Which Crystals Work Well Together? 7 Powerful Pairings

Hands up on who loves crystals? If you’re reading this article, you’re probably swinging your hand in the air right now or, at the very least, you’ve developed a curiosity towards them and want to know more.

Crystals are extraordinary little things that have an ability to help us in almost every area of our lives when we manage to tap into their power. The object of the crystal is to work with you to help you achieve your aims, whether it is related to work, love, relationships, health and many more.

But what happens when you pair a crystal with another crystal? The power of crystals is doubled!

Being strategic about the crystals you want to pair is something that comes more easily once you are familiar with different crystals and their meanings (or you might be one of those gifted intuitive types who simply knows which ones to pair up.) Crystals do an amazing job on their own, but these little fellows are extra happy when they’ve got another shiny gem to work with because it means their own powers are enhanced and they get a friend to spend time with.

This article will focus on seven crystals in particular and their perfect match. Think of finding your soulmate – it’s a bit like that for these crystals. Read on to find out more!

1. Rose Quartz & Angelite

These two crystals are amazing together, and particularly good when dealing with love and relationships. Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for relationships. It also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. It dissolves negative energy and helps us to be more understanding and empathetic with ourselves and our loved ones.

Angelite is the “angel” crystal. It has a gentle, soothing energy and helps us tap into the best version of ourselves. When these two are paired together, negativity finds it a lot harder to affect us. We become more open and understanding. These two together also have a wonderful way of dissolving anger.

2. Moonstone & Selenite

You can probably guess why these two make such a perfect pair!

They are both lunar crystals, belonging to the gentle and mysterious Moon. Moonstone as the name suggests has a powerful, feminine, Yin energy. It enables us to tap into our feminine side, which is especially helpful if we are dealing with someone who has too much masculine energy or a situation which is dominated by masculinity.

Selenite is a crystal that instills a sense of peace, making it perfect for meditation work and heightening your spiritual awareness.

As a pair, these two help you tap into your intuition (Moonstone) and help you view things with greater clarity (Selenite). They are especially potent under the Full and New Moons.

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3. Citrine & Smoky Quartz

These two as a combination are particularly good if you want to take care of your mental and physical health.

Citrine encourages self-expression and motivation. It also releases depression and negative thoughts, helping to balance your emotions. Smoky Quartz is a crystal that is known for releasing all kinds of blockages – emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone and has a powerful ability to help you see things with greater clarity, unclouded by negative thought of debilitating emotions.

When they are paired together, strength and inner peace are more easily acquired. It becomes easier not to be overwhelmed by the negative with the Quartz crystal, while the Citrine crystal brings positive feelings and a sense of hope and optimism. It is particularly good to wear both of them if you are having a bad day!

4. Amethyst & Fluorite

A lot of crystals work well with Amethyst as it is known as the “Jack of all trades” crystal, capable of doing pretty much anything! But this article will focus on its relationship with Fluorite as together they increase focus and concentration.

If you’ve got a big presentation coming up, or a test, or a project that demands your undivided attention, wear these two to help you get through it!

Amethyst is a powerful protection stone, helping to ward off negative energies or doubtful thoughts, while Fluorite is an excellent crystal for self-confidence and concentration. Together, they are able to create a protective bubble around you so that you can focus on what is necessary without interruption.

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5. Black Jade & Black Obsidian

If it’s protection you’re after, look no further than these two!

Black crystals are usually protective, and these two together are very protective of you. Black Jade protects you wherever you go, and also from psychic attack. It helps to calm fears and repel negative energy.

Black Obsidian is strongly connected to the Root chakra and likewise has strong protective qualities. It also has the ability to help you deal with grief and sadness.

As a combined force, these two are potent. If you are struggling with doubt, fear or uncertainty, wear these two to bring you strength, courage and protection.

6. Merlinite & Shamanic Dream Quartz

These are two extremely powerful crystals if you want to enhance your psychic ability and strengthen your intuition.

Merlinite, as the name suggests, is closely linked to the sorcerer, Merlin, which highlights its magical abilities. Merlinite helps to open your Third Eye and assists with meditation through the spiritual realm.

Shamanic Dream Quartz is a favorite among shamans, as the name suggests, and is also fantastic for assisting with psychic dreams, connecting to your power animal and strengthening your intuition.

As a pair, they are truly a force to be reckoned with – especially if you sleep with them under your pillow.

7. Celestite & Lepidolite

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, then these two are the perfect pair!

Celestite is a high-vibration stone that helps to rid you of chatty or chaotic thoughts. Struggles with sleep can be put down to an over-active mind, and Celestite helps to clear away the mental clutter, paving the way for peace and silence in the mind. It is an extremely soothing crystal.

Lepidolite helps you find peace in times of stress, calm and over-active mind and helps to rid you of troubling thoughts that may be going round in your mind.

Combining these two can make for a peaceful sleep and soothing moments of relaxation – especially when you put them under your pillow before bed!

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Experiment with Your Crystals!

There are many crystal pairings out there, but these seven are some of the most helpful and powerful pairings you can have. Try them out and experience the potent magic of paired crystals for yourself.

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