Are You Prepared For Eclipse Season?

While there are different types of eclipses that bring certain energy, there is one thing that each eclipse has in common: change.

Whether we’re dealing with a partial, total, Lunar, or Solar eclipse, this common theme is always present. Eclipses shake things up, which is why this can be a difficult time to maintain emotional composure.

We will experience one more Lunar eclipse this eclipse season, and that occurs on July 4th and 5th of 2020. We’ve managed to survive two eclipses in the past few weeks, prompting the question, “What changes have been going on in your life lately?”

While you may be able to pinpoint exactly the changes you’ve been going through, most of these changes are resolved by the time the next eclipse season rolls around – meaning the name of the game is patience.

Today we’re going to talk about how to survive these moments of uncertainty when one planet is eclipsed by another.

Preparing for Change in Eclipse Season

Some people are more inclined towards change than others.

For instance, a Water sign is much more likely to go with the flow than an Earth sign. But whether you’re fluid and adaptable or not, changes in life are much easier to deal with when we prepare ourselves for them. This is one of the ideas behind astrology in general – it prepares us for challenging situations, because preparation is key.

Now, change can definitely be scary. But it is a necessary part of life that generally brings emotional growth and new opportunities. An eclipse period is basically the beginning of a period of your life wherein change is inevitable, and you have to remind yourself that this is a good thing.

This can be hard if changes in relationships or romantic endeavors are on the menu; that being said, you can be sure that any relationship lost during this time is simply making room for a new one that aligns more clearly with your spirit.


Have you been engaging in behaviors that no longer suit you? Do you feel like you’ve been embodying an individual that you no longer identify with? These eclipses help to break you out of old cycles or patterns that are holding you back, making way for the many blessings and incredible opportunities that want to flow into your life.

This is also a time to find out what truly inspires you. Are you deeply connected to your creative center? Do you have an outlet for overwhelming emotions, or do you simply trudge through them, waiting for the day when you feel just a bit better?

We may begin to weave new webs of significance about how we interact with reality that will redirect our most basic goals. If you see people changing, it is the eclipses that are bubbling the truth of their soul up to the surface.

All of this change encourages you to find new and exciting ways to deal with such changes. Pick up a new hobby. Try a new art form. Take the time to rediscover who you are.

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Handling the Overwhelming Emotions

Imagine a certain Lunar eclipse separates you from a toxic relationship. While you may realize this in the long run, it can feel painful and downright infuriating to lose someone that you feel you love so much. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting, and it’s hard to pull yourself out of the deep, dark hole that your mind digs.

This is why finding your own outlets is so important.

Don’t like to talk about your emotions with others? Try writing them down in a notebook or a journal to release some of that frustrated energy. Don’t like to journal? Dance in the middle of your living room when you feel stressed out – put on your favorite album and go wild. Hate dancing? Write a song and play around with apps to bring your vision to life.

As long as your outlet is healthy – not drowning yourself in red wine and ice cream – it doesn’t matter what your outlet is. All that matters is that you find a way to release these overwhelming emotions, rather than keeping them locked away inside your body, waiting for them to ferment, and eventually explode.

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Rituals for Eclipse Season

Rituals are an excellent way to create a sense of routine and magic in your life. No two rituals are the same, especially when performed by different people. So, if you feel the need to tweak a ritual or add your own flair, go for it!

Meditation Ritual

This ritual is simple, yet effective at helping your mind and body let go of any emotions that are weighing you down.

Simply grab your favorite crystals, a stick of sage, and find a comfortable space in which you feel safe. Smudge your sage all around the room, and let the cleansing smoke wash over your body.

Eclipse Water Ritual

Drinking in the energy of a Lunar eclipse can bring you closer to your emotional center and the cycles of the Moon. You can use a mason jar or any water container with clear walls – preferably glass – and a lid.

Fill your container with drinking water, whether it’s from the tap or from a filter. Fill your container and close the lid, making sure no water can spill.

Now, place your water outside in a spot where it will be bathed in moonlight, and leave it outside overnight.

The water will soak up the energy of the eclipse and of the Moon. There are many different ways to use your eclipse water.

You can place it in a spray bottle with a few small crystals and drops of essential oil to create a healing, detoxifying room spray. Or you can simply drink the water to take in the essence and healing energy of the eclipse. Or, try using the water for baking, making any dish particularly special.


Harness the Energy of Charged Crystals

Another excellent way to utilize the energy of any eclipse is to charge your crystals with this healing energy.

Place your crystals in a safe dish or bowl and place them outside where they can harvest this energy. Leave them there overnight, and by the morning, you’ll have freshly charged crystals that will be better able to help you deal with the emotions and changes that eclipses bring.

Embrace this Healing Eclipse Energy

While it can be difficult to face the challenges and changes that are inherent in any eclipse, embracing this energy will make the transition much smoother and easier to handle. Try to recognize that changes are coming, they’re going to happen, and they’re going to make things better in the end.

*Editor’s Note: This article has been updated from its previous publication date of January 27, 2018 for better astrological accuracy.

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