Could Your Soulmate be an Aquarius? Find Out Right Now

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As we float on through Aquarius season, what better time than now is there to explore more about this intellectual, forward-thinking sign – and especially how it approaches romance? What does Aquarius love compatibility look like?

This Air sign is intelligent and thoughtful, bringing their natural curiosity and wonderous nature into any romantic entanglement they get caught up in. As a Fixed sign, they can be pretty set in their ways, and their pride sometimes gets in the way of them making intimate or vulnerable connections.

Aquarians are one of the social butterflies of the zodiac, fluttering from one group of people to the next. Their personality is naturally magnetic and charming, but their naturally gregarious nature is sometimes mistaken for flirtation.

This zodiac sign possesses a personality that is larger than life, and the simple act of being in their presence can feel like an exciting adventure. Their witty conversations and humanitarian efforts are enough to win over just about anyone.

And, as the sign of the Water-bearer enjoys both work and play, you can expect them to not only tend to their responsibilities but also to leave plenty of time for fun and excitement.

Because Aquarians are so social, they can get along with just about anyone. But there are certain signs that just seem to mesh well with this one.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the romantic side of Aquarius, and dive deeper into Aquarius love astrology, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about compatibility with this futuristic zodiac sign.

If you’re an Aquarius yourself, check out your Aquarius love horoscope for even more information!

About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

This Air sign is associated with the 11th house, the House of Friendships – which means that connections are significant to Aquarians.

However, while Aquarians do possess a deep and meaningful love, their ruling element – Air – encourages them to think about this love more than they feel it.

And that same Air also makes it more difficult for Aquarius in love to express it, as this sign can be quite averse to public displays of affection.

Furthermore, Aquarius is such a social butterfly that it can be difficult for them to prioritize certain relationships, like the one they share with their romantic partner. If you date an Aquarius, you may feel like they spend all of their time on their friends and social groups than their relationship with you – but you must be willing to let them enjoy their social life if you want this relationship to work.

Aquarians value their freedom, individuality, and independence fiercely, and they don’t take kindly to having those aspects of their life challenged.

And while this Air sign is friendly and thoughtful, they’re also set in their ways and can be rather stubborn when they feel they’ve been backed into a corner. For Aquarius to appreciate and understand the value of the relationship you share, you must let them assert their independence and social standing.

The love that Aquarius feels for people influences their humanitarian nature. As a zodiac sign that sees the big picture, Aquarius will do what it takes to help those who need it to make the world a more beautiful place. But they must also learn that each person serves their own purpose, as Aquarius may unwittingly belittle those they deem the underdog.

Aquarius must find the balance between wanting to help those around them and avoiding the temptation to assume that everyone needs their help.

Uranus, the planet that rules this sign, further contributes to the rebellious, spontaneous nature of Aquarius.

This is the energy that gives Aquarius its revolutionary energy, its desire to shake things up and buck the system. This energy helps Aquarius focus on what needs to change to make this world a more harmonious place for all of us.

If you can let go of the idea that you need to be with your partner 24 hours a day, you’ll find a romantic relationship with an Aquarius to be an inspiring, meaningful experience in your life.

Aquarius Personality: The Good & The Bad

Just like every sign under the Sun, the Aquarius personality has both strengths and weaknesses. When thinking about Aquarius love compatibility, this is what we must first review.

Aquarius Strengths

One thing you can look forward to when dating an Aquarius is that they have the ability to make you feel like the only person in the world – they can make you feel more special than you ever have before. And while they may not be the most affectionate sign, that special feeling they create inside of you is a true gift from their heart.

And while Aquarius values their independence, they’re completely loyal – once they’ve committed to someone, they’re all in.

Other Aquarius strengths include:

  • Spontaneous personality
  • Outside-of-the-box ideas
  • Leadership skills
  • Progressive concepts
  • Compassionate personality
  • Artistic and creative
  • Intellectual and witty
  • Curious mind
  • Humanitarian energy
  • Altruistic point of view

Aquarians want spontaneous, new, exciting experiences that help them better understand the world around them. They like to explore the unknown and make sense of the mysteries in life. With a partner by their side, that exploration becomes the adventure of a lifetime.

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Aquarius Weaknesses

And like every zodiac sign, Aquarius also possesses weaknesses. They can be stubborn, set in their ways, and emotionally aloof. They crave adventure, sometimes to the point of detriment, as their desire for freedom can get in the way of their longing for connection.

Other challenging aspects of the Aquarius personality include:

  • Unrealistic goal setting
  • Inability to stick to plans
  • Lack of emotional intimacy/vulnerability
  • Distant in relationships
  • Overly independent (to the point of being stubborn)
  • Scattered and unfocused

If these issues amount to little more than a peeve for you, you might be perfect for a relationship with the enigmatic yet independent Aquarius! Remember, no sign is perfect – it’s all about finding someone whose foibles don’t set you off.

Aquarius Compatibility in Relationships

Now we’re getting to the good stuff!

You’re surely curious to know which signs just seem to mesh well with charming Aquarius and which ones tend to butt heads, and we’re here to fill you in on the secrets of the stars! But it’s important to remember that these compatibility matches are based only on Sun signs.

For a truly in-depth look at your Aquarius love compatibility, you’ll want to contact an experienced astrologer.

Most Compatible Signs with Aquarius

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and in astrology, Air and Fire are two elements that feed off one another. Sag loves to travel and explore the world just as much as Aquarius does, meaning these two will go on grand adventures together.

Sagittarius has a passion for life that helps Aquarius feel more passionate and enthusiastic about their own life.

However, Aquarius and Sagittarius together will need to work on calm communication, as Sag’s Fire may flare Aquarian tempers. Take deep breaths and speak with compassion when discussing tense topics.

2. Gemini

These are two Air signs that will instinctively understand one another’s personality, as both Aquarius and Gemini are intellectual, thoughtful, and eccentric.

Gemini can be a bit neurotic – and they love to hear the sound of their own voice – two aspects which may grate on Aquarius’ nerves. But if Aquarius can increase their patience and Gemini can increase their focus, this can be a transformative union.

With charm, wit, and brilliant ideas, these two may feel like they can conquer the world together!

3. Libra

Libra is the other Air sign of the bunch and might be one of the only signs to outdo Aquarius’ status as the astrological social butterfly. Libra is a natural flirt, enjoying conversation with anyone around them – and while this may get on the nerves of a lot of other signs, Aquarius understands the harmless nature of Libra’s energy.

Libra also enjoys its independence, unwilling to settle down quickly. If Libra and Aquarius get close and feel comfortable enough to commit themselves to one another, this can be a relationship full of understanding and harmony.

4. Aries

Aries is the second Fire sign to end up on this list because Air and Fire naturally feed off each other. And while these two may have different approaches to life, they both share a desire for new experiences, change, independence, and passion for life. Aquarius has eccentric ideas fired up by Aries’ enthusiasm, leading to a confident execution of their plans.

However, Aquarius and Aries together will need to work on maintaining a sense of calm when things get turbulent, as they’re both headstrong and feisty. If they can find a communication method that works for them, this union can be groundbreaking.

Least Compatible Signs for Aquarius

If you’re crushing on an Aquarius and you find your zodiac sign in this particular list, don’t fret!

You may have prominent Aquarius placements or certain aspects within your composite charts that bring you together in unexpected ways. Let’s now dive into the best love matches for Aquarius.

1. Taurus

As an Earth sign, Taurus loves routine, including plenty of housework to keep their sacred space beautiful and clean. On the other hand, Aquarius is always on the go and far too concerned with saving the world to worry about the dirty laundry.

Taurus and Aquarius together will have a hard time finding a way to prioritize each other’s needs, as those needs are vastly different for each person. While this union isn’t impossible, it isn’t easy.

2. Capricorn

Another Earth sign, Capricorn, is all about responsibility and security. And while Aquarius works hard and gets things done, they enjoy their freedom and leisure time as well. These two may never find time to sit down and enjoy each other’s presence, as each of them is always busy with one thing or another – and those things will rarely match up for Capricorn and Aquarius.

3. Cancer

Cancer is a sensitive Water sign that might have a hard time understanding Aquarius’ blunt sense of humor and penchant for criticism. On the other hand, Aquarius may feel that Cancer’s emotional reactions are over the top and unwarranted, leaving them to walk on eggshells in Cancer’s presence.

The Aquarius Cancer relationship will see plenty of arguments and misunderstandings if clear communication is not established.

4. Scorpio

While Scorpio is another Water sign like Cancer, they’re much more likely to keep their feelings to themselves. However, Aquarius isn’t a mind reader and doesn’t pretend to know how, and Scorpio may feel resentful that Aquarius seems oblivious to their hidden pain.

Both of these signs have a hard time letting their guard down, so unless both Aquarius and Scorpio in a relationship commit to being vulnerable with one another, this relationship isn’t likely to lead to deep intimacy.

Even More Compatibility

Aquarius & Aquarius

You might feel like you’re looking into a mirror when meeting with anothe Aquarius, but is that what you really want in a relationship? If you have a great relationship with yourself, this can be the ultimate match, as you appreciate everything about your partner that you love in yourself.

However, if you struggle with confidence and self-esteem, you may end up projecting your issues onto your unwitting partner.

Aquarius & Pisces

Pisces is the zodiac’s ultimate dreamer, spending plenty of time in their heads with their fantasies – something Aquarius can surely understand. However, there exists enough contradiction here to create tension and frustration, as Pisces prefers a chill evening at home to Aquarius’ plans for an adventurous night on the town.

The Pisces-Aquarius relationship boils down to shared interests – if you have none, it likely won’t work.

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The Aquarius Man in Love

  • Appreciative
  • Inspiring
  • Trusting

Aquarian men measure their worth by what they’re doing to make the world a better place. They want to connect over spirituality, philosophy, global issues, culture, and travel, as these are their main points of focus. This is the ideal partner to share art, music, progressive novels, and travel adventures with.

Aquarius men are also direct about their wants and needs, so you’ll never have to play the guessing game.

However, you must believe them when they express their needs to you. They may want to move at a slower pace than you would prefer, and pushing them to commit will inadvertently end up pushing them away for good.

The Aquarius Woman in Love

  • Artistic
  • Spiritual
  • Compassionate

The Aquarius woman sees the world as her own garden, to which she tends and for which she cares. She wants to create more beauty and harmony in the world, easing suffering in any way possible. She desires a partner who is just as compassionate as she is, just as loving towards those in need.

Showing her that you care about others will mean more than any material object that you could buy for her.

However, Aquarius women are also unconventional and independent, meaning they don’t need or rely on a partner – they enjoy being in love. Embrace her independence and freedom to bring out the best of her charming personality.

Where Do You Fit With Aquarius Love Compatibility?

Aquarians are loveable and exciting to be around, and anyone lucky enough to catch the attention of an Aquarius will gladly tell you just how special and unique they are. This is an inspiring sign that will help you step outside of your comfort zone and into a place of growth and transformation.

So, if you have a loving Aquarius in your life, don’t take them for granted! Their imaginative, compassionate personality will lift your vibrations and help you step into the spirit you’ve been searching for.

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