The Truth Behind These 8 Unjust Myths About Virgo

Virgos are some of the most caring people you’ll ever meet – which is why we want to bust some of these myths about Virgo that just aren’t true!

When you really understand the Virgo zodiac sign beyond what people throw around as generalizations, you’ll see the truth about Virgo, which is that they are one of the best signs to have on your team in life. Maybe you’re even a Virgo yourself who is seeking to understand more about your unique Sun sign.

Ultimately, the Virgo “facts” astrology provides us (based on their element and ruling planet) aren’t always well explained. Learning a little bit more about Virgo helps us understand their energy, which directs their core motivations, preferences, and emotions.

When you start to unravel these myths about Virgos, you’ll be able to dive beyond the surface and see just how loving and awesome they really are.

The Real Virgo Zodiac Sign

One of the easiest ways to understand the core nature of Virgo is by connecting to this sign’s element.

As an Earth sign, Virgos are dependable, values practicality, and want to be loyal friends. They are more concerned with what they can see and touch than fantasizing about the future or living in a world of messy feelings.

They enjoy thinking and solving problems because the Virgo sign is ruled by the mental planet, Mercury. Mercury is the planet that influences our thoughts, and Virgo’s mind is always going. They can use their mental power to be very thorough and need lots of tasks to do to keep themselves busy.

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The Truth Behind These 8 Virgo Myths

1. They Can’t Finish Things

One of the most common myths about Virgo is that they are such perfectionists that they will never finish anything because they never feel it’s good enough.

This is far from the truth. Virgos actually love to check things off their list and feel productive when they’ve accomplished tasks and projects. They are also patient enough to do things right the first time and don’t need to rush things to feel productive.

2. They Don’t Know How to Set Healthy Boundaries

While Virgo is great at creating order, they often take on too much. However, just because they like to have many fires burning at once doesn’t mean that they can’t handle all of them!

Virgos are very intelligent and like to challenge their mind by seeing how well they can multitask. So while you think they need to slow down, they are just learning the extent to which they can expand. Try not to judge them for enjoying having a lot on the go.

3. They Are Judgmental

A Virgo is not the type of person that sees the world through rose-colored glasses, but that doesn’t mean they are condescending.

If you really pay attention to the feedback they give people, it’s usually practical advice and not insults. They want people to have what they need to be safe and comfortable, so they are often playing a parenting role to help guide others. This is only really because they want the people they care about to make good decisions. This is how a Virgo shows their love!

4. They Have Intimacy Issues

Virgos have a reputation for being a little uptight. Just because they like to have comprehensive collision insurance and a detailed itinerary doesn’t mean they lack the ability to have romance!

Their love language is actions more than anything else, so while you may not hear them constantly expressing their undying love to you, watch how what they do clearly shows how deep their love really is.

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5. They Need Everything to Be Perfect

Some people feel nervous having a Virgo over since a Virgo’s house is often so “put together.” This can make it hard to have comfortable friendships with them. However, a Virgo keeps their things immaculate and ordered because it keeps their anxiety down.

They need order because their mind is so active! If they do come over and start organizing your sock drawer or alphabetizing your spice rack, just know that it gives them joy, and they are simply trying to help.

6. They Give too Much of Themselves

Another common misconception about the nurturing Virgo sign is that they give to others until they have nothing left.

People often talk about how the Virgo doesn’t know when to stop giving, but Virgos are actually much better “givers” than many other signs. They are fulfilled when they give. When others judge them for always going out of their way to help someone, they don’t understand that having the opportunity to be there for someone gives them so much joy.

7. They Always Have to Be Busy

Virgos are notorious busy-bodies and are usually fixing things, cleaning, or working on a big project.

Just because they may spend less time than most people smelling the roses, this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy downtime. They are just wired to need less downtime than other people. Virgos feel more at ease if they have every detail taken care of before they sit down to watch their favorite show at the end of the day.

8. They Are Controlling

A Virgo often puts themselves in the position of guide or planner because they want people to be able to relax and enjoy themselves by making things extra special.

They know they have the energy and focus on going to great lengths to do this, and they enjoy doing extra things to make a situation enjoyable for others. Don’t think of them as controlling, but more as a person who wants to serve a purpose, making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Learn More About Virgo

There are more fun things you can learn about the Virgo sign. The more you learn, the better you will understand how to get along with Virgos and how to understand the sign wherever it shows up in your own birth chart.

If you are a Virgo yourself, reading your daily Virgo horoscope will help you understand how you might be feeling on any given day and even help you to understand your own personality better.

Remember that astrology is a lens that you can look through to connect with people through the natural personality traits imprinted on our soul at birth!

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