Chiron Direct in Aries 3-Card Tarot Spread

First of all, what is Chiron?

Chiron is a comet, but not just any comet. This mysterious universal force is known in astrology as ‘the wounded healer’ and is very much connected to our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. It was named after the centaur, Chiron, from Greek Mythology who was a healer and teacher.

Now, many astrologers know that Chiron represents the inner wounds that we struggle with on a soul level. These could be wounds we’ve struggled with in this lifetime or even previous lifetimes. Chiron went retrograde in Aries earlier this year, but on December 12th it is going direct.

About Chiron Retrograde

When Chiron goes retrograde in a sign, it means that wounds which have been buried deep for so long come into light. In Aries, this is daunting because Aries is a sign of facing things head-on. It is in the Fire signs that Chiron carries wounds in the heart, ego and expression of self. There may be sudden shocks that draw the wound into the light and possibly unpleasant experiences; but like Saturn, Chiron is a teacher of hard knocks; ultimately, though these lessons may be difficult, they are in our best interests.

For the last five months, we may have been faced with inner wounds rising to the surface; this is the energy of Chiron at work. This has set the tone for much healing and inner work to be done. Now that Chiron is about to go direct in Aries, we have the opportunity to assess this healing and think about what we have learnt from our experiences and how we can further grow from them. We can take charge of our own healing process and look at other options that may lie before us.

We can use the Tarot cards to figure out ways to make this easier for us. This self-healing business is no easy feat! A Tarot card reading can work wonders in bringing us more insight, and checking out your free Tarot online reading can give you a nice snippet of knowledge into your situation. Meanwhile, a personalized Tarot card reading, such as the one below, can help you work with the energies of Chiron to your best ability!

With Chiron, it’s all about figuring out how you can take control of your healing process. You may still be at the beginning stages of it, or more advanced. Either way, a Tarot reading can never go wrong in helping and assisting!

3-Card Tarot Spread for Chiron Direct in Aries

Question: What do I need to know about my self-healing process right now?

  • Card 1: What needs healing
  • Card 2: How I can help myself heal
  • Card 3: Obstacles in my path

The example reading below gives you an idea of how this spread works:

Card 1: 3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords is a clear indication of a broken heart. Something or someone has hurt me and the wound runs deep. As the card representing what needs healing, the message is clear. My heart is broken and it needs mending.

Card 2: Judgement

This is a powerful card to appear in the advice section for how to help heal myself. Judgement is a card of realizations and epiphanies. It’s that “aha!” moment which makes you view everything from a different perspective. It’s listening to a higher voice and a higher calling, seeing things from the big picture. Judgement may suggest deep meditation work or serious analyzing of myself, my emotions and the heartbreak itself. 

Judgement is a card of coming to terms with what is and recognizing that the forces at work in the universe are far greater than any of us can imagine. In short, Judgement as an advice card in this spread may be suggesting that it is time to face the heartbreak in its entirety, to forgive and accept, and move on.

Card 3: The Moon

While the Moon is a card of beauty and mystery, it is also a card of fear. Out in the dark among the light of the moon, the shadows twist and turn; it becomes hard to see who friend and foe is. The Moon in this position suggests that fear is preventing me from moving forward. Quite possibly fear of facing the heartbreak, but also (perhaps oddly) fear of letting go of the heartbreak itself. 

Sometimes we can reach a point where suffering becomes the norm for us and it can escalate into a comfort zone that we are scared to break free from. The card in this position suggests to break free of the constraints of the Moon and presumably move into the next card, the Sun (the light). Only by facing the darkness and drawing it into the light can we move forward.


Chiron direct in Aries brings the chance of healing, regenerating and facing whatever is holding us back. A free online Tarot reading can certainly help bring us greater insight into the issues we deal with, but a personal reading like the one above can help us face the depths of our own soul and dig deep so we can truly move on once and for all, becoming all the better for it.

Work with Chiron this December and let the passionate energy of Aries give you the strength and courage to brave the storms within you.

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