Aquarius Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

Highly intellectual, quirky, and independent, men born under the Aquarius sign are often the black sheep of their worlds. Interested in global affairs, caring for the less fortunate, and understanding how the world works (if not the entire Universe), Aquarius men are friendly, like to discuss politics and culture, and are often highly artistic.

This Air sign is an advanced thinker, often dismayed at the lack of passion people accept in their lives. The theme they are probably best known for is being an agent of freedom, helping people think outside of the box, and being one who is rarely tied down.

Personality Characteristics of the Aquarius Man

An Aquarius man is born between January 21 and February 18. Personality traits of the Aquarian man can be understood through their ruling planet, Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution. Aquarius men are always doing their own thing, but they don’t tend to be selfish; instead, they look to the greater good and align their life goals with that in mind.

The Aquarius man personality is complex because he sees the world differently than most. He wants to help and will not let his fears stop him from doing some good in the world. His sense of optimism makes him use his time in unconventional ways. He will be the guy up late at night learning Latin or another obscure language, but that also means he will probably sleep through his alarm and forget to show up to breakfast or be horribly late.

His passion runs his life and he likes to find friends who aren’t controlled by the standards set by society. He is fun, likes to make jokes, and has a strong sense of childlike wonder because of his active imagination.

Male Waterbearers are also proud, don’t easily accept criticism, and are often put off by people who try to control them or question their integrity. This man needs to be able to roam both mentally and physically, and you will rarely see them working a cubicle job.

He is known to be a man who travels frequently, takes many lovers, and does things spur of the moment. He enjoys learning about how people come to power, the character flaws that become their demise, and the traits of a good leader. They keep their home in a state of flux just like their lives so don’t expect it to be pristine or proper.

The Aquarius Man in Love

An Aquarius man in love will be direct about it, but it doesn’t mean that they want more than friends with benefits. Dating an Aquarius man will be great if you like to have your own life and friends in addition to your relationship but it will be a challenge if you have codependent tendencies. If you want to know how to make an Aquarius man fall in love or are wondering how to attract an Aquarius man, become an expert on world politics, spiritual awakening, and humanitarian issues. He is drawn to those with a big heart and a brave soul. Don’t be materialistic or he will lose respect for you.

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Extra nerdy is how they act when they are falling in love. Signs an Aquarius man is falling for you is if they invite you out with their friends and treat you with tenderness and great respect. More signs an Aquarius man is in love is that they will talk for hours about human rights and ideal societies and lose track of time. They will talk about their passions and want to hear about yours. Bonus points for having obscure hobbies such as kung-fu or horseback riding bareback. As fun as it can be to fall in love with this intelligent do-gooder, is as lonely as it can be to date them.

If you’re wondering what an Aquarius man is like in a relationship and how they express love, it’s through how they lead in the world and show their worth as a man by being a strong force of good. They can have a lot of distance and time away and still feel good about your relationship because they are so independent.

But you can be sure an Aquarius man in love’s behavior also includes a lot of physical intimacy because they are usually sensual people. How an Aquarius man shows love is with kisses and by asking about your life, pains, and true dreams for the future. An Aquarius man can be hard to read and keep track of, but it will help to read their daily Aquarius love horoscope to get a feel for where they are mentally and emotionally.

Aquarius Compatibility & Communication

The Aquarius man communicates articulately and with a sense of urgency to meet the needs of the less fortunate. He is persuasive, charismatic, and a natural leader. He values mutual respect so never bad talk him or insult him to his face or you may have a falling out. Aquarius men do not like small talk and would rather talk about ideas than people. They would rather talk about solutions than frustration about problems.

The best match for an Aquarius man is Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius. The fast-thinking, fast-acting nature of these signs as well as their sense of adventure appeals to the Aquarius. Just don’t pressure them to jump into a committed relationship quickly. No matter who the Aquarius man is in your life, whether that be a neighbor, family member, or friend, it’s important to understand that they will always be discontent if people expect them to fit into societal norms or shun them for breaking the mould. They need to be supported for their idealism if you’re going to get along.

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You can keep learning about how you can get along with an Aquarius man on our Aquarius compatibility page. Although Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo tend to be incompatible with an Aquarius man, it’s not impossible to make it work if you try to understand each other.

Learn More About the Aquarius Man

Our world would be boring with the Aquarius man who always brings new energy to the mix. These innovative change-makers will help you see the world as they invite you to explore new ways of living, thinking, and needing less. The Aquarius man is like a modern-day poet with more technology to put their good ideas to use.

Continue to understand these revolutionary men by reading about their symbol, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they compare to the other Air signs. The more you get in-depth with a sign, the more you see how unique each of us are and how our Sun sign really does affect our core personality. One great way to keep learning about your Aquarius friends is to check in with their Aquarius daily horoscope. Of course, each Aquarius man will be slightly different, depending on how the rest of their birth chart placements are laid out.

We are also said to be in the age of Aquarius right now (it’s not just a song from the musical Hair!), which is a 2000 year cycle that follows the rise and fall of human evolution. This time is said to be one of technological innovation, telepathic development, and evolution through the collective raising of emotional frequency. So ultimately, the more you learn about the Aquarius sign, the more you can understand the changing times we live in.

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