Mercury Just Went Retrograde: Find Out What it Means for Your Sign

Buckle up, folks – It’s that time of the year yet again. It’s this year’s third but not last Mercury retrograde, occurring in Libra, and bound to bring us chaos and whirlwind drama.

Mercury is spinning backward beginning September 9th, 2022, in the balance-seeking sign of Libra. Then it stations direct in Virgo on October 2nd, 2022.

Here, we bring you the forecast for this retrograde season. You’ll also find what it means specifically for your sign and which zodiac signs might have the worst retrograde season.

So, without further ado, scroll down to learn how to steer clear of confusion this month!

What is a Retrograde?

Whether you’re an astro junkie or a newbie, there’s a good chance you must have heard of the word “retrograde.”

But what does it even mean?

Let’s get the basics out of the way before we dig deep into this season’s Mercury retrograde. If you’re wondering – “Can a planet spin backward in outer space? It’s not quite what you think.

During specific times of the year, planets slow down in their orbit, which renders the illusion of backward motion. Essentially, a retrograde is nothing more than an optical illusion.

The change in pace, however, creates note-worthy effects in our lives. Now you know why planetary retrogrades are heavily discussed cosmic events.

Mercury Retrograde Energy Forecast

Mercury, the co-ruler of Virgo and Gemini, dons the hat of the chatty messenger of the heavens. Known for its analytical ability in Virgo and sharp, swift communicative skills in Gemini, this messenger planet is the fastest and retrogrades thrice a year.

General themes for Mercury retrograde are – chaos, miscommunication, email snags, errors in contracts, and awry negotiations – You get the picture! Three weeks plus 10 days during the shadow period is when we say, Hello, Mayhem!”

By the time Mercury retrograde rolls in on September 9th, 2022, all the outer planets are already in retrograde (read: having a merry time at a retrograde mixer up in the skies). So, it’s quite likely that you’ve already begun to feel a drag in your energy.

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What is Mercury Retrograde in Libra?

The month is screaming relationship drama already! Can you hear it yet?

The spotlight will be on your relationship dynamics as messenger Mercury spins backward in Airy Libra from September 9th to 23rd.

Retrogrades have a way of bringing up issues that were previously swept under the carpet. You might try hard not to lose your cool and rebalance the relationship scales.

While these are some general trends this retrograde month, the specific Mercury placement in your birth chart can bring up individual effects at this time.

What this Retrograde Means for your Zodiac Sign


All you high on energy, Aries? Well, here’s your retrograde forecast for this month – “Count to three if you feel like giving a piece of your mind to your BAE or vice versa.”

This Mercury retrograde falls in your 7th house of relationships. The tipped balance could make you feel destabilized. Ask yourself if you’ve been overgiving or not giving at all.


Hey there, luxury-loving Taureans. It’s time to put on your best workout wear because it’s time to hit the gym with all-new vigor this fall.

If you’ve been slacking on your fitness goals, Mercury retrograde in Libra, your 6th house of daily habits and wellness routines, is sure to remind you that discipline is an act of self-love.


Dear Twins, the heavens have spoken. You can expect a whirlwind of confusion in the cupid zone is in the air this month. Mercury retrograde in Libra could bring up a ghost from the past.

This is an ideal time to re-evaluate and bring closure to old lingering 5th house romantic energies.

But a word of advice would be to wait till the retrograde fades out before you decide that any last-season flames are a keeper—or not!


You might think twice before you settle into your usual “Happiness-is-homemade” vibe this month. Mercury retrograde in Libra will be bringing 4th house and home-related issues up for review for you, Cancer.

So, whether it’s mortgage-related or the paint color you and your bae can’t decide on, this will be a central theme for all you home-loving emo crabs.


Love thy neighbor. Or not?

This is something that might occupy your mind this month, Leo.

Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house could also have you ponder “But-I-didn’t-say-that” communication struggles, issues with siblings, short-distance travel, social media, etc.

Your royal breed will want to pay extra attention to crossing your t’s and dotting your I’s this month. Perhaps getting a new planner and being extra cautious with your to-do list will help.


Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Whisper “new values, new me” to yourself before blowing out your birthday candles.

Mercury will spin backward in Libra, your 2nd house of self-worth, value system, and “all-things-cha-ching” from September 9th to 23rd. These two weeks open an excellent window to ask yourself: “Am I being paid my worth?”

From September 23rd to October 2nd, Mercury will hang out in your zodiac sign.

The good news is that Mercury is fairly happy and at its analytical best in its own house of Virgo. Nonetheless, you’ll want to dig your head into an introspection bubble, and when you emerge, we know you’ll like what you see in the mirror!


Beauty and balance-seeking Librans are the show stoppers this retrograde! Your 1st house is getting plenty of TLC this month, urging you to inch forward to shine on and show up as your true authentic self. Remember, the 1st house is the map of your entire life.

A good question for you this month is – Am I showing up and shining my light onto this world? What can I do to become a better version of myself?

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Time for isolation and a deep dive into your subconscious, Scorpio!

Mercury in your 12th house of Libra asks you to amp up your dark and mysterious energy and tune into your soul lessons. Shine light on your shadow side, heal those deep dark emotions, and emerge like the phoenix that you are meant to be Scorpio!


Technology snags, drama with your professional network circle, and missed charity event appointments take center stage this month for all the adventurous Sagittarius out there.

Mercury retrograde in your 11th house Libra asks that you slow down socializing at networking events and be more intentional about your conversations.


This retrograde is happening in your 10th house of career. All you ambitious caps might need to hunker down and be extra careful before starting a new project. Remember to catch yourself getting into the workaholic zone this month, Capricorn!

Breathe in, breathe out and revisit your work calendar with a new perspective after taking a breather.


Aquarius, keep an eye out for miscommunication, delays, and snags in your 9th house of publication, writing, and higher philosophical learning.

Don’t begin contracts with new publishers and edit. Double-edit your work before hitting send! This is a friendly reminder that publications will live on the internet forever.


It’s transformation time for the sign of the fish this month. Say yes to a cycle of death and rebirth while messenger Mercury visits your 8th house of hidden energies and occult mysteries.

Pisces is never afraid of diving deep into shocking depths of the ocean. So wear your wetsuit, and off and under you go!

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Keep Calm & Retrograde On!

Mercury retrograde is not something we can get used to despite it happening thrice a year! The messenger planet brings forth incomplete issues which we were reluctant to wrap up.

The main goal of Mercury is to nudge us to keep evolving. Know that the planet is on your team, and keep moving on, albeit with baby steps.

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