The Best Way to Relieve Stress, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

You can learn a lot about yourself by understanding your Chinese Zodiac sign. Whether it’s knowing what essential oils are best for you or how to deal with others in the workplace based on their Chinese Zodiac sign, exploring this ancient branch of astrology is undoubtedly always a worthwhile cause!

In today’s modern era, stress is a part of life, especially right now.

This is not the way it should be.

Humans were not made to deal with endless stress, day in and day out. Our minds and bodies tend to let us know when stress is getting the better of us as we’ll experience physical issues, such as fatigue and headaches, and mental issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Many of us are undergoing more stress than usual because of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Anxiety about what will or will not happen is on the rise, so it’s more important than ever that we find effective ways to de-stress.

Luckily, today we’ve compiled ways to help you de-stress—based on your Chinese Zodiac sign!

Remember, everyone is their own unique individual, but you will often share similar characteristics with those who share the same sign as you. And just like in Western Astrology, there is an Ascendant sign which also plays a strong role in your character. (So if your ascendant sign is a Rat, you too will benefit from the de-stressing technique just as a person born in the Year of the Rat would).

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Like a Rat, your mind is sharp, acute, and agile. As such, it’s often hard at work, whether it’s planning a grand scheme or trying to figure out the latest crossword puzzle.

Meditation is an extremely important technique for you because it stabilizes the mind. Guided meditation is particularly beneficial – this is because your mind can go a mile a minute at times, and it needs a little guidance to slow down.

When combined with essential oils such as clary sage and lavender, this is a perfect stress-relieving method for you to try.


Something pleasurable is best for you, Ox!

You are a hard worker, and it’s important for you to have wind-down time. One of the best ways for you to do this is to plan one day of the week (or even a few hours of the day) where you will indulge in things that make you feel good.

So get yourself some ingredients to prepare your favorite meal, plan for a show you’d like to watch, and put your feet up with a cup of hot cocoa. Pleasurable relaxation engages all your senses and prepares you for the coming day.


Yours is an intense sign, Tiger, and you have extraordinary energy. Pampering yourself is certainly the way to go when it comes to de-stressing. You need something that isn’t boring, but at the same time isn’t strenuous! It’s hard to find that balance sometimes.

So a homemade pampering session with DIY face masks, a hot bubble bath with essential oils (mixed with a carrier oil), and giving yourself a nice massage is a great way to relieve you of stress.

Keep this in mind for the Year of the Tiger in 2022—the extra emphasis placed on your sign might find you need to relieve some stress more frequently!


As a gentle and pragmatic sign, you are someone who likes things to go in a straight and narrow line. You are willing to work long and hard, Rabbit, but sometimes you can neglect to look after your own needs!

The perfect de-stressing technique for you is something like gardening or baking where it is not too heavy but can provide mental and physical enjoyment. So get the planting pots out and whip out the baking trays – let yourself unwind with these enjoyable activities.


As one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac, you are someone who has a great deal of strength and vision, Dragon. You may be filled with big plans and great endeavors that you want to manifest into reality.

Taking time to de-stress is best done when you focus on your physical body.

Exercises such as HIIT may be intense while doing them, but afterward, it puts you in a state of relaxation and stabilize your mental and emotional energies. Likewise, running or jogging is good for you – and if you can’t do those, dancing in your room has a powerful and relaxing effect on you in the aftermath!


Beautifying yourself is a wonderful way to decrease your stress levels, Snake.

You are a refined and wise individual with a love of aesthetic appeal. When it’s time to de-stress, it’s time to get pampering! A homemade facial, a DIY face mask, a self-massage – all of these can help you unwind and remove stressful feelings.

You also benefit from reading non-fiction books about topics of interest. You have a naturally philosophical nature and some light-hearted reading can both stimulate and relax you in equal measure!


As someone with high energy who is always looking for the next great adventure, you are one who benefits from de-stressing with another, Horse!

The best relaxation technique for you is to have a hearty chat with someone close to you. This way, you can get everything off your chest and veer off into whatever wonderful world your imagination takes you.

Failing that, writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal is a wonderful way to release stressful tensions.

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An artistic and dreamy soul, you dislike stressful situations more than the average person, Goat. You are highly sensitive and appreciate peace and serenity above all else.

A wonderful way for you to de-stress is to indulge in your creative side!

Writing stories or poetry, sculpting, painting, drawing – anything which gets your creative juices flowing is the best way to harmonize your internal energies and rid yourself of stress.


As someone who has a keen and curious mind, you are often mentally stimulated, Monkey, but it’s important for you to give your mind a rest every now and then!

Physical activities like cooking and baking are a great way to de-stress. You like activities where your mind can still be engaged, just not too heavily.

Meditating with crystals like Red Jasper and Angelite can bring soothing energy to you as well.

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You like things to be organized, Rooster, and you like to have set plans. When things go awry, this can set off your stress levels!

One of the best ways for you to de-stress is to spend time among nature, if possible. This connects you to your natural energies, especially if you can spend time among trees and flowers.

If getting out among nature is a problem, bring nature to you! Get flowers delivered or listen to soothing nature sounds online.


You can be prone to worrying, Dog, but this is because you care so much about others and the world around you! Remember, taking care of yourself is vital.

Submerging yourself in water is a wonderful way for your sign to de-stress. It nourishes and replenishes you. A hot bubble bath with essential oils (especially clary sage mixed with a carrier oil) is the perfect way to wind down. A soothing shower can have a similar effect.

If you don’t fancy dipping your entire body into water, try a face relaxation method instead.

Fill a bowl with hot water and add a few drops of essential oil. Inhale deeply for 10-15 minutes (be careful your nose doesn’t touch the hot water!) You’ll be rid of stress in no time.


You are someone who likes your comfort zone, Pig. When you are stressed, you sometimes run the risk of indulging in comfort foods that aren’t very good for you, so it’s essential to be aware of this!

The trick is to reach for comfort foods that are good for you.

An excellent way for you to de-stress is to prepare a variety of happy, healthy recipes which not only taste great but will make your body happy too. The process of making them can be just as soothing for you as eating them, Pig, so next time you feel the stress levels rising, reach for the recipe book and check out what goodies you can make!

Let Chinese Astrology Guide You to Bliss

Just as hydrating, getting enough sleep, and engaging in self-care is important to your wellness, de-stressing is an equally important part of living a healthy life. The suggestions outlined in this article are a great jumping-off point to help you live a less stressful existence.

Try yours today, and let us know what you think!

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