The Top 5 Benefits of Tarot Readings

Have you been considering getting a Tarot reading done? Or maybe you are a seasoned Tarot reader, interested in becoming more “in tune” with your Tarot deck?

If you have been on the fence about Tarot readings, getting your own cards, or having a reading done, one thing you really want to think about are the many benefits to the Tarot. Whether you are getting a reading or getting cards for yourself, there are enough benefits to Tarot that will have you thinking about including them in your life too.

Even if you just pull one card a day, you will see how it’s guiding light will benefit you and those around you.

Learning more about Tarot does not necessarily mean there is a conflict with your current belief system. No matter whether your cards are upright or reversed, the Tarot will act as one more tool in your toolbox and complements any belief system you may already have.

5 Benefits of Tarot Readings

Unlike any other system, the Tarot gives you immediate answers. And that’s just one of the many benefits of the Tarot that not many people really appreciate until they start using it. Let’s dive into five more!

1. The Tarot Tells You the Truth

The Tarot never lies!

If you really want the absolute truth about any situation, you can usually get it in as quickly as one card draw. For one card draws, it’s a little bit better to ask “yes” or “no” questions.

For more complex answers, you want to do a more detailed spread or reading to find all of the factors related to your question. Additionally, it can help you find your own truth by showing you what you don’t want. Say you want to know whether you should quit your job, if you ask the tarot and it says ‘yes’ but you feel this isn’t right, you’ve found your answer. The Tarot works in mysterious ways!

So if you are looking for an immediate answer to a burning question that will be the absolute truth, there is no quicker or more accurate way to get that than the Tarot. Period!

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2. The Tarot Reveals Key Issues

Whether you are getting information about something going on in someone else’s life, or something going on in your own life, the Tarot always has room for a card in every spread called “Environmental or External Influences.”

These are forces happening within your situation that you don’t know about, so it is really and truly kind of like having a crystal ball on the situation you are consulting the Tarot over. You get to see everything. Say you are asking the Tarot “When will he propose?” and in the “Environmental or External Influences” you see a work card show up, then your answer is going to be related to his work situation. Maybe he needs a promotion, maybe his boss needs to give him a raise, whatever that detail is that has nothing to do with you, will be found in the Environmental Influences position.

This is an awesome position to have in every reading because when problems occur in our lives we often think we are the cause. This benefit to the Tarot will often help you realize that this situation has to do with external influences that are actually beyond your control. And, even if that answer isn’t the answer you wanted, at least you leave those readings with some peace and less stress because now you know it’s not you that is holding him back from proposing. This brings us to our next benefit!

3. It Relieves Stress

This is one of the greatest benefits to the Tarot! Tarot is a great tool for removing the stress of decision making or not knowing, when we do a tarot reading about a specific situation we start to see ourselves become more certain in our surroundings.

You can ask if you’re on the right path, what you need to focus on, and more. All of this can recenter you and allow yourself to breathe a bit more. Often people will use Tarot as part of their wind down time before bed, meditation, or even morning ritual – it helps set a balance within our days.

We get so wrapped up in our own Ego, and there’s nothing wrong with that by the way it’s called being human, we often create problems that are never there. The Tarot helps you weed out what is going on, from what is not, and that is such a tremendous stress relief in your daily life that you don’t want to live without.

An example Tarot spread:

A tarot spread from Astrology Answers that relieves stress. Click here to learn more about this spread.

Learn more about this Tarot Spread in Shake Off Stress With This 4 Card Tarot Spread.

4. It Validates Your Intuition

Just like the Tarot can tell you that you are way off on something, so too it can and it will tell you when your instinct is bang on. It will also even tell you how many degrees your instinct might be off! Ever have a big decision looming, and your gut was saying one thing but your brain a totally different thing? That’s the beauty of the Tarot. It weeds that out for you too. You can ask a simple one card question like, “Is my instinct right about this one?” and you will get an immediate yes or no answer, especially when it comes to love and romance.

We always say, follow your heart, which is also your instinct, and follow your gut because it will never lie. Guess what the Tarot does for you? It validates that.

So if you ever questioned your gut instinct, or questioned whether or not what you felt was right was right, you can always go to the Tarot to have those instincts validated, or not. And that is an incredible benefit to Tarot, because who doesn’t want to have that tool in their daily life? And, since you’ve now decided to start enjoying the benefits of Tarot that validate your hunches, this leads us to our next and final, and most exciting benefit of using the Tarot!

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5. It Sharpens Your Instinct.

It is true that you can actually become more psychic, just by using the Tarot. Not only do you now have the advantage of seeing the answer right in front of you, but the secrets to using the Tarot wisely and well are to trust the first impressions that you get in your gut when you see the cards. It helps you prepare for big changes in your life.

We also can begin to see patterns and proper paths in front of us, allowing us to guide ourselves and others to abundance and happiness.

The cards are very specific and detailed and standing alone will give you a lot of information about your situation, but using them regularly will begin to show you when your instinct is bang on when it is not, and this then becomes something like a psychic skill.

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Tarot Readings Will Change Your Life

How? Well, you have gut hunches and instincts about life in general, and go to the Tarot to learn whether or not those are validated. The true instincts in your life will be validated by the Tarot, and the thoughts that are not an instinct but that might be fear-based, will also be shown to you as well.

So, when you begin to see this on a regular basis, you actually begin to trust your instinct more, because the Tarot is teaching you what is, and what isn’t the truth. And what happens when you trust your instinct more? You get more information from the universe that allows you to use it more wisely.

In so doing, you become more in tune with the Universe and, with practice, Tarot will become a part of your life that you will never go without.

* Editor’s note: This article was previously published September 3rd, 2014 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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