Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius is Coming – THESE Are the Crystals You NEED

Pluto is going retrograde soon (May 2, 2024, to be exact), a time when the planet appears to be moving backward—an optical illusion that nevertheless influences our energy.

Pluto belongs to the outer group of planets, whose retrograde periods don’t affect us quite as intensely. Pluto goes retrograde each year for about 5 months, and while this particular retrograde may not feel as intense as others—we’re looking at you, Mercury—this transit still has an effect on our overall state of being.

Getting to Know Pluto

Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and rebirth. And while it may not be considered a planet by the International Astronomical Union’s terms any longer, it is still a powerful planet in the realm of astrology. When this planet goes haywire, we experience power struggles and a desire for the hidden truth that lies beneath the surface.

When Pluto goes retrograde, certain things in our lives may be illuminated—like people who have been taking advantage of or manipulating us.

This transit also shows you if you’ve been too controlling over someone in your life. During the five-month period when Pluto moves retrograde, you may experience repetitive circumstances that show you which patterns of behavior or toxic relationships need to be eliminated from your life. This transit can also lead to destructive behaviors if you aren’t careful. Additionally, it may be hard to keep secrets during this time, as Pluto craves openness and honesty in all things.

While this period brings certain challenges, there are ways to promote balance and emotional clarity during this time—like crystal healing. Working with crystals is useful for so many things in our lives, and finding balance during difficult astrological transits is just one of the many ways that crystals can help us.

The Best Crystals to Work With During Pluto Retrograde

While crystals are wonderful for many ailments and challenges, there are certain crystals that are most beneficial for this transit.

Let’s take a look at the crystals you should be working with during this Pluto retrograde period.


Hematite is one of the most powerful stones to work with during this transit because it helps us release negative patterns of behavior that are no longer serving us.

Pluto retrograde highlights the destructive or addictive behavioral patterns that we might have, and hematite works to help you let go of these behaviors. If you’ve been struggling with any kind of obsession, hematite will help you find the balance you need to move on from these destructive patterns.

Hematite also eliminates negativity, making it easier to focus on the activities that bring you joy.


Because Pluto brings attention to addictive behaviors, amethyst is another great stone to work with during this time. Amethyst is known for its ability to increase willpower and decrease destructive behavior patterns.

Working with amethyst will help you release the emotions that lead to these addictive behaviors, as it is an emotionally soothing stone. This crystal brings balance and healing to the body and the mind.


Pluto is a planet that encourages us to look inward and explore our hidden emotions and feelings, making moonstone the perfect crystal to spend time with during this transit.

Moonstone is an intuitive stone that allows you to reflect and practice introspection without fear. It can be difficult to face the deep well of emotions within, but moonstone makes this prospect easier and more effective.

This crystal gives you a gentle nudge to look deeper while making the process gentler and more palatable.


Pluto encourages us to take a look at the feelings and emotions that exist beneath the surface—a process that can make you feel fearful or anxious. After all, there’s a reason that you’ve left these feelings buried.

Tourmaline is a stone that helps to eliminate fear, making it easier to confront these hidden emotions. This crystal also promotes compassion, encouraging you to be understanding and loving of yourself.


Sometimes retrograde transits bring feelings of negativity or overwhelming emotions. It isn’t always easy to face the things that these planets are trying to show us, and we may end up feeling emotionally exhausted.

Citrine is a great stone to work with during this time because it promotes positive, optimistic energy. Working with citrine during this retrograde will help you find a balance between heavy emotions and feelings of gratitude. Citrine can show you the silver lining in any situation, making it easier to see the reason behind challenging situations or emotions.


Moldavite is known as the “Star Stone” because it was formed by a collision between our Earth and a traveling meteorite.

This stone has some serious connections to the celestial realm, allowing you to experience energy coming from beyond this planet. This is a stone with high vibrations and healing energy.

Working with moldavite helps you connect to your higher self, allowing you to hear your own internal wisdom, as well as the wisdom flowing towards you from the Universe.

Learning from Pluto Retrograde

While this transit can stir up difficult, otherwise hidden emotions, there is much to learn from a Pluto retrograde period. If you can find an emotional balance while navigating this transit, you’ll be able to learn from these challenging emotions and move toward healing and positivity.

So, bring out your crystals and let their metaphysical properties wash over you, helping you learn and grow.

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