5 Ways to Boost Your Career While On Summer Vacation

After all of the struggles that came with the planets moving retrograde this spring, you’ve earned a breather! Well, we’ve got good news: Summer Solstice (also known as Litha) has come and gone, and summer is finally here, so kick off your shoes and take a deep breath.

Even if you’re not savvy to the movements of the stars, you’ve probably felt frustrated (especially with your career), jaded, and that you’re taking a step backwards for every step forward you’ve tried to achieve. Fortunately, that negative energy is fading out now, and you really can take a break. Even during your time away from work, whether it’s an overdue vacation, a long weekend or just a staycation at home, there are things that you can do to gain some insight on your position and how to advance your career.

Try these 5 activities this summer and you’ll return from your break rejuvenated and with the knowledge that you’ve got some additional direction in your career path.

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Get a Tarot Reading

There’s no better time to have your first tarot reading than during a vacation. You’re relaxed and willing to try new things, and you’re more receptive to making decisions that could bring about positive changes.

It doesn’t really matter where you go on vacation (or even if you’re staying at home), you can usually find a tarot reader without too much trouble. The main thing is to go with an open mind. Even if the insight you get from the reader isn’t appropriate now, it may be in the future, so don’t throw anything you’re told away just because it doesn’t seem to fit at the moment.

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Network, Network, Network

Don’t underestimate the power of meeting new people. Whether you’re on the beach or at the bar, you can talk about what you do, and see who just might be placed in your path.

Get some inexpensive business cards printed; something classy that says who you are, what you do, why you’re qualified and how to contact you. Use them often — when you tip your waitress, when you check into your hotel, or when you strike up a conversation with a travel companion. Even if you’re just staying at home, take advantage of the extra days off work to put your card up at local businesses, on community display boards and anywhere else that it can be seen.

Just remember that people buy people first. Open the conversation talking about the other person and find out what they do. Contemplate how your services can compliment their occupation, and never ignore a chance to make a new friend. I still get text messages from a lady I met on a flight to New Orleans many years ago after Hurricane Katrina. You just never know what the universe has in store for you, and you will never find out until you open yourself up to that distinct possibility. It just takes a bit of confidence.

Improve Your Energies with Feng Shui

Have you heard of Feng Shui? This is a great way to start working on attracting abundance in your life. Feng Shui is a way of working with energies (or chi) to create positive vibrations in your home or workplace so that you can attract success and prosperity. Use your downtime to create the right atmosphere in your home, then carry that back to the workplace and mirror that energy there.

If you find a “something” (anything from fabric to a piece of art or a souvenir) during your travels, don’t overlook it. Your hunches are powerful, and if you’ve been working with Feng Shui to create abundance and joy in your work life, then trust your instincts. You might be bringing home with you the very item needed to help you change the energies into something much more positive.

Put Uranus to Work

We all like to have a laugh at Uranus’s expense, but there’s a lot of positive energy to be found up there. Uranus is currently transiting through Aries, the sign of action and assertiveness. Uranus brings newness and unpredictability to things. If you can harness this energy, it can open new doors for you. You’ve got time to get the hang of this, as Uranus is going to be in Aries for several months yet.

Keep an open mind to new and different things that come your way, and don’t dismiss something just because it isn’t what you’re used to doing or it wasn’t what you expected to find. Yes, Uranus is unpredictable and uncertain, but it also can bring you a lot of innovation and noteworthy situations that are more than worth taking the time to investigate.

Use the Moon to Your Advantage

If you’re lucky, you can plan your vacation based on the moon’s phases. The cycles of Earth’s Moon are epic when it comes to getting what you want out of life. Remember that new moons are about creating beginnings and closing out chapters. Full moons are the opposite — first, you close out chapters to create endings, in order to illuminate your path to new beginnings. So, if you are traveling during either a new or full moon, take some caution.

The two weeks that the moon is starting to wax (transitioning from a new moon to a full moon) should be a time for planning what you want and sowing the seeds for success. It’s a time for beginnings, for growing ideas and seeking the cooperation of others. Start writing down those big ideas you have and email them to the boss while you’re waiting for the gang to wake up at the hotel.

Full moons are a time for cooperation, networking and pulling together. If you’re away from work during a full moon, use that energy to examine how you can build on what you have; what projects, lifestyles or ways of thinking can you close out to elevate your life.

If the Moon is transitioning from full back to new while you’re taking your break, it’s time for examining what you need to get rid of in your life in order to make room for what is more appropriate. Use this time to purge any unnecessary baggage, whether it’s outdated ideas, outmoded procedures or physical items that are simply no longer necessary to where you want to go with your profession. Remember:

  • If the moon is going from new to full, it’s a time to grow what you want to achieve
  • If the moon is full, then it’s time to seek the cooperation of others
  • If the moon is going from full to new, it’s a time for purging what’s holding you back

Full & New Moon Phases for 2016

Here are the moon phases for the next few weeks.

  • July 2016: New Moon July 4; Full Moon July 19
  • August 2016: New Moon August 2; Full Moon August 18
  • September 2016: New Moon September 1; Full Moon September 16
  • October 2016: New Moon October 1; Full Moon October 16; New Moon October 30
  • November 2016: Full Moon November 14; New Moon November 29
  • December 2016: Full Moon December 14; New Moon December 29

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