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There are two ways that a dream about luggage can go: Extremely literal or deeply emotional/metaphorical.

Dreaming about luggage is most often a latent exploration of your own emotional baggage. But in a literal sense, dreaming of luggage could suggest that you are about to take a trip that you are excited or nervous about.

Thus it is very important to closely examine the details in a dream to determine which dream you are experiencing and what that luggage contains in order to truly understand what the luggage symbol is trying to tell you.

Is the luggage standing alone? Is it being held by someone? Is it open? Is it closed? Are you carrying the luggage? Is someone else carrying it? Let’s explore.

Dreaming About Packing Your Luggage

This is often related to an upcoming trip or a feeling of wanderlust that is filling our daily life. This dream is common during times where we are unable to travel due to global issues (pandemic) or our financial situation.

If you aren’t planning on going on a trip, this dream is showing you that you need to include more adventure in your life. Even a hike or trip to the dog park might be enough to express your inner travel bug.

Dreaming About Heavy Luggage

If the luggage in your dream is especially heavy and difficult to carry, it indicates that your emotions are weighing heavily on you but you may not be addressing them in waking life.

It is important to address your emotions in your waking life so that they do not begin to affect you in other areas.

A dream of heavy luggage indicates you may feel you are unable to deal with the weight of the emotions and therefore it is easier for you to bury them.

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Dreaming About Luggage That Does Not Belong To You

If the luggage itself is not a sign of your own personal “baggage” and does not actually belong to you (as in, it may just be sitting there on its own), the symbol in your dream may be a message that something is hidden from you.

If you find that you are stealing a suitcase that doesn’t belong to you, this could show that you are stealing the spotlight from someone else’s trauma and that you need to find time to listen and be there for them.

You may need to open up a few issues in your life and look inside to see what you can’t see right now. There could be a secret or a surprise in store for you as well.

Dreaming About The Contents of Your Luggage Spilling Out

This could highlight an emotional outburst is on the way! If you dream that your luggage is tipping out, it could mean that you are ready to release your emotions. Be mindful of this as it is important to release your emotions in a way that is not destructive to you or anyone else.

If it is someone else whose luggage spills out, be prepared for an emotional outburst from another!

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