11 Amazing Crystals for Protection & Repelling Negative Energy

There is positive energy, and there is negative energy.

Positive energy is generated by positive thinking, good wishes, and warm intentions. Meanwhile, negative energy constitutes of negative thinking, ill-wishes, and cruel intentions. Naturally, negative energy is the one we need to watch out for!

How can you protect yourself from something you cannot see or don’t even know is incoming? Some skilled in the practice of magic have their own ways of doing it, but what about those of us who are less savvy in the magical world?

This is where crystals come in – the ultimate fortress of protection for mind, body, and soul.

How Crystals Can Protect Us

There are many different ways that crystals can protect us.

Your psychic shield is what protects you from negative and draining energies and gives you the strength and intuition to defer hostile vibrations. Here are a few ways pairing your own shield with crystals can help:

Protection from Physical Harm

Crystals work with energy, but they also can repel all sorts of harm, which includes physical harm. Everything is affected by energy, and this includes the physical realm too.

1. Protection from Negative Energy

Psychic energy is powerful, and yet not enough emphasis is placed on it because it cannot be seen. Negative energy can come in the form of someone thinking negatively about you and wishing ill on you; a simple thought or glance can transmit it.

You can also experience negative energy simply by being in another person’s aura field. If that person is filled with negative energy, you may pick up on it as well. Symptoms such as suddenly feeling angry or low for no reason, feeling fatigued, and wanting to retreat, are classic signs.

If you are an empath, you will be especially susceptible to this, so it is important you protect yourself, and crystals are one way you can do so.

2. Protection from Spells

Some people who are skilled in magic are capable of placing spells on others. Spells can be used for healing or hurting. A negative spell is typically known as a curse. Crystals can protect you from curses, and some crystals can deflect the curse to the one who sent it to you.

Crystals are an outstanding tool for battling many of life’s challenges, as well as manifesting the things you want out of life. Read on to learn more about crystals that can protect you from negative energy!

11 Amazing Crystals for Protection & Repelling Negative Energy

1. Amber

Amber is an amazing stone because it’s not really a stone; it’s a resin. You can wear it as a protection stone to ward off negative energies and shield you from harm.

You can also use it as a “worry stone” to help you get rid of a bad mood, ease your anxiety, or deflect negative energy coming at you from others. Place amber in your personal space, and it will ward off bad vibes; amber incense will do the same thing, as will smudge sticks containing copal.

2. Emerald

Emeralds are Heart chakra stones, and they work fantastically for protection. Traditionally, emeralds were used as protection against magic spells and sorcery.

That’s why today, they’re great stones to use for banishing negative energy and protecting you against things—and people—who don’t have your best interests at heart. One of the emerald’s strongest impacts is helping you find the confidence to be who you are.

It restores self-esteem when you’ve been bullied or bossed around. It enables you to resist feeling inferior. It also helps you find your creativity and skills so that you can truly realize your life’s purpose.

3. Hematite

Hematite is one of the most popular, inexpensive stones used for crystal healing. It is especially useful for guarding against physical accidents and spiritual entities that want to harm you.

Place it on your windowsills and at your doorways to keep negativity away from your home. Wear it to work to stay focused on your job and be protected from any office gossip or those who might distract you and then get you into trouble.

4. Labradorite

Labradorite is a powerful psychic stone, a stone of seers and shamans. It provides strong protection for you by creating a frequency vibration through your aura, enhancing your natural integrity. It rebounds the negative energy of the world and the misfortunes that happen in it and allows you to explore the spiritual realms and your own psyche in safety.

Labradorite also stops you from leaking your own energy and personal power, so when you are called to take on a challenge—because protected or not, life will be challenging at times—you’ve got strong resources of your own authenticity at your disposal to deal with whatever’s thrown at you.

5. Obsidian

Obsidian comes in many forms—rainbow, sheen, snowflake, mahogany, and more—and they’re all very protective stones. You can simply wear obsidian to remove negativity from your life and to prevent you from being susceptible to psychic attacks from others.

If you’re escaping an abusive relationship, are outgrowing people, or need to distance yourself from someone who isn’t particularly on your wavelength, wearing obsidian will help you to do that. It also protects you while you’re doing inner work so that you can live the life you were born to have.

6. Peridot

This lovely little green stone looks so unassuming, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to protection!

Peridot has long been valued for its ability to drive away darkness and repel negative energy. It was worn as defensive jewelry around the neck or the left arm to ward away sorcery and spellwork, to rebuke evil spirits, and to banish nightmares.

Wearing peridot lessens the chance that people will stab you in the back. It brings your enemies out into the open, where you can see those gossiping about you or planning to undermine your accomplishments.

7. Sapphire

You’ll find sapphires talked about in nearly every culture because they bring protection, luck, and spiritual awareness.

It’s not surprising that wearing sapphire protects you and plugs you into the Universal knowledge. Centuries ago, sapphire was worn as a talisman to expose fraud and falsehood and protect its wearer from spellwork, people up to no good, and even unfavorable planetary alignments.

Got a foreboding horoscope today? Let sapphire shield you from its influence!

8. Tiger’s Eye

This is another stone that has been used as a means of protection for eons. It helps the wearer to see the unseeable, thus sharpening clairvoyance and the powers of intuition and insight. Due to its combination of colors, the Ancient Egyptians thought that it combined both the protective powers of the dark and the light.

Not only does it protect you when you wear it, but it also is said to protect your valuables, so put tiger’s eye among your treasures to keep them safe. Tiger’s eye reflects back the intent of anyone who would cause you sadness or wish you harm, particularly when the stone has some hematite running through it.

If you’re uncertain of someone and want to know whether to trust them or not, wear or carry tiger’s eye when you meet. Not only will you be protected against any malice they might bear toward you, but you’ll also be able to clearly see their intentions and quickly judge their character.

9. Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is another good stone to use for protection because of its grounding energies. It is extremely strong, so use it with care! Carrying it in your pocket is a good way to harness this stone’s energy.

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for protecting yourself from unintentionally negative energies. While this stone may not protect you from those who wish to do you harm, it will protect you from those who do not realize they are getting to you.

This stone acts as a goalie for the mind, rejecting harmful energies and providing a barrier for those frequencies that tend to bring us down. This crystal’s bad-to-the-bone force field extends to your aura, blocking bad vibes and allowing you to remain positive in the face of negativity.

10. Fluorite

If you do happen to find yourself in a situation where someone is actively trying to drain your energy or harm you, fluorite can assist you in avoiding the effects of such harm by protecting your energetic identity.

This stone essentially provides invisibility for your aura so that any negative energy heading toward you will have a difficult time finding you. There are some dangerous people and energies in the world that we must be aware of and protect ourselves from, and fluorite works swimmingly well for this type of protection.

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11. Garnet

Garnet is another stone that assists against “energy vampires” in an unusual way. This stone actually boosts your energy when you’ve been drained, giving you a little extra pep in your step when you need it most.

The other interesting feature of garnet is that it deflects the intentions of negative energies. While protected by garnet, anyone attempting to drain your energy will actually drain the energy of the stone itself, leaving your psychic shield strong and impenetrable!

How to Use These Crystals

With all of these crystals, it is important to remember they are not a “cure-for-all” remedy. Crystals are there to guide, heal, and protect. They are not a magic wands that can immediately solve all your problems, but they certainly help you as you navigate your way through them!

Crystals for protection are best used in the following ways:

  • Wearing them around your neck or wrists (this is especially helpful for protection crystals).
  • Placing them in your pocket.
  • Leaving a piece on your desk or workspace.
  • Scattering them around your home.
  • Meditating with them.
  • Putting them under your pillow.

The stones listed here are some of the most popular and readily available, but remember there are many more protection crystals, and you may need to do a bit of exploring to find out which one works best for you.

Using these crystals can really help you to stay calm, balanced, and focused as you go about your day-to-day life. Negative energy is no different from a virus. We cannot see it, but it is there. Since we cannot see it, we have to take measures to protect ourselves.

Just as we have to wash our hands and stay two meters apart from others to protect ourselves from a virus, protection crystals are also a good way of protecting us from negative energy.

Take your time to choose your protection crystals and get to know them. You’ll feel the energy vibrating through you, and one way or another, it will resonate. Trust your instincts with crystals – if it feels right, it usually is!

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