Aquarius Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Aquarius woman personality is a force that is never controlled by others.

Born January 22 to February 18, Aquarius women are bold leaders with friendly dispositions. The Aquarius female can handle being around people pretty much all the time and makes friends wherever she goes. She’s an excellent listener and not the most romantically needy of the zodiac signs. The Aquarius sign is known for its altruism, its brilliant mind, its positivity, and its courageous pursuit of a better world for all.

Female water-bearers are fervently independent but with many friends at the same time. She will often hold her heart close to her and never really reveal all her secrets because she chooses to focus on the future instead of the past to cope with the stress of her constantly changing and challenging life goals.

Facts About the Aquarius Woman

The ruling planet is Uranus which makes the Aquarius woman full of ideas that can change the status quo. She will be a catalyst of positive growth in whatever she focuses on.

Her sign is also a Fixed which means they have a stable and trustworthy personality. They will not stab their friends in the back.

The Aquarius woman is also an Air sign which means her mind works quickly to solve problems and she accomplishes a lot because of it. She can attract great success and spend it just as quickly.

Her detached attitude is often confused for aloofness or lack of concern but her concerns just stretch much wider than most. While you may be concerned about choosing a paint color, she is trying to figure out how to prevent a global pandemic outbreak.

Personality Characteristics of the Aquarius Woman

Unwavering Aquarius woman traits are her need to be tied to a cause, her edgy fashion, and her love for travel. She needs to feel she has a purpose to feel content with her life. This means she will forgo the comforts of luxurious home life so she can travel to distant locations and help the needy. She is also always a woman with a sense of style all her own. She caries an air of mystery with her strong sense of confidence and lack of need for approval from anyone.

She rarely compromises her ideals to make a relationship work which is why she tends to be in unconventional relationships. She is not one for sentimentality and will not like being told what to do.

An Aquarius woman is unlikely to stay in one place for very long because she looks to find the place she can help the most. She will often live in temporary or unconventional living arrangements, crashing with friends, renting a tree-house, and would be content living in a hammock in a jungle hut.

Her friends can get the feeling that she doesn’t care about their personal lives because she may not ask about it but if you want to team up with her to take on world hunger, tackle poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, or reform the prison system, she will start paying attention. She has friends everywhere she goes because she sees people as her family and treats everyone equally until they do something that makes her lose respect for them like being cruel to innocent people.

Because she thinks for herself, she can really be hard to get a read on, but following her Aquarius daily horoscope will help you peek inside her mind.

The Aquarius Woman in Love

Dating an Aquarius woman can start out steamy and quickly seem to fade because she doesn’t need a long term commitment to feel content with her life. That’s not to say an Aquarius woman in love won’t ever commit, she just needs to remain free to live life on her terms. She will often have relationships that are short-lived because her partner tries to get her to change or because she doesn’t feel inspired enough by their life goals to stay.

If you’re wondering how to attract an Aquarius woman or how to make an Aquarius woman fall in love, become an expert on a cause you care about and really take action on it. Give her space to live a life on her own with separate bank accounts, perhaps separate bedrooms or homes, and don’t berate her for not spending enough time with you. Allow her to skip holidays and family events too.

You need to know in advance what an Aquarius Woman is like in a relationship to make sure you can handle her heat. She is not one to fit the mould in any sense of the word. She will hold feminist viewpoints and be unwilling to take the passenger’s seat in any relationship. She is not one for emotional outbursts and doesn’t like jealousy. She is someone who is going to be politically active and has set viewpoints so if you draw hard lines, hopefully, yours align.

She can be romantic and sensitive if she doesn’t feel her freedom is threatened. To see where her closely guarded emotions are on any given day, check out her Aquarius love horoscope.

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Aquarius Compatibility & Communication

The Aquarius Woman communicates about ideas more than about feelings. She will talk about politics, global issues, and military regimes but will have little to say about the local gossip. She doesn’t care what people think so asking her if she likes your new haircut or if your jeans are flattering really isn’t going to open up the conversation. Give her a chance to talk about second-wave intersectional feminism, and you’ll get her to open up though. She is also a direct communicator who doesn’t hold back when she wants to know something. She is also skilled in persuading people to give her what she wants so if you need a lesson on confident communication, pick her brain.

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Love Compatibility for Aquarius Women:

The best match for an Aquarius woman is either an Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius. She likes people who are always ready for a good time but who also are energized by the thought of helping the world. She may be your sister, your mother, your boss, or your lover but anyway you cut it, you’ll need to know her unique personality if you’re going to get along with this tough woman.

She can have a hard time seeing eye to eye with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Cancer. These signs are often looking for lots of one on one time and a plan for a future where they can do everything together which gives Aquarius a mini panic attack. To continue learning about how you can find common ground with the Aquarius woman in your life, visit our Aquarius compatibility page as well as our love compatibility page.

Learn More About the Aquarius Woman

You now know more than the layperson about an Aquarius Woman. You’re better equipped to plan a date or have a conversation with one of these rebellious women. You can also see her strengths which include her altruism, compassion, and bravery. This confident and gregarious woman inspires us all to lead lives for the greater good and she truly is a walking spark of hope for a better world.

To continue learning about the intricacies of the Aquarius sign, read some of the different author’s viewpoints on Astrology Answers who may convey the energy in ways that really stick in your mind. Not surprisingly, we often process the words of authors who share our own sign easier. Also, be sure to observe your Aquarius friends to see how these big-picture minded people have applied their personality to a life full of meaning and eccentric passions.

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