What Oracle Deck You Should Buy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

They’re sweet, they’re in touch with your intuition, and they’re easy to read — they’re Oracle cards, and they’re a staple of many modern diviners’ deck collections!

Chances are, you’ve already heard of an Oracle deck, but if you’re finding yourself stumped at the word, know that if you’re a friend of the Tarot, you’re probably a friend of Oracle cards too.

But even if we’ve established that you’re a lover of a good Oracle deck, it may feel confusing to know where to start—how do you choose the best Oracle deck to buy? Amongst all the beautiful Oracle cards, which one truly will make your heart sing?

Today, we’ll dive into what Oracle decks we think you’ll love based on another spiritually-guided system — astrology, of course!

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What Oracle Cards Are Right for Your Sign?

It’s always a good idea to take a look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to get a full picture, but you can also look at your Venus sign (which can speak to your personal sense of style) in this case!


Hear Here Self-Care Oracle

This sweet and simple Hear Here Self-Care Oracle deck focuses on getting you moving, helping you know what stagnant energy needs to be pushed out (and most importantly — how).

Bold and spontaneous Aries is always in need of these kinds of suggestions, but the soft tone of this deck can ground these ideas to the surface and keep those Cardinal Aries impulses productive and concrete.


Memento Mori Oracle

Earthy, bodily, and featuring an array of beautiful objects and concepts, the Memento Mori Oracle & Lenormand deck is perfect for a down-to-Earth Taurus.

Venus-ruled with an eye for all things beautiful, Taurus will appreciate the attention to detail and painstakingly gorgeous artwork of the deck as well!


Celestial Bodies Oracle

It’s no secret that Gemini loves to learn and that their Mutable quality keeps them curious and always wanting more.

So what is better fitting than an oracle deck that straddles multiple worlds at once?

The Celestial Bodies Oracle isn’t just an oracle deck but also an astrology and numerology learning tool, perfect for a beginners’ learning tool or a seasoned practitioner’s usage.


The Empty Cup Oracle

Minimalist but profound and stunning, the Empty Cup Oracle speaks to any Cancer’s sweet and intuitive sensitivities.

From cards like “Ancestors” to “Mushrooms” to “Forget-Me-Not,” there is something simple but also profoundly resonant to the human experience about the Empty Cup Oracle.

This deck leaves space for the emotional and intuitive depths of the Cancerian spirit with just enough openness and creativity for the sweet crab as well.


Threads of Fate Oracle

The Threads of Fate Oracle comes in many shades and versions, but all have three things in common: they’re shimmering, gorgeous, and perfect for showstopper Leo.

With a hint of gold shine and a multi-layered, creative concept, this deck resonates with any Leo’s creative quality and love for beautiful things.


The Faceted Garden Oracle

Drawing upon the symbolism within a garden, the Faceted Garden Oracle is deep, expansive, and gorgeously down-to-earth.

Virgo, both Earthy and Mutable, will resonate with the concept of straddling the worlds of practicality and earthiness with adaptability and an open mind.

Garden-lover or not, this deck certainly seems to fit nicely into a Virgo’s hands!


Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

Airy and conversation-loving Libra just gets people, or at least always tries to.

This witty and diplomatic sign will appreciate the Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck, which helps us understand ourselves and others through the lens of modern and age-old archetypes.

After all, Libra always loves to use their intuition and eyes as a lens for understanding — and as does this deck!


Supra Oracle

Entangled with Jungian psychology, mysticism, and the depths of the human psyche, the Supra Oracle is not here to just tackle one thing.

And neither is Scorpio, who equally appreciates the depths of all human experience.

The two seem to be a match made in heaven, as any Scorpio would strive to dig deeper into the emotional and intuitive world that the Supra Oracle attempts to explore.


Wonderer’s Traveling Oracle Deck

Whimsical and expansive, the Wonderer’s Traveling Oracle is perfect for adventurous Sagittarius.

With stunning artwork and plenty open for interpretation or intention-setting, there is a hint of unpredictability and, as expected—wonder—within this lovely deck, which the curious and open-minded archer is sure to appreciate.


Nocturna Oracle

Nature-rooted with a mysterious veil of nighttime and wonder cloaking it, the Nocturna Oracle feels both grounded and mysterious at once.

Earthy Capricorn is sure to resonate with the natural themes, but its Saturn-ruled side equally understands hidden or difficult depths that it may explore too.

The best of both worlds can be embraced with the Nocturna Oracle (and those worlds both reside in the wise old goat, too).


Rebel Deck

Quirky, direct, and fresh, the words that one could describe Rebel Deck with are eerily similar to common traits that encapsulate Airy Aquarius.

The Rebel Deck isn’t afraid to be different, blunt, or — go figure — rebellious, and Aquarius understands that message well too.

If you’re an Aquarius looking for a deck that can match your intuitive voice, which longs to go against the status quo, look no further!


Vessel Oracle

Bright and quirky with a central message of focusing on the heart, the Vessel Oracle Deck is perfect for Pisces.

Don’t mistake this deck’s bright exterior or eccentric presence for an inability to go deep — the Vessel Oracle speaks to some emotional depths and still articulates them with fun and open-minded whimsy (just like our Pisces friends)!

Open Your Intuition With Oracle

Feeling ready and inspired to jump into an Oracle deck that resonates with your zodiac sign’s spirit?

Whether you’re taking the plunge and already plugging in your info to place an order, or you’re still not quite sure, you can use this as a springboard for inspiration on seeking Oracle decks that speak to you personally.

Ultimately, our intuitive tools are here to help us bridge the gap between our conscious minds and our intuition — so it can feel important that your Oracle deck is clicking with your intuitive language.

If you’re still disheartened or not sure, know that the right Oracle deck will always be around the corner for you regardless, and there’s so many fish in the sea, so to speak, when it comes to divination tools!

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