Read Your Weekly Tarotoscope for December 26 – January 1, 2023

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We may be readying ourselves for the energy of 2023, but the tail end of 2022 isn’t to be scoffed at either!

At this time of the year, it’s tempting to brush 2022 aside and wait patiently (or maybe not-so-patiently) for the excitement of a new year to steamroll over everything else. However, we’ve still got a whole chunk of time to make the most of here, and the cards and stars still have something to say!

On the 29th, for example, the First Quarter Moon in Aries will take place, a potent energy for fostering new beginnings and setting intentions. See, you don’t have to wait for 2023 to step in to clean the slate.

How should you take on this week full of powerful transitory energy? We asked the Tarot for you so that you didn’t have to wonder!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for December 26, 2022 – January 1, 2023


Ace of Pentacles

Aries definitely shouldn’t write off this week when new opportunities are already rolling in (earlier than you might be expecting).

The Ace of Pentacles is a great sign for tangible opportunities and open doors — think career, finances, routines and schedules, and the home. This is where you’re most likely to see little buds of new beginnings starting to bloom.

However, this doesn’t mean you can just sit back and watch!

It’s not in your nature to laze around anyway, but this is a time to especially tap into your strong Aries drive to seize the little bits of potential and opportunity that you notice right now.


King of Pentacles

Taurus is in their element this week, standing in the energy of the King of Pentacles.

This is your time to seize control over your own life — especially when it comes to work, finances, your home environment, and your own schedule.

“Seizing control” may also mean knowing how to delegate properly. Like all great Kings, you are ultimately working with a whole kingdom here (communities, friends, family, and loved ones who are close to you).

In other words, don’t be afraid to (politely) ask for help when it comes to the stuff that you want.


The Sun

Gemini, it’s time to smile and step into the most authentic version of yourself!

The Sun asks that you embrace yourself fully, spotlighting how this week is about self-realization and joy.

When you accept who you are and what makes you naturally glow, then you shine! And that’s what The Sun is really all about, at its simplest level. There’s no need to overcomplicate this message — its request is simple.

Ask yourself: who have you always known that you are, deep down? And then show the world!


4 of Cups (Reversed)

Cancer may actually have more of a lowkey week, which is okay too!

The 4 of Cups generally points to boredom and stagnation, and its reversal can indicate that you’re tired of this and want to move on already.

However, there is a time and a place for letting things be as they are. You don’t always need to be productive in a “go-getter” type of way to make progress, and sometimes a bit of stagnating is part of the road to success.

Exercise patience this week, and don’t force yourself into busyness where it isn’t necessary.


4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Leo, this week is all about letting go of a certain mindset.

The 4 of Pentacles can point toward insecurities surrounding finances and abundance. It can also point to concerns over losing what you have or feeling like you need to do more work than you actually need to in order to achieve the level of success that everyone else does.

Reversed, Leos are learning to shake away this mindset this week and are remembering their bold, confident lion spirit that they’re usually known for! 

It may not always be easy to let go of these thoughts you’ve internalized from the outside, but you’re confronting them face-on.


6 of Wands

Virgo, it’s time to have a week of celebration and fun — if you’re ready to accept it, that is!

Virgos may have a reputation sometimes for being all work and no play, but the 6 of Wands indicates that it’s finally time that you get your flowers, so to speak.

This week is about embracing the cheer and celebration that may come your way and also patting yourself on the back for the accomplishments that you’ve made this year.

Have fun, and enjoy the spotlight (and most importantly, remember to step into it in the first place)!


10 of Wands

Libra has somehow managed to pull the same card twice in a row, which means its message may still need to be heard… maybe a bit louder.

Let’s recap. The 10 of Wands indicates that you’re moving toward the end of a road but also that you’ve likely accumulated too many responsibilities along the way.

You’ve said “yes” to too many things, possibly trying to play the role of peacemaker or because you possibly just thought you would be able to get it all done.

The road is coming to an end, but you don’t need to carry it through all on your own just because you said you would. Let go of some of the weight on your shoulders; rest is necessary.


7 of Cups

Scorpio is in their feelings… and mind, and intuition.

Basically, you’re a bit all over the place this week. The 7 of Cups points to indecision, but not for lack of imagination or ability to see new possibilities!

In fact, the issue is likely that your mind is running a bit wild right now, inventing possibilities, hypotheticals, questions, and on and on and on. The end of the year may be a time for reflection, but you seem to be taking it a bit far.

Remember: if your intuition is speaking to you, the insights likely aren’t going to feel complicated. So the saying goes, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill!


Page of Cups (Reversed)

Sagittarius was occupying a different lighthearted Cups energy last week and possibly has now experienced “too much of a good thing.”

For some Sagittarius, the Page of Cups reversed may point to moodiness and discomfort, feeling like you suddenly are experiencing too many emotions at once, and you no longer have control over them.

For others, it may indicate that you have a lot of creative juices getting pent up and don’t have a proper outlet for everything you’re experiencing right now.

Whatever the case is for you, “me time” (and possibly a journal) is the remedy for an over-active imagination right now.


Queen of Pentacles

Capricorn should feel at home in this down-to-earth Queen of Pentacles energy this week.

This energy is slow, steady, productive, and grounded, just like you! This week is about leading and embracing a strong command over your life while still doing it in a humble and down-to-earth way.

Most likely, you’ll just have a productive time with the goals and responsibilities you’ve already had on the table and ideally feel more refreshed and empowered to face the New Year with this energy under your belt!


The Tower (Reversed)

Aquarius, you are possibly trying to put a bandaid over an active wound.

In other words, The Tower reversed hints that you may have many events, relationships, and energies in your life that desperately need change, but you’re not quite ready to address them in the way they need to be addressed.

Transformation and change of any kind can be scary, especially when it means leaving behind things that are extremely familiar to you.

However, surrendering a bit here and letting the Universe take the driver’s seat might save you some time and energy in the long run.


6 of Swords (Reversed)

Pisces is having a “push and pull” response to moving forward toward what they know is right for them.

In fairness, the 6 of Swords isn’t exactly the easiest way to move forward and make progress. You’re leaving a lot of familiar habits, goals, and ideas behind in order to go after what you want.

And most likely, the path ahead is unclear — you may not know exactly what it means to let go and move on to bigger and better things. However, this reversed energy won’t do you any good either.

You already intuitively know what you need to leave behind, so there’s no pretending that staying in old energy will suit you. This week is about tuning into the brave part of you that knows you deserve more.

How to “Finish Strong” In 2022

This year may have been a hectic one for many of us, but that doesn’t mean you have to send it off with bad vibes!

Your Tarotscope has now given you all the details that you may need to properly prepare yourself (emotionally, mentally, or logistically) for closing out this year. Now, it’s time to use that information to your advantage.

This may seem like a lot of pressure, but really, “finishing strong” looks different for every person. If the week ahead seems difficult, it may mean being extremely kind and gentle with yourself. If the week ahead seems manageable, it may mean shooting for the moon when it comes to your goals.

The key is to allow your approach to be as unique and creative as you are! How will you be defining “finishing strong” this year?

Make sure to read your daily horoscope for even more insights as we finish the year!

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