Align Your Soul & Career with Saturn Sextile Neptune

Have you been in a bit of a career tail-spin? Maybe you have had a pattern of dealing with difficult bosses or jobs that bore you? Well, whatever your career woes may be today, June 18th has some promising energy to help elevate your career to become something you enjoy and thrive in. We are going to give you some of the cosmic secrets our planet is about to get blasted with on this Saturn sextile Neptune aspect so you can use the energy to align yourself with the best possible career path.

A sextile occurs when two planets align in a way that creates harmonious energy from the combination of the energies of both planets. Depending on the areas of our life the planets in question affect, we will see those two areas working well together like a circuit that has just been completed so the light-bulb can turn on. In this case, we have spiritual Neptune aligning with work-oriented Saturn. We will have three of these sextiles in 2019. We had one January 31st, and the last one of the year will be on November 8th.

Often we don’t feel like we really fit a job until our soul can shine through in our work. We will be at odds with our pay, our commute, our coworkers, or the reason we do what we do until we get clear with our soul’s purpose. We have a chance to do that right before the summer kicks off, and all the astrology signs are ripe to find happiness and success through this interesting harmonization of energies. We have some straightforward tips to help you transition from the swamp of negative career woes to the oasis of career growth and fulfillment.

Align With Your Soul – Neptune’s Influence

Neptune is an outer planet, named for the Greek god of the sea. It influences our ability to connect to our soul and to the Universe at large. That means we can see things from a more intuitive perspective when this energy is strong. Our imagination is switched on as is our mystical Third-Eye.

Basically, on the day of the sextile, we will have an easier time seeing through the illusions of the ego that may create false gods for our hearts so we can see the energy that will really keep our passion alive and help us attract even more success. After all, when we are truly happy inside, we attract happy experiences in our life.

Take a moment to sit and listen to the message that comes from within you today. What do you feel called to do? What images or ideas are impressed upon you on this day? This will help you feel your true purpose and true soul imprint. Journal about these two questions.

Align Your Career – Saturn’s Influence

Saturn governs time and the more practical aspects of life that give us stability such as work. As the planetary ‘taskmaster,’ Saturn helps us apply our ideas and make things happen in the physical world. Being the second biggest planet in the solar system, you can bet this sextile will really open your career to new ideas.

Astrologers predict we will have an easier time seeing how to make a living in our own spiritual pursuits. For some that may mean working for the environment, for others, it may mean working for animal rights or human rights. For each of us, the soul will speak its desire to help the world. You have an opportunity to see and sense how to actually make money and a living doing what you truly feel called to do. You may see a creative solution that you never thought of today! You may suddenly realize something you want to do and ‘feel the calling’ to a more meaningful job or see how you can make your current job more meaningful.

Take a moment to sit still and write down careers that come to mind on this day. They may surprise you and they may be what is so familiar to your inner thoughts that they finally reveal themselves as the truth that has always been there. For extra help, read about your life path number as well as look into your 2nd and 10th houses in your birth chart which reveal your talents and opportunities for a really successful career.

Closing Thoughts

Saturn is retrograde until September 18th and Jupiter is retrograde until August 11. That means now is the time to see your own blocks to success clearly and make a plan so you’ll be ready to move forward as the year moves forward.

You also want to keep abreast of the other main astrological happenings at this time. We actually have a really interesting line-up, with three planets in retrograde (Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn). Jupiter squares Neptune on June 16th, which brings forward ways we can expand our careers in a more spiritual way. There is a Full Moon in the evolved Fire sign of Sagittarius on June 17th, followed by the Summer Solstice on June 21st in Cancer season.

It’s going to be a time of elevated consciousness no doubt, and it will bring new awareness that precedes changes that will take place during eclipse season in July and August. You’ll also see changes you started in the first eclipse season of the year in January and February really take hold during this window. Watch as people shed their skins of the ego and fear and step into their light.

We can solidly say that all the zodiac signs will transform now if they ride the cosmic tides and follow their inner desires to spread their unique ideas into the world. For each person, the energy will hit a little differently, so be sure to ask yourself, what’s my horoscope for today? so you can navigate each day skillfully. You will also benefit from knowing the key themes in your sign’s weekly horoscopes as we launch into summer and success!

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