You Pulled the 2 of Cups – Now What?

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The 2 of Cups is one of those cards that everyone likes to see in a reading, especially a relationship reading, when asking about how someone feels about you or how they see you.

The 2 of Cups embodies the energy of the twos: unity, harmony, balance, and clarity. The twos correspond to the High Priestess in the Major Arcana, which represents duality and highlights the feminine to the masculine, the Yin to the Yang.

In the twos, we see a powerful energy of unity and coming together. In the 2 of Cups, this unity is most expressed in love.

What Does the 2 of Cups Mean?

The 2 of Cups can have a number of meanings:

  • Experiencing a romantic attraction
  • Joining with another
  • Establishing a partnership
  • Calling a truce
  • Forgiving another
  • Building a bond with someone
  • Being drawn into a new relationship or friendship
  • Experiencing a connection with someone else
  • Letting bygones be bygones

What Does the 2 of Cups Mean in a Love & Relationship Reading?

In a love and relationship reading, the 2 of Cups is one of the most welcome cards to appear when asking about how someone feels about you.

If pulled in the position for feelings, it means that the person you are asking about undoubtedly feels a connection with you. This could be a friendship attraction, but in relationship readings, it points towards a romantic attraction. They feel they would like to get to know you more or, if in an existing relationship, they are feeling especially loving towards you and past conflicts have been mended.

If pulled for how someone sees you, it means that they see you as an ideal partner. They click with you and see you as someone they would like to pursue a relationship with or someone they would like to stay with.

If you pull the 2 of Cups for what someone wants to happen between you, the meaning is very clear. They want to be with you.

What Does the 2 of Cups Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the 2 of Cups highlights a career or job doing something you truly love!

The 2 of Cups is a card of balance and harmony, so this could also be a career in care, nursing, or counseling where you connect with others on an emotional level.

The 2 of Cups in a career reading indicates that whatever path you choose with your career, you will feel satisfied and emotionally whole.

What About the 2 of Cups as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, the 2 of Cups represents a need to find harmony and address issues of trust in a relationship. There may be a lack of trust or a lack of communication, and the 2 of Cups is a reminder that in order for a relationship to be successful, communication is key.

As an obstacle card, the 2 of Cups highlights the importance of working together in order to find solutions to conflicts. The 2 of Cups is a card of truce, so whatever the couple must do to find that harmony together must be done.

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What About the 2 of Cups Reversed?

Reversed, the energy of the 2 of Cups becomes blocked and stifled. Open communication, mutual attraction, and a sense of balance and harmony become compromised.

There may be trust lacking in the relationship. Perhaps one person no longer feels the same way they once did about the other. There may also be a strong sense of instability, as though the foundation of the relationship could collapse at any moment.

The 2 of Cups reversed indicates that urgent work is needed on the relationship to restore the energies once more and allow them to flow freely.

How to Make the 2 of Cups Work for You

To harness the energies of the 2 of Cups, this is a wonderful way to do it.

Take out your journal, place the card before you, and meditate on it for a while. Then, write down everything that comes to mind – how it makes you feel, what you see, how it applies to your life, and what images or scenarios come to mind.

This helps you connect to the energies of the card. This is a powerful card for relationships, friendships, and connections of all kinds, so the energy that comes with this card can help you feel more confident and vibrant in your own connections.

The 2 of Cups: Pure Attraction

The 2 of Cups is a card of very powerful attraction, and we feel this attraction when we meet someone we like and feel an instant kinship with them.

When paired with cards such as the Lovers or 6 of Cups, it can indicate a soulmate connection. This is one of the soulmate cards and is often very welcome in a reading.

When this card shows up, know there is a connection in your life that has the potential to go deeper and grow. The 2 of Cups comes not far from the start of the Cups suit, but its potential to grow into something more is a wonderful opportunity.

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