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This can be quite a frightening dream to have and can sometimes veer into a nightmare!

Dreaming about escaping means you are under threat from something or someone in your dream. It is a very common dream and the literal meaning is quite clear: there is something in your life that you are afraid of, running from, or need to unleash yourself from.

You might just wake up sweating from this type of dream but remember: it is only a dream but the meaning behind it can be extremely helpful for you in your waking life.

An Escape Dream Means Metaphorical Birth

An escape symbol is also a powerful metaphor for birth. When you leave one person or situation or life experience, you enter another. The latent meaning of an escape symbol in your life could be just that you are looking to rebirth a certain portion of your sense of self.

The feelings associated with the escape event will be particularly useful in helping you determine what the specific escape you were dealing with in your dream means in your life.

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Dreaming About Escaping From A Room

If you dream you are escaping from a room or enclosed space, this is indicative that you are breaking free of a restrictive situation in your life. When this dream symbol is present, this often also means that you have an eagerness or desperation to change your current life or living situations. This could be as simple as wanting to change jobs, but it could also be as drastic as divorce/breaking up with a significant other, or moving to a new country.

This type of dream also indicates that there is something you are going to have to fight for in the future. The dream is letting you know that you have the strength and courage to overcome it.

Dreaming About Escaping From Someone

If you dream you are escaping from a particular person, it doesn’t necessarily mean this person is bad for you in some way! It could mean there is a dynamic in your relationship that needs fixing. You may need to break away in some way, but this could be from a mindset you have or a specific situation which links to them that is not healthy for you.

Escape dreams are your subconscious’ way of telling you that something in your life needs changing. It is likely you already know what it is but you may not be facing. This is why we have many dreams: our inner self is trying to tell us what needs to be done and sometimes we just have to muster up the courage to do it.

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