Lucky Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

Luck isn’t usually something you can bank on. It happens whether you’re ready for it or not. And while even astrology can’t dictate exactly how luck will find you at any given time, it can help predict when.

Planets move in one of two ways: direct (forward, at a normal speed), and retrograde (slower, seemingly backwards). Depending on the movement of an individual planet, certain anomalies occur here on Earth. When Mercury is in retrograde, for example, things can easily go awry in our relationships and careers. This is because the planet Mercury rules certain areas of our lives: communication, travel, focus and clear thought.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is considered the “planet of luck.” And when it turns direct, good things can happen in your life. Here’s how your zodiac sign will respond to Jupiter direct.

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Jupiter Direct Horoscopes

Aries – Relationships grow

Relationship levels that started this Spring and into Summer will deepen and create tighter bonds for you. You will also see opportunities on the work front, and maybe even a financial bonus or two along the way.

Taurus – Be nostalgic like it’s your job

If relationships need a boost, or you need a relationship period, use Mercury retrograde to your advantage. Connect with an old flame (or ponder over what worked in the past) and repeat. Past connections in love with Mercury retrograde are very possible — watch for them.

Gemini – Be more flexible

As a Mutable Sign, you are flexible by nature. But you aren’t using that trait to your advantage. Spring and Summer 2016 is not the time to be stubborn just for the sake of winning. Practice actual flexibility, and the area of life you need the most lucky strikes in will fall into place for you. This is not the year to be the evil twin, as manipulation and games will cost you this year.

Cancer – Intelligence and communication are your magic wands

With Jupiter in Virgo, your intelligence and your gift of communication pays off. This is true in either work or love. Think and communicate your way out of problems in either area this year, and Jupiter paves the way for lucky breaks. Expressing yourself as you love to do as a Water sign, will really help you this year as well.

Leo – A promotion in love

Jupiter is going to shine luck on the things that you started this year. Promotions are possible on the job front if you play your cards right. The same applies for love! The one that has stood by you with no complaint over the last year, while you enjoyed your fun moments, is the one you want to pay attention to this year.

Virgo – Be around people that appreciate you

The key to your success this year, Virgo, in both work and love, is to ensure you are around the people who truly appreciate what you bring to the world. When they see and appreciate your powerful gifts, they will want to bring that out more. This will mean good news at work, in love and in any area of your life you focus on.

Libra – Put your social butterfly wings on

A great way to enhance this inner magic of yours will be to get social. Either put out some feelers for love online, or actually get out and mingle. Something or someone from your past is about to make a second entrance, and it will be a good thing! Go back in time and see what can be renewed again — you’ll be glad you did.

Scorpio – Always order a side of humble pie

The key to your success for Scorpio this year is to be a little humble in all of your approaches. The world already knows how awesome you are. Don’t beat them on the head with that information as it will be a turnoff this year. If you aren’t experiencing luck this year, it’s because you haven’t taken the bull by the horns on a key issue. Once you figure out what that is, your year is gold.

Sagittarius – If it feels good, it can’t be that bad

Virgo energy in play here is good for you. It will offer you flexible options. Go with the ones that make you feel good, as those are the ones, in both work and play, that will yield the most success for you this year. August is a great month for you to squeeze in a solo road trip or mini- vacation. The only one by your side should be you. And frankly, that’s usually how you prefer it anyway.

Capricorn – Push the pause button on big moves

With Jupiter in a fellow Earth sign for a few more months, and Mercury retrograde in another Earth sign right now, you want to pause before you make any big moves in work this year. This goes against your grain of being a Cardinal Sign. You will get a lot of amazing opportunities this year, and it will be physically impossible for you to attend to each one. Sleep on every one that comes your way.

Aquarius – The answers are outside of yourself

When you’re stuck on a personal problem, mingle. Others in your circle have insight that you lack. Consult with them when you can’t make sense of it yourself. Work has some delightful surprises for you this year as well, so don’t say no to too much in the next few months, but ask for insight from others. It will be a year of feeling things out for you. And you will like it!

Pisces – Love in an elevator

With Jupiter in Virgo, your opposite sign, relationships are going to take front and center for you over the few months. And there will be many lucky strikes along the way! Be open to elevation in love, and maybe even in an elevator! This is not time to hide in your man cave. If you are putting out nothing but awesomeness, guess what you will get back in return? Jupiter will reward you, we promise!

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Keep track of your karma

Regardless of the zodiac sign you were born under, the planets still largely dictate the trends in your life. Jupiter is also considered the God of karma, so remember that you’ll reap what you sow during this period. Make sure you’re on top of that by checking your daily horoscopes.

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