Your Revealing April 2023 Angel Card Reading

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As we move through April, we welcome the energies of renewal and rebirth of spring! This month, the cosmos invites us to tap into the powerful energies of the universe and connect with our higher selves. So we can release any old patterns or limiting beliefs holding us back.

The Universe is alive now with the potential for change and transformation as we embrace the new and release the old. This energetic shift reminds us that we are constantly evolving and changing.

When navigating astrological shifts and caring for our well-being, we often forget that we have spiritual assistance and support. One of the best ways to ensure you align with such spiritual help is by connecting with angel wisdom.

Through the wisdom of the angels, we can connect with our inner truth and embrace our authentic selves. They encourage us to listen to the whispers of our hearts and follow the guidance of our intuition, even when it leads us down an unfamiliar path.

Angel guidance also provides a deep sense of peace and comfort, reminding us that we are not alone on this journey. The angels are always by our side, offering their unwavering love and support as we navigate the ups and downs of life.

Angel guidance is a gift that you can tap into whenever you need it and will continue to shine brightly, lighting your way and filling your heart with grace and wonder!

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through April’s astrological transits.

Your Angel Card for April 2023


Haaiah #26

Happy birthday, Aries! The month ahead brings exciting opportunities for growth and evolution as you experience a Full Moon in Libra on April 6th, followed by a powerful Solar eclipse in your sign on April 19th.

During this dynamic time, the angel Haaiah will be by your side, guiding you toward greater peace, divine order, and adaptability.

Haaiah is an angel of divine order, and she will help you align your life with your soul’s purpose. She is also guiding you toward the opportunities and experiences that align with your highest good.

Here are other ways in which Haaiah will support you during this transformative month:

  • Grants wisdom and discernment
  • Regency hour is 8:20 AM to 8:39 AM
  • Helps one find an authentic path and truth
  • Success in beginning new activities or professional endeavors
  • Allows one to gain emotional intelligence in challenging situations and seek truth through reason
  • For an extra boost of emotional support, connect with Haaih on April 15th


Hahasiah #51

April arrives, and the universe welcomes you with open arms into your Solar Return and a brand-new season of goodness. This is a time for you to shine, dear Taurus, to embrace all the amazing things life has in store for you.

The angel Hahasiah will be your guide this month, leading you on a journey of self-discovery.

Under Hahasiah’s guidance, you will discover new truths about yourself and the world. You will feel a new-found sense of purpose and direction as you step into a new version of yourself. Your interest in alchemy and metaphysics will increase, and you will be amazed by the knowledge and insights that come your way.

Hahasiah will also provide the following support this month:

  • Regency hour is 4:40 PM to 4:59 PM
  • Protects one from manipulative people
  • Activates the throat and solar plexus chakra
  • Grants self-confidence and increases one’s intuition
  • Increases one’s interest in holistic medicine and high science
  • Reveals issues within friend groups to help align you with more supportive people


Damahiah #65

The Sun moves through Aries at the beginning of the month, ushering the fiery energy of transformation and new beginnings. This month, you will be guided by the angel Damabiah, whose powerful energy will lead you toward success in your community endeavors and bring unconditional love into your life.

Under Damabiah’s guidance, you will feel empowered and motivated to take on new challenges. You will find that your intuition is heightened, and you can make decisions with greater clarity and confidence.

You can also work with Damabiah to receive the following guidance and support this month:

  • Protection from negativity
  • Encourages meditation and relaxation
  • Activates the throat and third eye chakra
  • Brings purity, kindness, and gentleness to one’s life
  • Urges one to follow the path of wisdom and connect with the inner child
  • Regency hour is 9:20 PM to 9:39 PM


Manakel #66

As April dawns upon you, the universe is brimming with a sense of hope and positivity. The energy of Aries season brings about a wave of change, and for you, dear Cancer, this change is focused on your career domain.

But fear not, for the angel Manakel is here to guide you through this period of transformation.

Manakel’s energy is one of liberation; through his guidance, you will be empowered to tap into your full potential. As you navigate these changes, trust that Manakel will provide you with the answers you seek through your dreams. His energy is one of stability and confidence, and he will be with you every step of the way, helping you to navigate the twists and turns that come your way.

Here are other ways in which Manakel will support you during this transformative month:

  • Stimulates one’s intuition
  • Helps one recover lost items
  • Grants stability and confidence
  • Regency hour 9:40 PM to 9:59 PM
  • Enhances communication and memory
  • Protects those who work with the land
  • Activates the third eye and throat chakra


Mebahel #14

As you continue to move through April, get ready to feel your inner lion roar with excitement. This season will bring about a new level of commitment to expanding your life, and you will find yourself feeling more empowered than ever before.

The angel Mebahel is here to guide you along your journey, providing you with the inspiration you need to reach new heights. This angelic energy will uplift your spirits and help you stay focused on your goals, regardless of obstacles. Remember to take time for yourself during this season, as your energy levels may be higher than usual.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with your inner lion. This will help you recharge and come back even stronger.

In addition, you can expect the following guidance and support from Mebahel this month:

  • Protects one inner child
  • Helps those who have lost hope
  • Re-establishes the natural order of things
  • Activates the solar plexus and throat chakra
  • Increases new-found respect for the environment
  • Welcomes abundance, enrichment, and an elevation of life
  • Regency hour is 4:20 AM to 4:39 AM


Seheiah #28

April is here, and with it comes beautiful and transformative energy. The Full Moon in Libra brought about a shift in your self-worth and values. You may find yourself reassessing your priorities and making changes that align more with your true purpose. This is a time to trust your intuition and follow your heart.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there; an Aries Solar Eclipse arrives with fresh energy into your life.

During this transformative month, the angel Seheiah will be your guide. Seheiah is known for protecting against accidents. In addition, healing, calmness, and happy longevity. Call upon Seheiah whenever you feel overwhelmed or uncertain, and trust that you are being watched over and protected.

Here are other ways in which Seheiah will support you during this transformative month:

  • Stimulating premonitions
  • Activates the throat chakra
  • Grants wisdom through past experiences
  • Increases resistance in the face of adversity
  • Helps one find healthy ways to release negative emotions
  • Regency hour 9:00 AM to 9:19 AM
  • Emotional power day is April 17th from midday to midnight


Hariel #15

Welcome to April, lovely Libra. Get ready for an exciting month ahead. This month’s Full Moon will shine its light on your sign, bringing purification and inspiration.

You can expect to experience spiritual growth and transformation this month. Your April angel guide, Hariel, will be with you every step of the way. This wise and powerful angel will help you gain deep insights, experience awakenings, and liberate yourself from any addictions or dependencies holding you back.

In addition, you can work with Hariel on the following this month:

  • Encourages authenticity
  • Peace through communication
  • Activates the third eye chakra
  • It grants cooperation among family members
  • Provides inspiring inspiration for artists and scientists
  • It helps one develop a deeper connection to spirituality
  • Regency hour 4:40 AM to 4:59 AM


Haaiah #26

Happy April, Scorpio. The month ahead is full of spiritual awakenings and powerful transformations for you. With a Full Moon on the horizon, prepare for some serious soul-searching and introspection. Your spiritual journey is about to upgrade, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

However, that’s not all. A Solar eclipse also graces your presence, increasing your ability to structure power and abundance well. This is your chance to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Don’t be afraid to take risks and chase what you want.

And as you navigate through these changes, the angel Haaiah will guide you every step of the way. Known for their ability to grant adaptability and flexibility, Haaiah will help you navigate any situation or challenge that comes your way with ease.

In addition, you can work with Haaiah for the following guidance and support this month:

  • Harmony in the social life
  • Grants respect for divine order
  • Activates the third eye and throat
  • Provides truth, wisdom, and discernment
  • Increases productivity in one’s daily life
  • Regency hour is 8:20 AM to 8:39 AM
  • Emotional power day is April 15th
  • It helps one weigh the pros and cons of a situation before making significant decisions


Lauviah #11

Welcome to April, fiery Sagittarius. As you embark on the adventurous month ahead, the cosmos brings an exciting forecast for you. This month is about victory, success, and increased confidence after a challenging period. So, get ready to smile brightly and embrace the happiness coming your way.

To assist you on this journey, the angel Lauviah will guide you through the month, providing you with success and joy. You can trust Lauviah’s guidance and know you are on the right path.

In addition, Lauviah offers the following support this month:

  • Eases nightmares
  • Enhances clairvoyance and intuition
  • Activates the third eye and throat chakra
  • It brings peace and healing to friendships and loved ones
  • Increases one’s interest in poetry, music, metaphysics, and literature
  • Provides one the courage to move forward, despite others’ opinions
  • Regency hour is 3:20 AM to 3:39 AM


Sealiah #45

Greetings, ambitious Capricorn. As the fiery and adventurous Aries season transitions into the stable and luxurious Taurus season, get ready to witness some exciting changes in your home and family life. Your creative energy will be at an all-time high this month, so don’t be surprised if you are itching to redecorate or try out an exciting DIY project.

But that’s not all. Expect major career upgrades. It’s time to tap into your rediscovered willpower and take charge of your professional goals. And to guide you through these changes, your angel guide for April is Sealiah.

You can work with Sealiah for the following support and guidance this month:

  • Activates the heart chakra
  • Helps one express their emotions and healthy
  • Aids in mastering fears, doubts, and confusion
  • Increases self-esteem, strength, and self-control
  • Provides well-balanced, vital energy
  • It provides a fresh reset to what has become bogged down and stuck
  • Regency hour is 2:40 PM to 2:59 PM


Rehael #39

As you navigate April, get ready for an exciting journey about to unfold. The month begins with a Full Moon in Libra, bringing expansion and abundance into your life. So, if you’ve been working hard on a project or endeavor, expect positive results.

In addition, a powerful Solar Eclipse arrives on April 19th, bringing fresh starts and new beginnings. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant, this is the appropriate time to shake things up and start afresh.

To guide you through this transformative time, Rehael will be by your side. This divine being will increase your trust and confidence in your life path, helping you take bold and courageous steps toward your dreams and aspirations.

You can work with Rehael to obtain the following support this month:

  • Grants harmony
  • Obedience and respect
  • Creates a strong family dynamic
  • Activates the throat and solar plexus
  • It opens one conscience to develop a deeper awareness, which leads to a greater understanding
  • Regency hour 12:40 PM to 12:59 PM


Lelahel #6

Your values, self-worth, and investments will transform as you navigate April. This change will bring new opportunities, growth, and abundance. As the Taurus season arrives, you will handle many tasks at once.

But fear not, dear Pisces, for your angel guide, Lelahel, is here to help you navigate April’s fast-paced energy. With Lelahel’s guidance, you will have profound insights and a clear understanding of situations that may otherwise be confusing.

Here are other ways Lelahel will support you during this transformative month:

  • Healing and open-mindedness
  • Invites one to speak their heart
  • Illuminates complicated situations
  • Brings harmony, balance, and beauty to the lives
  • Increases one’s desire to better care for themselves
  • Activates the crown and solar plexus chakras
  • Regency hours are from 1:40 AM to 1:59 AM
  • For increased physical strength, connect with this angel on April 15th to April 20th

Tips for Connecting With Your Angel Guide

Connecting with your angel guide can be transformative and enlightening. Whether seeking guidance, comfort, or a deeper understanding of your life purpose, working with your angel guide can help you access the wisdom and insight you need to move forward on your journey.

When we acknowledge the signs of the Universe through our guides, we open our energetic field to receive more abundance and prosperity. This strengthens the lines of communication between the physical world and the divine. Remember, you are never alone. Angel guides cheer you on and help you discover the highest version of yourself.

So trust in their guidance, and let their love light the way.

Here are some tips for connecting with your angel guide this April:
  1. Set your intention: Before you connect with your angel guide, set your intentions. Think about what you want to achieve from the connection and focus your thoughts and energy on this intention.
  2. Create a sacred space: Choose a quiet, peaceful area where you can meditate and connect with your angel guide. You might like to light candles, burn incense, or play soft music to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Practice mindfulness: To connect with your angel guide, you need to be fully present in the moment. Practice mindfulness by focusing on your breath and paying attention to the present moment.
  4. Ask for guidance: When you feel connected to your angel guide, ask for guidance and be open to receiving their wisdom and insight.
  5. Trust your intuition: Your angel guide communicates with you through your intuition, so it’s critical to trust your inner voice and follow your instincts.
  6. Express gratitude: After connecting with your angel guide, express gratitude for their guidance and support. This will deepen your connection and strengthen your relationship with your angel guide.

Embrace the Rest of April

As we approach the end of this beautiful April angel horoscope, we can’t help but feel grateful for the divine guidance and angelic support we’ve received along the way. It’s been a wild ride, full of twists and turns. However, you’ve soared to new heights and conquered challenges you never thought possible.

Angels are mystical beings moving between the unseen and the seen realms. They are assigned as your Soul evolution team to guide you through your life’s various cycles or seasons. They are a state of higher consciousness that represents divine qualities and virtues.

These heavenly beings represent higher consciousness. Their divine qualities and virtues guide us through life’s various cycles and seasons. They are the unseen hands that help us navigate our journey, providing wisdom, comfort, and love.

But it’s imperative to remember that our angels reflect our inner selves.

Internal issues and unconscious memories may either manifest purely or mirror our distortions, revealing our faults and weaknesses. However, this is not a cause for concern. Our angels are here to remind us of the qualities we are working on and help us learn how to rectify them consciously.

Happy April 2023!

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