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A bed may seem like an odd thing to dream about (but then again, what dream doesn’t have some odd element to it!) but the meaning behind a bed dream can be quite profound.

Dreaming about a bed can have strong psychic connotations and this is more often the case when you are able to see a bed in your dreams. These types of dreams can often generate confusion as you may not be sure if you are in reality or not.

Often these dreams can be associated with being lazy or putting off things that are important, seeing a bed in your dream can be a ‘wake-up call’ that you need to tackle your chores, projects, or issues.

Read on to find out more about the meaning of a bed in your dreams!

Dreaming About Seeing A Bed

There are often two ways of experiencing this kind of dream.

  1. Lucid Dream
  2. A regular dream with a bed.

Lucid Dreaming

In many cases, if you see an actual bed in your dream there is a very good chance that you are having an altered state experience that extends even beyond the realm of dream consciousness. This is usually either a lucid dream or in rare occurrences an out-of-body experience.

lucid dream is one where you are having a dreamlike you ordinarily do but know in this case that what you are experiencing is a dream. In some cases, you can even control the events and choices you make in your dream once you realize it is a lucid dream.

For many people, looking over to see their bed in their bedroom near their dream content is the suggestion to them that this is a lucid dream or out of body experience.

Other Bed Dreams

If this is not a lucid dream, this can just be a sign of safety, familiarity, or longing for home. If you are on a trip or haven’t been to a place that feels like home in a while, this dream can pop up as a reminder that we can’t stray too far from our hearts.


  • An untidy bed can represent needing to finish something in your waking life.
  • Sitting on the bed could mean that it’s time to revisit a place or person that is home to you.
  • Needing to get out of bed could show that you are having underlying worries about the things you should be working on.
  • Getting out of bed shows you getting out of your comfort and laziness, in this you are doing the right steps to achieve your goals.

Dreaming About Someone Being In A Bed

If you see someone in your bed it often can represent a person or thing that is not putting in their work into a relationship, work project, or deal. This frustration that you are experiencing can vary depending on who is in the bed, whether you can see them, and what context the bed is in.

If your coworker is in the bed in her cubicle, it may be that her lack of respect for deadlines has made you frustrated, this can show your major stressor points in your waking life. If it’s you in the bed, you may want to consider how your actions are affecting your partnerships.

When you have a dream about making love in bed or intimacy in bed, this can show that joy is on the way as someone in your life has brought comfort and love to you.

In rare cases seeing a silhouette in bed but not being able to see who it is may symbolize an illness on its way, or an illness in progress, or even the passing of someone who has been sick for some time.

Dreaming About An Upside-Down Bed

This one is pretty rare but it can indicate that there is some kind of confusion going on in your life which is creating a mental fog around you.

Your comfort zone is being literally flipped upsidedown and that our pain-points in real life are getting too close to home. If we notice that the bed is missing anything like pillows or legs, this can help you give insight into where these discomforts come from.

We must take this as a sign to step back, evaluate our current surroundings, and discover what is throwing us off.

Have you had this dream more than once? Check out what that means in our recurring dream definition.

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