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Whether you see a cat in your dream or have one as a pet in real life, you know that they only appear when they have something to show us.

The cat is considered to be one of the most psychic and intuitive animals, so if you see a cat in your dream you are probably receiving a psychic vision.

There is of course the literal interpretation if you see a family pet in your dream that you are simply enjoying your family pet in your dream world as well.

But cats that you are not familiar with in your dream should be paid attention to, as they come to you with important psychic vibrations and messages of enlightenment. Sometimes the message is to simply trust your own psychic visions or intuition, and often the details surrounding the cat in the dream will help you accomplish that understanding.

Dreaming About Your Cat

If you are dreaming about your own cat or a cat you know, you may want to look at the situation around them for more symbols – as they may appear as a vessel for other messages that are close to you like stressfeeling forgotten, or fighting with loved ones.

This does not mean that there isn’t an inherent reason you are seeing a cat, but this can include a further search into your dream analysis.

Dreaming About a Cat You Are Petting

If you dream about a cat you do not know and you are petting it, it is purring and you’re basically having a wonderful time together, this is usually a message that good things are coming for you. This is a dream which says, “Don’t worry, because good things are coming!

This type of dream will usually leave you with a good feeling upon waking, so hold onto that feeling as long as you can and remind yourself regularly that things are on the up!

Dreaming About a Cat Hissing At You

If a strange cat is hissing at you, scratches you, or is being aggressive in some way, it may be a warning that someone in your life is not who they say they are or is betraying you in some way. Aggression from a cat often means you feel under threat.

This type of dream often carries with it a feeling of anxiety or trepidation which heightens the warning of the dream.

A dream about a cat acting in this way is urging you to pay close attention to those around you and take note of any behavior that seems odd or aloof.

Dreaming About a Sickly-Looking Cat

If you dream a cat is sick, then it is a sign it’s time to pay attention to your health or the health of someone close to you.

Note the health of the cat in your dream – a sprightly cat indicates you are taking care of yourself, whereas a cat that looks malnourished or weak may be an indication that it’s time to get checked out and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

Have you had this dream more than once? Check out what that means in our recurring dream definition.

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