5 Halloween Rituals for When Negative Energy Attacks

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As the weather begins to chill, so do our bones. It’s that time of year again – Halloween – and you may already find yourself gravitating towards the spookiest shows on Netflix or ensuring you’ve got an extra light in your bedroom due to all those things that go bump in the night.

Spooky season isn’t just about ghosts and ghouls, though.

There’s a reason this season is associated with witches, warlocks, and all sorts of other magical beings. It is the time of year when we are most connected to the spirit world and when our own psychic energy is at its strongest.

You don’t have to be a well-trained clairvoyant or a skilled empath to harness your own psychic energy. The thing is, everyone has this energy to some degree – it’s just that some are stronger than others. Many end up using this energy unwittingly. Some might even use it to heal others without realizing it. And others use it to curse.

You may think curses are a thing of Hollywood films and scary novels, but they can be very real, and if one’s being directed to you, then you need to deal with it pronto. Better yet, don’t let it reach you in the first place.

Recognizing Psychic Energy Attacks

So, what is a psychic energy attack exactly? It’s when someone uses the power of their mind to cause you harm. Many do it without actually realizing it.

Just think about it: that person staring with such venom at someone else, wishing all kinds of misfortune on them. They are likely performing a psychic attack or curse unintentionally.

Thoughts are energy, just like any other type of energy.

Have you ever wished so hard for something that it came true? Have you ever seen such hatred from someone to another to such a degree that something bad happened to them? Your thoughts go out into the ether, and they manifest into reality; this is what manifestation is all about.

If someone is wishing something bad on you, and you are not psychically protected, their energy may manifest into reality, and misfortune of some kind may follow.

Why You Need to Be Vigilant During Halloween

Halloween falls during Scorpio season.

Scorpio is an intense and frightening sign to some people because it represents what is hidden, dark, and mysterious. It is ruled by Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) and Mars (Planet of War). Scorpio also rules the 8th house, which is the house of magic and the occult, among other things.

You can imagine why some are a little wary of this very private and intense sign.

Having said that, Scorpio is an amazing zodiac sign, often going where angels do not dare to tread and having the courage to enter the dark depths of this world (and other worlds!).

When we’re in Scorpio season, we are even more connected to the themes of the 8th house, and we’re under the solar influence of Scorpio’s magical energy.

It is not uncommon for Scorpio season to bring an influx of overwhelming emotions. It is a sign known for exploring the darker side of life, so it is common for the dark side of our natures to rise to the surface.

With the exposure of our shadow side comes negative emotions that can possibly turn outwards and potentially turn into psychic attacks.

5 Essential Halloween Rituals

There are a number of rituals you can do to harness the positive effects of Scorpio energy, which include vigilance, being protective of yourself and others, and tapping into the deep intuitive side of oneself.

1. Water Protection Ritual


This involves a cleansing bath which is slightly different from your normal bath (for one thing, it will have magic attached!).

The reason a water protection ritual is so powerful is because water in itself is associated with psychic ability. The Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, have a natural and deep connection to their emotions – and emotions are represented by water. It is our emotions that fuel our psychic ability and our thoughts that send it into the ether.

Take a bath and use known spiritual cleansers such as sage, white candles, and crystals that can help with psychic attacks. Epsom salts are good detoxifiers as well.

Imagine yourself surrounded by white light and repelling negative energy during your bath ritual while using your cleanser. You can do this for about 20 minutes. The stronger your visualization, the stronger the protection.

Good crystals to use here and carry with you into the bath are black tourmaline, citrine, and clear quartz.

2. Disguise Ritual

During the first Halloween celebrations in the twelfth century, the season was actually known as Samhain, pronounced sow-wen.

It was during this time when priests and priestesses would put on costumes and go door to door asking for food to make up for what they could not collect during their end-of-summer harvest. This is how old the trick-or-treating tradition is!

At the time, it was called “mumming and guiding,” and this is actually why “mummies” are a common Halloween symbol now.

With a disguise ritual, you are doing far more than just dressing up. It sends the message to the Universe and negative spirits that you are putting your Self on the same playing field as all other human souls. You are attracting positive energy because you are showing you are fair and just (the Universe likes that!).

So for Halloween, dress up in a costume (it can be anything of your choosing) and say out loud:

“I disguise myself and repel all negative energies that come my way. May they be absorbed in this costume and not penetrate me.”

Any curses that come flying at you will be absorbed by the costume, which you simply just take off once Halloween is over!

3. Psychic Intuition Ritual

During Scorpio season, our psychic intuition is at its strongest.

The 8th house, which Scorpio rules over, is a house of magic and mastery. The 8th house is activated when the Sun goes into Scorpio, and each of us has powerful potential to tap into our intuitive energy.

A psychic intuition ritual can help us connect with this energy, as well as protect us from negative energy directed toward us.

To perform this ritual, stand outside among nature, either during the day or evening. This ritual is best performed in nature because the natural elements connect powerfully to our intuition and help us to listen to its messages with greater ease.

The crystals moonstone and labradorite are especially helpful during this ritual as they enhance psychic ability, so hold a piece in the palm of your hand.

Close your eyes and allow thoughts and inner chattering to slow down. Breathe in deeply. Then say the following words:

“I ask the energy of Scorpio season to enhance my intuition, enhance my positive energy, and protect me from outside negative forces.”

You may then receive flashes, words, or imagery in your mind as you focus on your intent on protecting yourself from psychic attacks and enhancing your own positive energy. These are messages from your intuition, informing you of any negative energy coming your way and how to protect yourself from it.

Write down whatever springs to mind during your ritual so that you can refer back to it afterward.

4. Jack-O’-Lantern Ritual


This is probably one of the more exciting rituals to perform for Halloween!

We all love Jack-O’-Lanterns, but they can have an even more powerful effect than bringing smiles (or screams of horror) to everyone’s faces. Placing a number of Jack-O’-Lanterns outside your home says you are engaging with the Universe to help bring abundance into your home while also sending the message to evil spirits to leave you alone.

White candles with your Jack-O’-Lantern also invite positive spirits and help to dispel negative ones.

Place a few Jack-O’-Lanterns outside your home, preferably with white candles, and repeat the following:

“Jack-O’-Lantern, protect me from the dark spirits and negative energies that threaten to enter my home.”

Those grinning pumpkins will ward off any nasty negative energy that attempts to enter your living space.

5. Iron Ritual

Never underestimate the power of iron. We see iron gates around haunted in the horror movies, and it’s not just a pretty piece of decorative architecture.

Iron is actually known to ward off negative spirits.

If you don’t have an iron gate, you don’t need to build one. Just put some iron knick-knacks outside in front of your home. Or, you can even go cheaper than that and use iron nails in a jar outside your home, on your window sills, and within door frames.

Hematite crystals are iron-based, and using this crystal is another useful way to bring more iron into the home or on your actual person. Iron is very potent against psychic attacks.

If iron isn’t really your thing, you can always go for another type of metal or crystal to surround yourself with instead.

Place silver pieces around the home or wear your silver jewelry. Silver is a color of protection and wards off negative entities. Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal that repels curses and sends them back to the sender as well. Anything that calls you to can be used in this type of ritual.

You can chant the words:

Iron (or insert name of your metal/crystal) pieces protect me from negative spirits and curses.

Deflect them back from where they came.

Which Ritual Will You Try this Halloween?

Halloween is always a fun time of year, with trick-or-treating, candy, ghostly parties, scary movies, and scrumptious food.

But as we know, there is that underlying Scorpio energy that brings magic, darkness, and mystery. This is what we need to watch out for.

It is not silly to suggest that psychic attacks will be shooting off left, right, and center. Remember, this is a time of powerful magic, and when we learn to harness it consciously, we can do a great deal of healing in this time to counter the negatives.

In the meantime, arm yourself with these five Halloween rituals! Which one speaks to you the most?

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