Try This New Type of Exercise, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Let’s be honest—for some, exercise can be kind of a drag. Sometimes, it’s like another chore on your to-do list. In these cases, motivation can be hard to find.

But what if you could find the perfect exercise for you? What if you actually wanted to work out? In this article, we’re going to look at what exercise is best for you based on your Chinese Zodiac sign.

What’s your Chinese Zodiac exercise? Let’s find out!

Make sure to find out your Chinese Zodiac sign if you don’t already know it!


Rats need something that isn’t too fast but isn’t too slow either. With your quick-wit and resourcefulness tendencies, try a calisthenic body workout.

This involves using your body to perform basic exercises, like jumping jacks, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and more. You can use a variety of equipment for this (and your resourcefulness will definitely come into play for this exact reason!).


An Ox is strong, reliable, and confident. With that in mind, you’re best suited for a powerlifting routine. Grab a barbell and some weights and get lifting!

This has so many advantages, including helping you age better with more muscle and less pain and playing into your confidence even more.

Plus, this can be done whether or not you have a gym membership. Don’t have any official weights at home? Try lifting the side of your table, some large soup cans, or some heavy books. Your persevering nature will allow you to make the most of these objects for your new routine.


As a Tiger, HIIT workouts and lower body strength-training work best for you. You have a lot of energy, and this is fast-paced rather than slow-burning. Like a big cat that sprints in the wild, you have a tendency to burn out quickly, but when you are moving, you have a lot of energy and power.

A 10 minute HIIT workout is very effective for you. Lower-body strength training exercises keep Tigers strong well into old age.

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A Rabbit prefers more slow and relaxing types of exercise. High-intensity workouts are not really your style. Thus, you might enjoy Tai Chi or Pilates. These offer slower workouts. Yet, they still boost your strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Alternatively, you might also enjoy a long and leisurely walk. Or you can do a mix of all of the above to keep things interesting and to allow your body to simply go with the flow.


As a Dragon, you have a competitive nature, so it is good for you to engage in sports that challenge your body, as well as your mind. A game of squash or tennis might be exactly up your alley!

You’ll challenge both your body and mind as you go up against your opponent. In fact, you might not even notice you’re really working out because you’re likely to be having so much fun that it won’t feel like exercise.

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Like a Snake, hiking is the best workout for you. It gets you outdoors, which is essential for your well-being and falls in line with your natural habitat.

Go for a day or morning hike at a trail near you. Or plan a longer hike, such as a few days, for more of a challenge. You might just be surprised how much you love it.


Brisk walks and outdoor sports are the best types of exercise for you as a Horse. You don’t like being contained, and it’s good for you to be outdoors when you exercise, particularly on beaches or fields.

A brisk walk keeps your body pumping, while outdoor sports like tennis or soccer bring you a sense of fun. It’s important for you to have fun while you exercise as you get bored easily.


You aren’t into anything too strenuous, so cycling is best for you, Goat. It is good for you to do a regular light exercise rather than heavy, infrequent exercise. Too much mental strain while exercising can cause you to give up entirely, so don’t forget to pace yourself.

Cycling can also help to align your mental, physical and emotional energies, bringing you inner stability and helping you gather your thoughts, which is important for you as you are very sensitive.


Like a Monkey, the best exercise for you is jogging. This is beneficial for you in a number of ways. As a member of the First Trine, you also have good stamina, and jogging enables you to harness this energy and bring you that all-important “First Trine sense of achievement.”

Jogging also keeps your lower body strong, which is important for Monkeys. You can find this type of exercise very enjoyable and see quicker results than most from doing it.


The best exercises for you are hiking and running. You exercise best when you are outdoors and when you are able to cover vast areas of land.

As you have a competitive spirit, you also benefit from taking part in running competitions such as marathons. This enables you to embrace your desire to win and your desire to keep fit as one. Being is also healing and therapeutic for you.

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Like your furry counterpart, you enjoy team exercise. Like the dog, you actually exercise best when you are doing it in a team—that pack mentality is strong in you!

This might mean joining a recreational sport, such as soccer or baseball, so that you can boost your mental energy and keep your physical body strong and supple. As a Dog, you might also enjoy brisk walks, which definitely play into your innate tendencies.


As a Pig, the best type of exercise for you is anything with a buddy. You’re always there for others and ready to offer a helping hand. This means the buddy system can help you adhere to exercise.

Grab a friend and hit up a few regular workout classes together. Or join a sports team or create your own workout program. Having a friend will keep you both accountable, ensuring you show up and put the work in!

Time to Start Your Exercise Regime!

So there you have it, the best exercise for you based on your Chinese Zodiac sign. Try and incorporate each one into your weekly exercise regime.

Motivation can be tough, but the exercises included for your individual sign work naturally well with your energies, so it makes it just that little bit easier.

Stay in the moment and tune into your body (it feels so good when you do!). Above all, have fun while doing them!

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