7 Lucky Crystals for Aries Season

The crystals for Aries that follow are not purely exclusive to those born under the ram’s dynamic sign but are highly beneficial to all of us.

Aries energy dominates the month of April, so it’s best to be prepared!

Whether you are a crystal enthusiast or just reaching out into the realm of crystals, this article will help you find precious gems that can help you while Arien vibes zoom in and out of our lives. The energy of Aries is passionate and aggressive, but not aggressive in a negative way.

We will soon transition from Pisces’ relaxed and contemplative energy starting on March 21st, 2024.

This is the time to get things done, to be bold, and to “just do it!”

Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, and Mars knows how to move forward with power and energy. If you need some assistance in manifesting your dreams and goals into reality or helping you direct your own energies towards a firm, clear path, check out the crystals for Aries below.

7 Lucky Crystals for Aries Season

1. Aventurine

The aventurine crystal is fantastic for leadership and boosting self-confidence. It is helpful for public speaking and swaying a crowd. This is an excellent stone for keeping a clear head, which is particularly beneficial as Aries energy can sometimes promote chaos.

Aventurine helps to melt away self-doubt or lack of belief in one’s self.

This crystal also promotes excellent empathy, which can further help others rally to your cause or beliefs and encourage a wide circle of understanding.

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2. Orange Carnelian

Another excellent stone for self-confidence and self-esteem.

Orange carnelian pairs wonderfully with Aries energy and is perfect for those who tend to feel very shy or awkward in public or around people. It is perfect for sensitive people who have difficulty in crowds or at social gatherings.

Orange carnelian promotes creativity and a belief in one’s own abilities. It is excellent in terms of helping people to speak their minds, particularly if they see injustice occurring.

3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a powerful grounding stone and is associated with Mars.

Aries energy is strong, and it can overwhelm people if their own energies are out of sync or resisting it. Bloodstone can help people ground themselves among this fiery energy rather than be swept away by it.

It is perfect for staying stable and focused while Aries energy works its magic. It is also beneficial for dispelling negative energy. Anger, pride, or resentment may be provoked during this high-energy time, and bloodstone helps to soothe these emotions, transmuting them into positive feelings such as confidence, empathy, and compassion.

4. Aquamarine

When used with pure and noble intent, a water stone can help quell any fiery energy that is getting out of control.

Water stones should be used with caution during this high-intensity time as water’s power can put Fire out entirely. Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for promoting courage and understanding.

It helps calm the fire down, bringing peace and clarity to stressful situations. It is wonderful for sensitive individuals as it reduces anxiety in public and helps those who may feel exhausted from an overwhelming sensation of responsibility.

5. Clear Quartz

This is a wonderful crystal, both during this time of year and for Aries. The clear quartz helps calm the fiery energy of Aries.

Too much fire can aid judgment and conflict, but clear quartz helps us see reason, replacing judgment with mercy and providing us with the ability to see all sides of the story. It cuts through misunderstandings and helps the bearer see a clear path forward, especially when it has become muddied.

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6. Red Jasper

One typical Aries quality is the tendency to leap without looking!

Aries energy can promote this among even the most careful characters during this month. Red jasper provides careful and considerate thought, helping you foresee the consequences of your actions and providing you with the clarity and grounding to search for alternative methods if necessary.

It is a wise stone and combines careful thought with courage and fortitude.

7. Pyrite

The final crystal on this list, pyrite, is brilliant for perseverance.

A leader can inspire others to follow them, but the followers may not always like where the result might be! A stone may be left unturned, or a project may fall through halfway. Pyrite encourages us to keep going till the end, to be flexible but to understand that if we inspire others to follow us, we have a duty to keep going even if we want to quit.

It promotes tenacity, courage, and the willpower to see things through.

These are seven crystals that can help you, either as an Aries or during this time of strong, powerful Arien energy.

If you need extra guidance, be sure to check out your horoscope this Aries season and see how you can incorporate these crystals into your life. Go get ‘em!

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