4-Card Tarot Spread: Facing Your Emotions

As the Sun moves out of communicative Gemini on June 20th, and into nurturing Cancer, we can expect the solar energies for the next month to heighten our sensitivity levels and put us closer in touch with our emotions.

As any Cancer will know, the sign of the crab is one of the most sensitive of the zodiac. This Cardinal Water sign is famous for its nurturing, loving character; and just like the hard shell on its back, Cancer is a protective sign that will do anything to defend family, friends and their home.

About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

This sign is ruled by the Moon, which brings out our deep, emotional side, and represents all that is intuitive and Yin. A Cancer is the most loving and motherly sign of all – but beware! If you hurt them, the pincers may strike and then withdraw for days on end.

As we approach Cancer season, how can we use the Tarot cards to guide us through this extra-sensitive time of year?

Well, Cancer is all about emotions.

They live and breathe their feelings. An emotionally-unfulfilling life can lead to depression and a permanent state of lackluster. During Cancer season, it’s a good idea for us to get in touch with our own emotions and see which ones are holding us back, which ones need facing, and how we can deal with them in order to move forward with positivity and optimism.

What is a good Tarot spread for Cancer season?

A Tarot spread based on facing our emotions, however frightening they may be, would be a wonderful way to harness the Cancer energies for the next month.

A tarot spread to face your emotions based on cancer season energy.

Tarot Question: What emotions do I need to face at this time?

  • Card 1: The emotion that needs facing
  • Card 2: Why it needs facing
  • Card 3: How I can face it in a way that is beneficial for me
  • Card 4: The outcome if I choose to face it

Below is an example spread so you can see how it pans out.

Card 1: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands appears in the position of what emotion needs facing. With this type of question, you will have to translate the card that comes out as an emotion. Cups are the cards of emotion, so if you get a card that isn’t a cup or a Major, you would have to analyze how this particular card relates to an emotion.

What type of qualities does the Knight of Wands have? He’s brave, bold and lives for the moment. He also has a frightful temper.

We would interpret this as one of the Knight of Wands’ negative qualities as it comes up as a problematic emotion. This could be an anger issue or a problem with impulsiveness. Let’s say it’s an anger issue. The Knight of Wands loses his temper fast, clouding his judgement, which can be debilitating.

Card 2: 9 of Swords

It looks like this angry Knight of Wands lets his temper get the better of him, and it results in moments of anxiety!

It could be that when I lose my temper I say things in the heat of the moment that I ultimately regret. Swords are the suit of words and communication, and this 9 is all about anxious moments and sleepless nights.

My temper is having a negative effect on my overall mental well-being and needs to be fixed.

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Card 3: Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups as how to face the problem is an interesting one. It could literally relate to a person with Queen of Cups qualities – sympathetic, kind and accommodating.

Talking to this Queen of Cups may be healing for me and help me come to terms with my anger issues.

Alternatively, the Queen of Cups could mean harnessing my compassion and understanding and directing it towards myself. Being kind and gentle with myself, as well as open and honest about the issue, can set me on a path to healing.

Card 4: The Sun

A pretty self-explanatory card! The Sun is a Major Arcana card that radiates joy and happiness.

As the outcome card, if I can face my debilitating emotion then it appears there is joy for me on the horizon. The Sun is also a card of triumph and indicates that I will feel proud of myself for facing the emotion and dealing with it.

All in all, this is a very encouraging spread, and we would take heart from it, especially the outcome card. There may be hard work to be done, but it will be worth it!

As we approach Cancer season, it is good for us to go inwards and analyze our own emotions. This Tarot spread can help you understand yourself at a deeper level. Give it a try and see how the energies of our gentle crab can help you!

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