The Waterbearer’s Tarot: Which Tarot Cards Represent Aquarius

We are currently in the season of Aquarius (hooray!) but what does this mean for many of us?

Well, let’s take a look at Aquarius and what the sign of the Waterbearer means. This is the sign of quirkiness, unconventionally, and marching to the beat of your own drum.

This is the round peg in the square hole that Steve Jobs was talking about, the humanitarian who is concerned with the world and the well-being of all. They are the free-thinkers who place originality and individuality above all else. If you are an Aquarius or know any Aquarians, or Aquarius is strong in your natal chart, you will know what I mean.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger is the Eastern equivalent to Aquarius. The Tiger is likewise known for their free-thinking individuality and refusal to follow the status quo; as members of the Third Trine, they too, like Aquarius, are humanitarians who are concerned with the world and its inhabitants.

We have also entered the Age of Aquarius which is said to see a decline in hierarchy and an elevation of equality, individuality, and originality.

Now, how about the Tarot for Aquarius? Which Tarot cards represent the Waterbearer?

Aquarius in the Major Arcana: The Star

It is no surprise that of all the cards in the Major Arcana, The Star is the one which represents the Waterbearer sign.

Firstly, it is important to bear in mind that Aquarius is the only astrological sign which is represented with two elements – Air and Water. Even though it is categorized with the Air elements (along with Libra and Gemini), Aquarius is also represented by Water, highlighting their emotional side, just as Air highlights their intellect.

If you take a look at The Star card, the lady in the imagery has one foot on land and one foot in the water. This symbolizes a similar duality to Aquarius, where the foot in the water represents the emotions and the foot on land represents the rational mind.

Above all, The Star symbolizes hope. This is at the heart of Aquarius.

With a desire to better mankind and make life better for themselves and those around them, Aquarius has the ability to envision a better world and formulate plans to make these visions a reality. The Star represents hope and faith after the chaos and uncertainty of The Tower; it represents rebuilding the world after the false foundations of The Tower came crashing down. The beauty of The Star and the ethereal imagery among the night-skies show how Aquarius have the powerful ability to see beyond the darkness and find the light that is desperately needed. This is the gift of Aquarius and one which, during Aquarius season, many are able to encompass.

Aquarius in the Minor Arcana: Knight of Swords

In the Minor Arcana, the Knight of Swords best represents Aquarius. As an air sign, the Knight of Swords is famous for his intelligence and ability to charge in and take action. This knight envisions a greater future and he is not afraid to go out and get it. This is very similar to the Aquarius attitude, which doesn’t play by the rules and will forge the reality he crafts in his mind.

However, the Knight of Swords can also be stubborn in his thinking, just as Aquarius can. At times, the Knight of Swords can also appear unfeeling or unemotional which gives others the impression they are being cold. Because Aquarius is so focused on implementing their dreams and inspirations, they can come across as being insensitive to the emotions of others at times.

The Knight of Swords is a go-getter and his courage and determination go unrivaled. Combined with the power of hope and faith that The Star brings, both of these cards represent the core of the Aquarius personality.

Where Have the Aquarius Cards Turned Up in Your Reading?

During this Aquarius season, we can use the inspiring, uplifting, and go-getting Aquarius energies for our own endeavors, hopes, and dreams. We all have a passion burning within us; some are more in touch with it than others, but it exists within each and every one of us.

While under the influence of Aquarius, we are more inclined to get in touch with those passions and make them part of our reality. Humanitarian interests may increase and formulating ideas to manifest solutions may also be on the rise. Aquarius is a sign of optimism and individuality and, on some level, this is something we can all relate to.

The world is constantly in a state of progression and we, too, can be a part of this, especially by understanding the most progressive sign of them all, the Waterbearer.

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