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If you are dreaming of travel, there are many possible interpretations of this. You may need to make a little change in your life, or simply get up and go somewhere to get out of a current rut.

Traditionally, travel refers to a vacation or a trip, but it can also be about driving somewhere as simple as the grocery store. Anything, where you are on the move to a new location, counts as a traveling dream.

You could be feeling very restless in your current waking life and have been looking for a change. Dream of travel then would give you some ideas on where to start, or how to ignite change in your life.

A travel dream could be a literal premonition. If you are about to travel or go on a trip, this dream could simply be validating that for you or letting you know in advance.

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Dreaming About Traveling Alone

Travel generically is a signal that change is needed in your life. Just like when you feel the need to travel in your waking life, this dream relates to the need to get out of your routine.

When you are traveling alone, this can point to needing a solo trip to discover yourself or that you are spending too much time with others and this is not allowing enough time for you into your routine.

In the romantic sense, if you are traveling alone and currently in a relationship, this relationship may be ending soon, or your dream could be hinting at this as a good idea. This dream acts to inspire you to embrace your independence and go soul searching.


Other details in your dream if you are able to recall them will help you identify where that change is needed.

Dreaming about Traveling With Someone

Dreaming of traveling with someone shows us that we are spending too much time alone. This dream tells us to get out there and spend more time with people in order to get out of our routine.

This can also have romantic connotations. If you are traveling with someone you are friends with, interested in, or romantically with, chances are that your relationship status of yours will change in the near future. This signifies the trip you are about to go on with this person.

Dreaming About Disruptions to Travel

If you dream that you are trying to travel somewhere but you are encountering disruptions, such as a late train or security guards not letting you on board, it indicates an underlying fear related to change.

The feelings you experience during these disruptions will help you understand where the fear is coming from. Do you feel worried and anxious that you can’t travel? Do you feel depressed or gloomy? These emotions indicate that your fear is generating these emotions within you in your waking life.

A dream about travel disruption can also be a dream of premonition and may highlight that an upcoming journey may be disrupted.

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