You NEED These 6 Crystals for Gemini Season

The sociable, quick-witted, and intelligent folks born in the sign of Gemini tend to have brilliant advice-givers among them.

If you have a problem, turn to a Gemini, and a solution will be quickly presented to you! You may not always like what they have to say (they can be rather blunt and direct in their approach at times), but you would certainly be wise to heed their words.

If you are a Gemini, you will, of course, already know this. But what about the advice that you need, Gemini? Do you sometimes feel that you’d like to harness your inner wisdom for yourself but at times have trouble struggling to access it?

There are certain crystals that can be particularly powerful for you and unlock your many talents, especially during Gemini season, which begins on June 20th, 2024.

Yours is a sign of duality, and you, more than any other sign, can feel positive energies and negative ones with more potency. The crystals below are only a few that can help you harness your gifts and help you in many areas of life.

Plus, these crystals are also useful for anyone else while the Sun is in Gemini. Read on to find out more!

What Do These Crystals for Gemini Season Do?

1. Agate

Though a sign of intelligence, Gemini might also be prone to racing thoughts, causing them to struggle to articulate these thoughts. What’s more, their whirlwind minds can sometimes lead them to pie-in-the-sky sort of thinking where their head remains in the clouds for a bit too long (Tarot enthusiasts will relate this to the energy of the 7 of Cups).

The crystal agate (any type of agate) is brilliant for grounding and bringing clarity to thoughts. It can help them communicate on a more effective level and remove some of the bluntness that others can, at times, perceive as insensitive.

2. Celestite

Celestite is a marvelous crystal for Gemini.

Like agate, it helps bring clarity and the ability to communicate one’s thoughts to others. However, it has that added touch of connecting the spiritual with the intellectual, binding the mind and soul in perfect synchronization.

It works on a higher level, pulling ideas and thoughts from the ether and helping Gemini to manifest them into the physical reality, cutting through any confusion and bringing understanding to oneself and the world around them.

3. Howlite

Howlite is a grounding stone, one that brings soothing and calm energy to those that use it.

This is a great stone for Gemini. Since this zodiac sign’s thoughts can be so varied and numerous at times, it is not uncommon for them to descend into anxiety or feeling fraught with nerves, particularly if the thoughts turn negative. Such moments can produce stress and strain on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

Howlite can help bring a sense of calm and help them realize that things may not be as bad as they think, that there may be an element of making a mountain out of a molehill (Tarot enthusiasts will recognize this as the quintessential 9 of Swords).

It can eliminate negative opinions of one’s self and of others and help bring a greater sense of understanding to the deeper meaning behind these thoughts.

4. Chrysocolla

The duality of Gemini personalities means they can sometimes have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde demeanor. Chrysocolla helps to calm these aspects and bring a harmonious connection between all facets of their personality. Positive and negative energy can be harnessed as one to bring peace and serendipity.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Like howlite, tiger’s eye can bring balance and clarity, especially if you are struggling with being hard-headed or stubborn. It helps you to see things from others’ points of view and bring compromise to situations that are fractious.

Tiger’s eye also brings the strength of your convictions, so if you are struggling to manifest your ideas and thoughts into reality due to fear or self-doubt, tiger’s eye can bring the necessary strength to help you overcome any obstacles.

6. Chrysoprase

This is a special stone for easing any negative thoughts, anxieties, or depression that may have come about through an influx of thinking. Chrysoprase helps Gemini or those during the Gemini period who are struggling to see the woods for the trees and have sunk into a negative spiral, sometimes causing them to fall into an apathetic slump.

This crystal can help boost positive energy due to its compassionate energy and ability to heal.

Keep These Gemini Crystals Close By

These are some of the most beneficial crystals for Gemini and for people during the Gemini period.

As an Air sign, Gemini is one that must learn to deal with their thoughts effectively. The use of crystals can help them become the very best of themselves on an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional level.

Remember to check out your Gemini daily horoscope to keep up with the energy of the Universe, especially during Gemini season!

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