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To recall the feeling of sadness from a dream is a very powerful symbol and is drawing you to the feeling of sadness in your waking world.

In fact, if this and only one or two other key details is all you can recall from a dream, you could receive a wealth of information beyond some dreams with hundreds of symbols that don’t make any sense.

Dreaming About Feeling Sad

Feeling sadness in a dream may be a wake-up call for you to identify and communicate these feelings in your waking life. If a relationship or a work situation is present with this feeling, then pay attention to those details and you will find the source of your sadness. You will also find the way out of it.

The message of sadness in a dream could also be simply that disappointments are a part of life, and that we need to learn from them in order to grow and move forward on our path.

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Dreaming About Another Person Feeling Sad

If you dream that someone else is sad, it could be that you are being pointed to someone else’s feelings. Maybe you are not noticing the feelings of those around you, or this specific person is unhappy at this time and is feeling ignored.

If a recent situation in your waking life with this person in your dream has made you sad as well, this dream symbol is a validation that you both are experiencing the same feelings at the same time.

In some cases where you may see repeating numbers in a dream, sadness in a dream is a projection from your twin flame or soul mirror, and in this case, another figure will be present in your dream as well. The sadness in your dream, in this case, would simply be you telepathically experiencing what your twin flame is simultaneously experiencing.

Dreaming About Being Sadness Turning Into Happiness

If the emotions in your dream are going from sad to happy, it indicates confusion in waking life and a desire to stabilize the emotions within you.

The mix-up of feelings is your subconscious’ way of trying to alert you to feelings of joy so that you may be able to tackle the feelings of sadness.

This dream can appear if you are chronically depressed or if the sadness is long-lasting. Your soul wants to remind you what feeling happiness is like again.

Sadness in a dream points towards an emotion that is being stifled or oppressed in some way. You may not be expressing your sadness in waking life or you may be pretending everything is fine when it is not. When an emotion appears as a dominant factor in your dream life, it is a sign in your waking life to pay close attention to it and the causes behind it.

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