How to Succeed as a Virgo

The Virgo sign is ruled by Mercury and is the 6th sign in the astrological calendar. The Virgo motto is “I serve,” which is evident in your work ethic and dependable nature. Pragmatic and realistic, Virgos have a great head on their shoulders for all matters of business.

Bill Murray, Ingrid Bergman, Beyonce Knowles, and Van Morrison are just a few enigmatic people who have succeeded because of their Virgo work ethic and determination. While there are many outstanding qualities a Virgo possesses to enable success, there are also traits to avoid entertaining.

If you can learn to master your best qualities and to harness or limit your lesser or more difficult ones, you’ll feel balanced, motivated and fully able to grab success in every area of your life. Being aware of all your abilities is the first place to start, so let’s look at the 5 qualities that show that Virgos are the best, and the 5 qualities that Virgos should watch out for.

Top 5 Virgo Characteristics for Success

1. You are incredibly hard-working

A Virgo’s hard-working nature is rivalled by no other sign, which answers the question of why Virgos are so successful. You will undoubtedly find yourself working later hours than expected of you, taking on multiple tasks and projects and going above and beyond in every aspect of your career. It’s important for you to present the best work the first time, thus increasing the value of your already respectable reputation.

2. You are logical and analytical – the ultimate problem solver

Virgos are practical in nature, and intelligent by design. One of your most useful skills is problem-solving, at which you excel. Your brain is seemingly hard-wired to find concrete solutions to what seem like insurmountable tasks. You are rational, analytical and pragmatic, which opens up a lot of potential Virgo career ideas.

3. You are precise

Attention to detail a very beneficial Virgo trait. Your precision in your field of work is sure to impress colleagues and employers alike. You will do the job and do it well, which is made clear in the Virgo career horoscope.

4. You are reliable.

Virgos are people of their word; If you tell someone you will make a deadline, they can be sure that you will. They are loyal and helpful individuals. Also, you are always dependable, and this is an admirable quality in anyone, particularly those trying to get ahead in life.

5. You are independent.

While loyal to your loved ones and friends, you will never count on them for a handout. Virgos are independent and self-sufficient. Fully capable of taking care of yourself, a Virgo will be sure to see that his or her needs are met without relying on others.

While these qualities are helpful when attempting to succeed anything, there are aspects of the Virgo’s personality that can prove to be an obstacle if allowed to flourish.

5 Virgo Traits to Watch Out For

1. You Can Be Shy

Humble and not one to brag, you can be shy in social settings. Remember that you have myriad wonderful talents and skills, so hold your head up high, Virgo. You are worth the success you seek!

2. You can be overly critical

Virgos, being analytical, can tend to be critical as well, of yourselves as well as others. Your attention to details allows you to see every nuance of one’s personality- the good, the bad and the ugly. Focus on the positive details to avoid criticizing too often.

3. You can work too hard

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sometimes the Virgo forgets to step out in the sunshine and frolic. “There’s so much that needs to be done,” you might hear yourself saying. While that may be the case, there is also time for fun.

4. You can be worrisome

Maybe it’s that Virgo work ethic, practical nature or attention to detail that can cause the Virgo to worry. Don’t get too caught up in your thoughts that you forget to feel grateful for everything that does work out.

5. You can appear unemotional

Such an analytical and rational approach to life can come across as cold or unfeeling to more emotional astrological signs. Try to tap into your feelings when confronting problems and your excellent reasoning skills.

Virgo Career Ideas

The Virgo sign has its areas of strength and areas that need a watchful eye. With that said, the Virgo is well suited for certain career paths. The following careers are great ideas for the Virgo looking to use their strengths to their advantage.


It is no surprise that the accounting career path would make the list. Your attention to detail and critical nature will come in handy in this profession.

Executive Assistant

As the ultimate problem-solver, diagnostics are easy for a Virgo. Use your logical nature and precision to help animals in need. Reliability and precision are key as an executive assistant. This is an ideal career path for the Virgo sign.


This career involves a level of accuracy and work ethic that little process. This is good news for the Virgo, however, as it lends perfectly to their strengths.

Lab Technician

Lab technicians spend their days collecting data and recording findings. This lends itself well to someone who is an independent worker and loyal to a cause. You have a key understanding of this as a Virgo and have an advantage in this career path.

Go Succeed, Virgo

The grounded and ambitious nature of the Virgo is ripe with the opportunity to shine. Self-awareness and dedication are the keys to a Virgo’s assured success. Check out today’s daily Virgo horoscope to find out more!

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