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If the theme of death appears in your dream, don’t panic!

This is what a lot of Tarot readers tell their sitters too, whenever the Death card is pulled. Once they get beyond the terrified expressions, the reader explains that the Death card very rarely means actual death. It is a symbol of transformation, often out of your control.

The same goes for death in dreams.

Dreaming About Death

The truth is that the less frightened we become of death, the more we will see its true value. Death or any element of death in your dream is a symbol or message of something ending, and something new beginning.

Even the Death card in the Tarot offers the Sun, so if something dies or death appears in your dream you will most certainly know what beginning is on its way, or in progress.

Seeing death in your dream is also often associated with blessings, so pay attention to those blessings and rays of sunshine as the clues to your new beginnings are right in front of you during your dream.

Dreaming About Yourself Dying

Dreaming about your own death indicates anxiety or dear in your waking life. Whether it’s an ongoing situation or a new issue, it can always be tied to an element of your life – relationships, career, change.

The Death card in the Tarot is also represented by the sign of Scorpio, a sign of death and rebirth. It represents sweeping change, but this change is necessary in order for us to become the best version of ourselves and live our lives to its fullest extent.

Dreaming about dying in your own dream can be scary, but it is also tied to change or being born again in some way. The change associated with a death dream is often sudden and with some stress, but we can respect good outcomes from this new beginning.

Dreaming About Someone Else Dying

Depending on who died in your dream can change the meaning,

  • A friend dying: This can often symbolize the death of a relationship, this is often because you are going your separate ways, they have hurt you, or that you are growing apart. In other circumstances, this can be a sign that you need to cut ties with this person.
  • Death of a family member or close loved one: This can mean that you are afraid of losing them. This dream often comes out of the fear of being abandoned or left behind.
  • Someone you don’t know dying: This can usually be attributed to processing loss or grief that we are avoiding in our waking life. In this dream, it’s important to look for other symbols and contexts in order to narrow down the dream meaning.
  • Someone you don’t like dying: This is a sign of finality with this person. It’s cutting ties and trying to escape the person that makes us feel unloved or angry. This is a sign to look into our real life and look for ways to separate ourselves from this person, especially if they are hurting us.
  • Death of a child: Life is changing and dreaming of a child dying can either symbolize losing innocence (our own inner child) or starting a new life. If you have recently uprooted or begun something new, this can be a way of your brain processing the ‘new life.’

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