Your Weekly Numerology Forecast for September 12 – 18, 2022

Welcome back to your weekly numerology forecast for this week! We are in Virgo season now, so focus, dedication, and organization are at the top of our priority list. It’s back to work, back to school, and back to duties and responsibilities for many.

However, this is also a powerful week of release and letting go of things and thought patterns that no longer serve us.

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on September 17th promises to bring some realizations that can lead to greater spiritual progress for us.

Gemini, the Mutable Air sign, encourages us to think of thought patterns and bad habits that may be hindering our progress. When it appears in the Last Quarter Moon phase, it asks us to look at areas of our life, particularly on a mind level, where we stop ourselves from reaching our full potential.

We may have picked up some bad habits that we find difficult to break. But with the diligence and focus of Virgo and the Last Quarter Moon that urges us to break out of destructive mental patterns, we have a chance to start afresh and try doing things a different way now!

Numerologically speaking, we shift towards the Heart’s Desire number (also known as the Soul Urge number), which reminds you of your strengths and weaknesses and how you can help them evolve or understand them at a deeper level.

Ultimately, weaknesses are there to be transformed into strengths, and we can do this through great courage, understanding, and wisdom.

If you don’t know your Heart’s Desire Number, use this free Heart’s Desire number calculator now!

Discover Your Soul Urge This Week

Now that you have your Heart’s Desire number read on to find out what it means for you this week!

Heart’s Desire Number 1

Clarity is upon you this week, and you have the potential to build upon the foundations you set for yourself several weeks ago. But during this time, it is important to ask yourself what thought patterns are standing in your way.

You are a go-getter, but important conversations are on the way, which could result in Earth-shattering realizations about yourself.

Be open with yourself and listen to the words you hear. It may not always be pleasant, but both the positive and negative are designed to help us become our true authentic selves.

Heart’s Desire Number 2

The strain of too much physical work may be getting to you at this time, and this week asks you to consider how you are being stretched past your limit. Learn to say no.

You do not always have to do what others request of you, and if you feel you are taken advantage of at times, this is the week to bring everything into the open. Self-pampering is likely to be on the agenda this week and is well-deserved.

Heart’s Desire Number 3

There is something you have not been entirely honest with yourself about, and this is a week for powerful and honest reflection.

If an issue is weighing on your mind, it is time to get it out into the open. The fear of what could happen may be bothering you, but you have to trust that you are on the right path—and with the right path comes challenge and difficulty.

Do you feel you are doing the right thing? Then that is what matters.

Heart’s Desire Number 4

The need to control certain aspects of yourself can quickly become self-inflicting tyranny when it is not balanced with the freedom to be one’s true authentic self. This week, you will realize how self-limiting behaviors are holding you back.

Journaling your thoughts and feelings is a must this week, and being open and honest about self-destructive thought patterns will help you thrive in the long term as your methodical nature will undoubtedly find a solution.

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Heart’s Desire Number 5

The need to branch out and try something new is strong this week. You may feel compelled to take up a new hobby or habit. Go with the flow.

This is a sign that you are breaking free of limiting behaviors within you that hold you back. It can be scary venturing into the unknown, but your freedom matters more to you than anything, and this freedom calls to you now.

Where is it guiding you?

Heart’s Desire Number 6

The need to help others is compelling this week, but at the same time, you are called to ask yourself honest questions.

Do you feel you are being taken advantage of at times?

The desire to keep the peace can be straining when it means you are constantly sacrificing yourself. A middle ground is necessary, so don’t be surprised if a heart-to-heart discussion transpires this week. They are not always comfortable, but you will be glad of them in the end.

Heart’s Desire Number 7

It is time to spread your wings and acknowledge where you are restricting yourself. The mind is a curious thing, and sometimes it actually takes on a mind of its own!

This is a busy week for you, but at the same time, it is also a powerful week of reflection. The more you hold self-limiting beliefs accountable, the more you will be able to understand them deeper and take measures to change them for the better.

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Heart’s Desire Number 8

Do you use your strength for the greater good? Do you find yourself falling into the whims of the ego one too many times? These are questions you are encouraged to think of this week.

A series of unusual events are likely to occur this week, causing you to question yourself at a deep level. The decisions you make at this time can be life-changing, particularly concerning your thought processes, so take time to journal your thoughts and feelings.

Big change is coming for you in the coming weeks!

Heart’s Desire Number 9

Self-limitation may protect us from being hurt, but ultimately, it stunts our ability to grow. This week encourages you to think deeper about how daily habits limit you from reaching your full potential.

You are especially encouraged to focus on aspects of nutrition and exercise to see where these areas may require some adjustment. If you feel you’ve been struggling in this area, this week brings enlightenment and a choice that can lead to great opportunities.

Numerology Says: Don’t Let Self-Limiting Behavior Define You

When we allow self-limiting behavior too much power, it begins to define us, and we lose our sense of self. Usually, this stems from a desire to embrace only the positive aspects of ourselves and ignore the negative parts.

This week, focus on where self-limiting behavior is negatively affecting you.

Journaling your thoughts and feelings is a wonderful way to understand them better. Remember, you have the power to make changes within you, and by doing so, you naturally make changes in the outer world too.

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