Your Weekly Numerology Forecast for August 15 – 21, 2022

There’s big news this week, star-gazers. On August 20th, Mars, the planet of energy and passion, moves into Gemini, the sign of curiosity and communication. It will stay there until March 25th, 2023.

So that means this week marks the beginning of a time of preparation and planning, and you may be doing it on a conscious or subconscious level, but do it, you shall!

And when it comes to numerology, we know exciting things are afoot, and it is through our Life Path Number that we will know how to harness this exciting energy.

Set Your Focus with Mars in Gemini this Week

When Mars enters Gemini, we will probably feel more restless than usual. Gemini is a sign of bright and brilliant ideas but it struggles to see all of them through at times as its attention tends to hop from one subject to the next.

Mars in Gemini means we feel a strong need to communicate our inner warrior to the world. So whatever it is that we believe in, whatever it is we are fighting for, whatever it is we feel passionate about, we will feel compelled to share this with others and the world at large.

This brings passion and drive but on the negative side, it means we may become too intrusive and invading of other people. A need to get our opinion across means we may be a bit too forceful with our opinion, which can result in clashes and the opposite of our intent, which is to communicate effectively.

There isn’t a lot of tact with Mars in Gemini, so our bluntness may even lead to causing some offense!

So it’s time to find out our Life Path Number to remind us of how we can use this energy for the greater good and not get swept up in our own over-enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is great but at the same time, it’s essential to let everyone express their own enthusiasm as well!

In addition, there is also the Last Quarter Moon taking place this week, and this brings powerful energy to release that which no longer serves you and to forgive those who have wronged you, whether it is others or yourself. This Last Quarter Moon is in Taurus, so is encouraging you to think of aspects in the physical world that are holding you back and identify areas where you may be wallowing in the past.

Your Life Path Number will remind you of the bigger picture, and that’s the great thing about numerology! The more you focus on the bigger picture the more naturally you let go of the smaller details that are standing in your way of reaching your true potential.

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This Week’s Numerology Predictions

Your Life Path Number is similar to your astrological Sun sign, and it identifies your strengths, weaknesses, why past and present events happen, your talents and ambitions, and the source of your energy.

By reminding yourself of your Life Path Number, you will then remind yourself of why you’ll feel keen to express yourself during this passionate Mars in Gemini transit. During Mars in Gemini, it becomes too easy to get caught up in the sound of your own voice, so you end up missing the point of your overall point in the first place!

So when this energy appears on the 20th, keep a note of your Life Path Number whenever you feel yourself getting too caught up in the moment.

Read on to find out more about your Life Path Number and how it can assist you this week!

Don’t know your Life Path Number, use our free Life Path Number calculator now! 

Life Path Number 1

You are a doer, an achiever, and someone who wants to express their gifts to the world with the need to make a difference. This week, write down the things that mean the most to you and set yourself short-term targets to reach your overall goals. 

Be careful of coming across as overbearing this week.

Life Path Number 2

You are a helper, caring, compassionate and kind. Your inner drive is to help others. 

Find your voice this week, and don’t let anyone make you feel that your voice is not worthy of being heard. You are someone this world needs and should never undervalue how special you are.

Life Path Number 3

You will thrive under Mars in Gemini as your natural skills of communication will shine—so go forth and let them shine for the greater good! You have a need to spread the truth where you can. 

Be careful not to let ego get in the way of doing what you know is the right thing to do.

Life Path Number 4

You are intellectual and value logic and reasoning. You will do very well during this Mars in Gemini, and this week, it is a good idea to make a list of aims you can accomplish in the coming weeks for your short-term goals. 

Watch out for being too cynical this week if others put forth their opinions. Keep an open mind!

Life Path Number 5

You are a hard worker, resourceful and ambitious. 

This week, remind yourself of your spiritual values as well as your material ones. The more you reconnect the two, the more enlightenment you will feel and the more able you will be to express your truth into the world.

Life Path Number 6

You are someone who values harmony, peace, and justice. This is a powerful week for setting boundaries and being honest and open with yourself. 

Do you feel you are being taken advantage of in some way? Use the upcoming Mars energy to set boundaries in a style that is diplomatic yet firm.

Life Path Number 7

You are deep and philosophical, deeply attuned to the meaning of life. This is a time when you are reconnecting with your higher purpose, and you may experience intense transformations under this energy. 

Speak your mind calmly and concisely, and don’t doubt the ability to convey your truth.

Life Path Number 8

You are bold and forthright, and you have a strong desire to achieve. 

This week, you are keen to express yourself and the causes that you champion. You may find yourself coming to disagreements with others but remind yourself this week that compromise is the way forward, and the more you compromise, the more solutions will be found.

Life Path Number 9

You are deeply spiritual and always thinking about the meaning of life. This week is a time of reflection for you, and it is time to consider what needs letting go of in your life so you can reach your highest potential. 

Trusting yourself is of the highest importance, so don’t let negative thinking stand in your way.

Speak Your Truth With Mars in Gemini

Let the power of this Mars transition allow you to convey your truth openly and without fear of judgment.

Often, it is fear of being judged that prevents us from speaking our minds. No one likes to have a finger cast at them and to be shunned in some way.

But it is through conveying the truth that lies within us that we find true confidence and strength. Your inner warrior is waiting to be unleashed. Let your individual number remind you of what the warrior in you is fighting for.

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