini

As Gemini is associated with intellect and the element of Air, you can expect those with a Venus in Gemini to provide plenty of stimulating conversation. While this placement can be indicative of an affectionate nature, those with a Venus in Gemini are not interested in feeling tied down or smothered. As Gemini is represented by the twins in astrology, you might find that this person is quick to change their minds about things. They appreciate spontaneity and creativity in their relationships with others. As long as you provide them with the space to be independent, along with plenty of witty conversation, you should be able to please the Venus in Gemini.

Venus in Cancer

This placement has the potential to create deep sensitivity and emotion within, resulting in a need for relationships that provide a sense of stability. Cancer Venus folks may appear moody in their romantic relationships, however, they truly do care about their loved ones. Their nature is both helpful and domestic, choosing to show their love with kind gestures and warm words. They will pay close attention to your feelings and try to make you feel accepted and welcome, despite their shifting moods.

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Venus in Leo

Those with a Venus placed in Leo are loud in love; theirs is a love that is shouted from the rooftops and displayed frequently. They can be somewhat self-involved in their relationships, but their charm makes up for it. They love to give, as well as receive romantic attention from their partners. It can appear, at times, that they expect too much from their loved ones, so optimistic are they in romance. Their biggest pet peeve might be indifference in their relationships; they want their romances to remain exciting. Try to give them the attention they crave, and you’ll find that they’re loyal and loving partners.

Venus in Virgo

The generous nature that accompanies a Venus in Virgo placement is one that will provide many feelings of appreciation by their partners. They might not prefer flashy, extravagant gift-giving, but they give of themselves in a myriad of ways. They are dedicated and willing to put the work into a relationship that they value. Virgo is a sign of the natural-born-perfectionist, as such, they can appear critical at times. Try to remember that they are harder on themselves than they are on others. This placement indicates an appreciation for the little things, and they will show their gratitude for your attention.

Venus in Libra

Venus is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra, adding depth to this placement. These social butterflies love to be liked. Libra’s interest in balance and fairness make this placement one of diplomacy. They appreciate a center of balance in all situations. They can appear tactless at times, so honest are they with their loved ones, however, they do not respond well to rude behavior. They are kind in love, with romantic tendencies. Like Taurus, they appreciate beautiful and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Treat them with kindness and appreciation, and they will make a grateful, joyous lover.

Venus in Scorpio

A Venus in Scorpio placement causes great intensity of emotions. Those with this placement feel their love deeply and immensely. Their version of love can sometimes overwhelm their partner, so keen are they on enveloping their lovers. They want to join in union completely, loving their partners with more might than can be appreciated by everyone, particularly those who prefer a less intense, romantic experience. They can be jealous and overly reactive, yet their bold hearts mean well. This placement is likely to bring about an extremely dedicated partner.

Venus in Sagittarius

While very loving, this placement often brings about an intense need for freedom and independence within a relationship. Sagittarius is a sign that creates the need for new experiences and adventures, and as such this placement is likely to lead to a spontaneous partner. They are typically optimistic and jovial, taking any opportunity to joke around when they can. They can be simultaneously open-minded, yet critical of others. They are honest in love, and never afraid to speak their minds. If you can allow their wild horse the freedom to run, they will make fun, exciting partners.

Venus in Capricorn

This placement is one of responsible, practical movements mixed with dedication of spirit. They like predictability in relationships, preferring a slow and steady course to a fast and intense one. While they like to know where things are headed with their partners, they are not overly indulgent in their emotions toward them. Capricorn may display shyness in love, coupled with a slightly serious demeanor, however, they do love deeply. While they may be somewhat predictable in relationships, they can also be very romantic, albeit in a more traditional sense than many other Venus placements. They make great partners to those who appreciate a more mature relationship.

Venus in Aquarius

A Venus in Aquarius placement makes for an inventive, technologically-inclined partner. A social butterfly, these folks enjoy being appreciated for their unique, innovative spirit. They follow their own rules, not conforming to many social norms. They appreciate their independence as well as relationships that aren’t traditional. Their nonchalance can sometimes come across as apathy, however, they do truly care for their loved ones. They appreciate intelligence in their partners and are fond of stimulating forward-thinking conversations. They prefer liberation to possession in relationships.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is a wonderful treat. This romantic, daydream-induced placement leads to emotional romances with much idealization. These folks know what they want, and that is a sensitive love. Like the Venus in Cancer, they can be a bit moody, so deep are their feelings. While they typically love unconditionally, their sensitive embrace extends beyond their romantic relationships. They will make you feel appreciated for who you are on the inside, grateful for your traits and skills. Show them romance in the traditional sense, with sonnets or love songs.


The Venus planet in your birth chart may also fall in different houses. For example, if Venus is in your 11th house, the planet will influence how you interact not just in love but with your other social interactions as well. With Venus in the 11th house, love is not just reserved for your partner but is your magic carpet, the wings that help you connect to others. Long story short, to understand how we are affected by Venus in love we need to look at all the places it shows up in our birth chart and not just what zodiac sign is in Venus.

Understanding Venus placements can make it easier to see our loved ones for who they are, and learn to appreciate the ways that they love. Use this knowledge to deepen your relationships through compassion and caring. Finally, keep track of what sign the planet Venus is in at any given time to know how that sign will be creating another filter through which we are all expressing or seeing our love lives and the possibility for romance.

You can use our astrology calendar to see what sign Venus is in and when it goes retrograde or changes signs (this happens about every 30 days). Ultimately, understanding our partner’s Venus placement is the secret to knowing how to please them.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published February 8th, 2014 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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