Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for September 12 – 18, 2022

It’s time to check in with your weekly Tarotscope! Although last week had us being the busiest of bees, we’re able to wind down and settle into the recent astrological shifts this week.

The most astrologically significant event you’ll see on the table for this week is the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini later in the week on the 17th, helping us further settle into our current plans, ideas, and brainstorms.

Otherwise, this week’s astroweather is relatively tame. That means there’s no grand unifying force that we can all look to for guidance — well, except for the Tarot, of course!

We pulled one card for your zodiac sign to see what this week looks like for you.

What Does Your Tarotscope Say?


7 of Wands

Although this doesn’t seem like the most exciting position to be in, this energy is technically Aries’ territory.

The 7 of Wands is a difficult, uphill battle, where you’re expending a lot of effort to secure your victory. However, as unideal as this seems, if there’s one thing we know about Aries, it’s that you’ve got the spunk and inner Fire to get the job done.

It may seem like a “you against the whole world” situation right now, but that sometimes makes the end victory even sweeter.


2 of Swords (Reversed)

Taurus is wrestling with their own mind this week.

You’ve been dealing with some internal fog and confusion for a hot minute, and the 2 of Swords reversed furthers this struggle. However, as this difficult card is upside-down, you’re clearly attempting to put it all behind you.

Sometimes a coin flip or a game of chance is better than stewing in a stalemate, trying to get the “right answer” (who really has that anyway?).

Taurus may be stubborn, but even you know when it’s time to put down the fruitless battle.


Ace of Wands

Ready to seize the day, Gemini?

The Ace of Wands offers you a spark — a bit of inspiration, a rush of energy, a new adventure. It’s exciting and new energy, although it may be fleeting… so be ready to say “yes” quickly and hold onto it.

This is a “blink, and you just might miss it” type of energy. Pay attention to the ideas and flashes of insight that you experience this week. They may not bear fruit immediately, but there’s something seemingly divine about those sparks.

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2 of Wands (Reversed)

Struggling to find your footing, Cancer?

The 2 of Wands is usually a fun time, bestowing upon us some adventure, perhaps some travel plans. It’s where we really start the adventures within the suit of Wands and start venturing into the world.

Reversed, you might feel like this stuff just isn’t coming to you easily. It seems blocked off or inaccessible right now. However, know that a blockage isn’t the end of the world, nor is it an indication you’re moving backward.

A little stagnancy might be frustrating, but patience is usually the key to resolving it.


10 of Swords

You’ve been experiencing ending after ending, Leo, and the wear-and-tear is starting to show.

Last week you received the 10 of Wands, and this week we’re following up with an arguably even more difficult 10 in the form of the 10 of Swords. This week, the toll is mental and not just about physical effort and tiredness.

Although this seems precarious, unideal, and continuously tiring, the fact that you’re at the end of the line is what opens you up to new beginnings. After this, the clouds will part, and you’ll be able to begin anew.

For now, allow yourself to rest and experience the end unfolding this week.

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8 of Pentacles

Virgo has been in a productive flow, and rightly so, considering we are in the middle of Virgo season. This week continues the streak.

Go figure, given that it’s your season, after all! This week, the 8 of Pentacles points to productivity and hard work, especially regarding career and ongoing crafts and projects.

In other words, this week isn’t about a grand breakthrough, new idea, or really even reaping a major reward just yet. It’s a predictable continuation of what you’ve already set into motion.

So, enjoy the process this week instead of fixating on the outcome.


Ace of Cups

You’ve been needing a bit of love, Libra.

The Universe is obliging with the Ace of Cups, offering you new life in the emotional, intuitive, creative, and even romantic space (some Libra folks may have their eye on someone special).

But for most, this week is about filling your own cup and indulging a bit in what “affection” might look like when it comes to offering it to yourself.

Love is in the air; sometimes, it’s just about accepting it from within.


King of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio — when’s the last time you cut yourself a bit of slack?

The King of Swords usually indicates that control, especially in the mental and communicative capacity, is being well-wielded. It’s a great sign for leadership and getting stuff done.

However, the reversal indicates that right now, you might experience this energy uncomfortably. It may feel like you’re speaking, but others aren’t listening, or that your mind is less of an ally and more of a barrier this week.

So, the solution here is not to punish yourself for the hiccup. Sometimes things just don’t align for whatever reason — be kind to yourself amidst this fog. It’ll pass.

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5 of Wands (Reversed)

Sagittarius is dealing with a bit of chaos and conflict this week.

The 5 of Wands hands us that on a silver platter — the conflict we never asked for. Reversed, however, you may actually be trying to push it away… although be careful that you’re not pushing it down.

In other words, it’s important that you don’t internalize the chaos or question whether or not you’re doing something wrong and so forth — becoming your own enemy in battle, in a way.

You may be a brave soul, Sagittarius, but you’re not meant to bear all the weight in the world.


6 of Swords (Reversed)

Capricorn, something’s gotta give. Are you ready to let go?

The 6 of Swords reversed hints that something may need to change, but that you’re not quite ready to say goodbye just yet. This may be a relationship, a project or venture, even an idea surrounding yourself, or an identity that is now outdated.

The tricky thing is that you know that once you let go, the future is more uncertain. You won’t have something to put in the gap immediately. But sometimes, it’s still best to give it a go and trust that you’ll find your way eventually.

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6 of Cups

Aquarius is all up in their feelings this week.

However, it’s less about getting purely emotional for the sake of it and more about specifically taking a trip down memory lane.

The 6 of Cups is a card of nostalgia and memory; you might feel a bit nostalgic this week. (That’s not abnormal given that Mercury retrograde is well in motion right now). This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing inherently, and it’s up to you to make the most of the experience.

Use this time of memory and nostalgia to reflect honestly, and just remember to come back to the present once you’re done!


The Star

Pisces has been embarking on new beginnings, and you’re still doing the same this week.

Now that you’ve resolved that it’s time to make moves forward toward progress (rather than sitting in stagnancy), The Star offers you healing and rejuvenation.

You might be ready to leap into the unknown, but first, it’s best to heal the old wounds you’re bringing in with you. Make no mistake: this is still a beautiful opportunity, aligned with great prospects for future change.

Catch Up On What You’ve Missed

So the path seems clear — now what?

Although this week is tamer astrologically, this is actually a great time to recollect your thoughts and get a strong footing and understanding of everything else that surrounds this week.

In other words, it’s a great time to secure your awareness of other astrologically significant events on the horizon to prepare yourself in advance and reflect on what’s already passed.

You can also dive deeper into the cards with a free 3-card Tarot reading or see your daily horoscope. The possibilities don’t have to start and stop here!

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