Healing Your Soul and Repairing Karma

A good astrologer can provide the guidance to help you through the hard times. That’s vague, I know. But it’s been my experience that commitment to the direction given by a real psychic, medium, or reader can (and will) give you the support you need. This is especially true when it comes to repairing mistakes of the past. Forgiveness. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with an old flame or simply restore some harmony where it was previously broken, know that you too can have a do-over in almost any area of your life, if you respect these astrology transits and use them carefully. Here are 3 ways to heal your soul, repair karma, and fix past mistakes by using common astrological transits.

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Mercury Retrograde: Repairing the Past

We have 4 Mercury Retrograde periods this year. Here are some ways Mercury retrograde can help you to repair the past and return good karma.

  • Love Reunions: You would be surprised at how many lovers get reunited when Mercury is in retrograde. And the reason for that is that when the planet of communication slows down and enters a retrograde zone, everyone under that energy enters a reflection zone.
  • Reflection to Repair: We ALL move backwards in time during Mercury Retrograde. And this reflection time is precisely what reunites lovers, and helps people repair the past in epic and life-changing ways. So spend some time in serious reflection during Mercury Retrograde. Allow the nostalgia to enter in, even if it’s a bit painful.
  • Reunions for a Do-Over: If you need a do-over from your past, Mercury Retrograde will heal your past and help you reflect on the things you want to change. And if your intention is solid and the time is right, the universe will send you the tools and forces, and sometimes even the people, you need to repair the past.

Jupiter Direct: Random Acts to Restore Harmony

Jupiter is the god of gods and the biggest planet of all — that’s why we call it the expansive and optimistic one. Jupiter helps you with the big picture. As a result, it is directly tied to your karma. Here are some general ways to channel the luck that Jupiter has for everyone.

  • Be Optimistic: Jupiter doesn’t like negativity, and when it turns direct, it rewards the optimistic people. It’s normal to get down in the dumps once in a while,but not to stay there for too long. the right outlook will keep Jupiter’s karma bouncing back to you.
  • Do Unto Others: Jupiter’s philosophy follows the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Practice a few more random acts of kindness in your day and lucky Jupiter’s goodwill will find you.

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Saturn Retrograde: The Return of Karma

Saturn is also called the planet of karma, especially when it comes to your personal and professional. If there are any obligations you’ve let slip, Saturn Retrograde is the ideal time for a do-over.

  • The Karma Boomerang: Remember that rule of “do unto others” from Jupiter Direct? the same applies here, so it’s best to be on your best behaviour when it comes to your duties and responsibilities. Similarly, those who have deceived or crossed you will see Saturn’s karmic law in play, too — no matter which zodiac signs are involved.
  • Repair Any Neglected Areas: Areas in which you’ve been responsible in the past will bring positive returns. You have some powerful do-over energy during Saturn retrograde, so if there are any issues that need fixing, this is the time to address them.

Astrology Heals … If You Let It

Astrological transits are gifts that can help us restore harmony in our lives, or return karma when we need it. Repairing the past is possible, with some effort and attention. Retrograde periods, like Jupiter Retrograde and Saturn Retrograde, are are great times to repair the past and fix mistakes for all of us. But communication is essential for that. Keep talking, be honest, and follow the stars.

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I am a mother, grandmother, and lover of all-things related to astrology and the metaphysical world. I first discovered my love for astrology while camping with my father — who seemed to know all of the constellations by name. I just knew that those same stars held the answers to my biggest questions in life. I love sharing my passions, and I hope my writing helps you on your journey. Namaste.
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