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A dream that shows an infestation of pests or a pesky problem like mice, rats, snakes, flies, or any of the plagues is a sign that you may be losing control over something in your life.

It could also be a sign that you are overwhelmed in a specific area. Have you had extra responsibilities placed on you? An infestation could also mean that you have a problem in your day to day life that you are not aware of, that is lurking behind the “walls” of the situation and about to create a major problem for you.

How you deal with the infestation in your dream, or the people that help you do so, will be very helpful to you in determining what needs to be “exterminated” in your waking life.

Dreaming About A Rat Infestation

Rat infestation dreams are often a sign that fears or anxieties are taking over your life. It can represent something in your life which repulses you but you may feel powerless to stop it.

A dream about rats infesting can also hint towards disloyalty towards you from a friend, so this dream comes with a warning to watch your back.

If the rats are accompanied by plenty of dirt and squalor, this is an indication that there is a part of you that requires your attention and which needs to be faced. This often indicates a hidden part of oneself which we prefer not to look at because it repulses us in some way.

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Dreaming About A Snake Infestation

If you dream about snakes infesting then relates to a fear that exists within you which you may not understand.

A snake infestation is often a dream which relates to something deep within the subconscious. It may not be something you recognize in your waking life, but it may release itself in other ways, such as your behavior or attitude towards others, or manifesting during sleep.

It would be important to do intense and vigorous inner work in order to find the root of the fear.

Dreaming About An Infestation of Flies/Maggots

There is a possibility that this dream can point to an actual fly which is in your bedroom and your subconscious mind is alerting you to it! However, if there is no fly buzzing around this dream, this dream indicates that you may be in hot pursuit of something and you won’t stop until it is achieved.

There is a lot of persistence associated with fly dreams. An infestation of them may also indicate that you are becoming ruthless in your pursuit and it’s time to take a step back.

Dreaming About An Infestation of Insects

If there are other insects infesting you or your home in your dream can indicate unconscious instincts that are dragging you down.

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and gnats, for example, can be a sign that something dark within your subconscious is controlling you and feeding off you. This could be a fear or a thought pattern that is proving debilitating for you in your waking life.

This type of dream can also indicate a toxic person or situation in your life which is causing you grief in some way, though you may be reluctant to fully face it or them.

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