Three Important Ways Gemstone Healing Can Fix Your Life

Crystal healing is all the rage at the moment, but what’s the big deal? Why does working with a few rocks make such a difference? Yes, they’re pretty and everything, but are they really healers, can they really improve your life and your health?

Healing Powers

The first thing you have to do is to keep an open mind and remember that anything—even just a kind word—has the power to heal. How many times have you been struggling with something and someone took the time to talk to you and encourage you, to congratulate you on a job well done, or to cheer your progress? It made you feel better, didn’t it?

Feeling better is part of the healing process. When someone’s under the weather, we tell them, “Feel better soon,” don’t we?

Next, remember that we have more than one body. Sound weird? It’s not. As well as the physical body we also have the subtle body. This is the energy field that surrounds you, and it has 7 layers that relate to the 7 chakras. What happens in the subtle body will impact the physical body in some way, and vice versa.

They both have to be balanced and healthy for you to function at your optimum. All living things have this same energy. They all have the physical body and the subtle body. Even though a rock is an inanimate object, most rocks are formed by a process that means while they’re not alive, they were formed by life.

Look at the way water drips in a cave to make stalactites and stalagmites to get the gist of this. Some forms of crystal actually have water trapped in them, can you imagine how old that water is? Others—like amber—have bugs trapped in them. Stones like jet and petrified wood aren’t actually stones at all; they were once living trees.

How Does It Work?

Crystal healing works by taking the essence of that stone’s energy, and blending it with your subtle body to create a remedial vibration. It’s a question of restoring harmony. This is why some stones are better for some ailments, and other stones are better for other afflictions.

If you look at the word disease, it’s actually a compound word, taking the root ‘ease’ which means comfortable, harmonious and relaxed, and adding the prefix ‘dis’ which adds a negative or a reverse force. Therefore, the very definition of disease means to have your ease negated.

Crystal healing works by using stones which will bring that area back into balance, back into ease and comfort. Every gemstone vibrates at a slightly different frequency. That’s why we see them in different colors. What’s more, gemstones in the same family will resonate at consistently at the same vibration.

This is supported by the way quartz is used in electronics. It’s resonance is known, and predictable. However, even in the same stones which vibrate at the same frequency, there are subtle differences. Quartz, for example, can be clear or milky, single terminated or double, have inclusions or not, and more.

Just like blue jeans are blue jeans but you might prefer a different hue or different cut, quartz is quartz—but you may resonate with one stone more than another. It’s possible to buy stones mail order to use for healing, but it’s even better when you can hand pick them. That way you know you’re choosing the ones that call to you, rather than just the ones that will do the job.

Stress Management and Well-Being

A gemstone healing is one of the most gentle yet profound ways you can work to bring your subtle body and your physical body back into harmony with each other. It’s relaxing and soothing, and helps you to unwind. Often stress is one of the biggest factors in disease and illness.

We live at such a fast pace and are surrounded by so many electronic devices demanding our time and attention that sometimes it’s easy to forget to relax.

When you partake in a gemstone healing, you get an opportunity to tune out everything that’s non-essential in your life. This helps you to sleep better, and when you’re well-rested, you function better. How many times have you gone to bed with something on your mind, and awakened the next morning ready to tackle it from a fresh angle?

How many times have you felt low, or perhaps under the weather, and woke up from a long night’s sleep feeling much better? A gemstone healing promotes this kind of deep cellular relaxation, so the body has the ability to start to fix itself, and with it, other aspects of your life.

Physical and Emotional Pain

It’s very hard to feel well when you’re in any kind of pain. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and it’s prudent to go to your doctor with your concerns, and seek his or her advice. Having said that, I’ve yet to come across a medical practitioner who didn’t agree to gemstone healing as a supplement to any treatment they prescribed.

Do a bit of research and find the stone that is in tune with your specific symptoms, then relax and allow it to do its thing.

Gemstone healing also works for emotional pain. If you’re suffering from some kind of heartache due to bereavement, a bad breakup, or any other emotional upset, gemstone healing helps you to release the sadness and the anger, and replace them with harmony and balance once again.

Malachite and rose quartz are fantastic stones for this, working with your heart chakra to help you become whole again. Wear them, or carry them close to you, and let them remind you that healing is yours for the taking.

Clarity and Determination

Are you struggling to find your way forward? Has something happened—maybe a job loss, or a divorce, or a house move—that seemed to knock you off track and you just can’t seem to find your groove again?

Gemstone healing to the rescue! It’s all a matter of imbalance, and when you work with the subtle body to bring things back into alignment, you can start to move forward very swiftly indeed.

Not only does gemstone healing help you to find your inspiration, but it clears the way for new ideas and new beginnings. There are several different gemstones which will clear the cobwebs; choose the one that echoes what you feel is the biggest problem. For example, if you’re unsettled in a new home, you might want to work with hematite, to help you lay down roots. If it’s a job that has you flustered, sodalite will enable you to clear the cobwebs, and find your voice so that you’re heard, and noticed.

Make It Happen!

One of the simplest ways to get gemstone healing working in your life is to use a clear, single terminated quartz. This is one of the most common and most inexpensive healing stones, readily available both online and in metaphysical stores. If you’re able to hand pick one, great, but if not, just get a mail order one.

Sit where you’re going to be undisturbed. Turn off your phone, the television, and any other distractions (I’ve sat in my parked car and done this before). Quiet your mind, and point the crystal at your root chakra, right at the base of your spine. Slowly move it upward, from your root chakra through the others, until you get to the crown chakra at the top of your head.

While you’re doing this, envision the stone pulling out negative energy. In your mind’s eye, see it cleaning, sucking out what’s creating the imbalance like a vacuum cleaner, leaving everything neatly aligned in its wake. It won’t take you long to do this, but it’s such an effective method!

When you’re finished, wipe the stone off with a tissue and throw the tissue away, or wipe it with a cloth and then shake the cloth out. The stone has taken the negative energy away from you, and now you’ve cleaned the negative energy out of the stone, and it’s ready for the next time you need to do this!

My healing quartz is always with me, because I never know when I or someone else might need a bit of a boost.

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