The Cancer/Leo Cusp: Energetic Ambiverts

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit into the mold of your own Sun sign? If you were born between July 19th and July 25th, you may feel torn about your Sun sign – after all, we’re all assigned to one sign. However, those who were born on the edge of two signs may exhibit a personality that encompasses both.

People born between July 19th and the 25th may display attributes assigned to both Cancer and Leo – this is the Cancer/Leo cusp.

Maybe you look at the daily horoscope for both Cancer and Leo to get a better idea of what’s in store for you. While cusp signs are a bit controversial in the world of astrology, it’s hard to deny the fact that many people born on the cusp of two signs seem to possess traits that are attributed to both signs. In fact, a cusped sign is unique in itself – it’s a blend of each sign, a melding of the aspects and characteristics that each sign displays.

A person born on the cusp is likely to be more well-rounded, as their personality inherently connects with two different elements.

In astrology, each sign is ruled by an element – Earth, Air, Water, or Fire. But those born on the cusp of two signs have a personality that includes both elements of each sign, like Cancer and Leo. Cancer is ruled by Water, the element that rules our emotions and intuition.

On the other hand, Leo is ruled by Fire, an element of passion and creativity. When these two elements come together, you will find an impassioned, intuitive individual who knows how to assert themselves!

Let’s take a deeper look at the Cancer/Leo cusp and the resulting personality traits and attributes.

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The Cusp of Oscillation

Each cusp has a nickname, and yours is the “Cusp of Oscillation.”

This name is given due to the fact that your personality has a wide range of emotion, depth, and dynamic energy. Imagine an oscillating fan that spreads cool air throughout the room in each direction – your personality has many directions and paths to take, and you don’t shy away from them.

You are always looking at circumstances and situations from a different perspective, which gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. You aren’t likely to feel stuck in any one place, as you are able to move from one idea to the next with ease.

This cusp sign is known for its ability to shift focus.

You can easily move from heartache to transformation, from struggle to growth. Perhaps the blend of Fire and Water – two opposite elements – helps you maintain this ability to transform yourself. This combination of fiery passion and fluid emotions makes you an enchanting, charming individual. This can also feel like you move back and forth between passion and depth of emotion, but the well-rounded nature of this aspect helps you stay grounded.

While you may feel feisty and angry one moment – thanks to the Fire of Leo – the Water of Cancer brings you back around to an understanding, empathetic state of mind.

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Leo is associated with masculine energy, while Cancer is associated with feminine energy. This is the perfect balance to help you assert yourself while remaining open and feeling. Further, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, while Leo is ruled by the Sun.

The Moon connects to our emotional center and helps us navigate our feelings, and the Sun represents the self, life force, and vitality. When the energy of these two planets meld together, there is a beautiful balance that occurs. The Moon helps you connect to your feelings and emotions, while the Sun allows you to assert yourself and display confidence.

When Water Meets Fire

If you were born under a Cancer/Leo cusp, there are certain observations that you must make about yourself and your reactions.

Some days, you may feel feistier and more passionate, while on other days, you may feel more emotional and sensitive. This can create a dynamic between yourself and others that they find confusing. It can be hard for others to realize which aspect of your personality they will experience on a given day.

We are all dynamic individuals with many complexities. And being a complex individual is a wonderful thing.

Water encourages you to express your emotions, to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Fire urges you to be spontaneous and enjoy life however you can. When these elements combine, you’re met with an individual who’s full of surprises.

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It may be hard for you to keep track of your emotions, as they can swing wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. It’s important that you ground yourself regularly, through activities like yoga, spending time outdoors, exercise, and meditation.

One of the best crystals you can work with is ametrine, which combines the emotionally healing energy of amethyst with the spontaneous, zesty energy of citrine. This stone perfectly resonates with the different aspects of your personality.

Embracing the Cancer/Leo Cusp

Whether you’re on the cusp of Cancer and Leo yourself, or you’re close with someone who fits the description, this is the time to embrace this unique combination of creative and intuitive energies. A Cancer/Leo cusp individual is motivated, energetic, spontaneous, and friendly. They want to take care of their loved ones and do what they can to bring a smile to someone’s face.

You are an ambitious individual with the drive and talent to back up your motivation. Your courage and wit will take you farther than you can imagine if you learn to harness your many admirable and creative qualities. You are a loyal friend, a spontaneous lover, and a social butterfly who everyone wants to be around.

If you’re on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, take a moment to celebrate your unique personality. Embracing your dynamic personality is the first step towards appreciating yourself and your charming nature. So, go and celebrate yourself today!

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