Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide by Chinese Zodiac Sign

The season of giving is upon us!

Prepare for scrumptious food, honorary traditions, family and friends, charitable endeavors, and, of course, presents!

The thing with presents, though, is that they can be one of the trickiest aspects of the holiday season.

What do you get Uncle Bob, who complains every year about what he receives? What do you get your mother-in-law when she has such impeccable and unpredictable taste?

It can cause even the bravest of us to quiver at the knees.

Let’s break it down into a nice, easy way. How about getting someone a gift based on their Chinese Zodiac sign?

Using Chinese Astrology to Find the Perfect Gift

Now you may be thinking, “How can the Chinese Zodiac show me the perfect gift for my loved one?”

Pretty much the same way, it can give you greater insight into your relationships, help you discover what kind of career suits you, and even the type of tea that is best for you!

Each Chinese Zodiac sign shares a specific set of characteristics. These characteristics trickle down into likes, dislikes, wants, needs, passions, and interests. Yes, you’ll get people of the same sign who are very different, but there are commonalities they all share in general.

Read on to find out more!

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Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide by Chinese Zodiac Sign


Rats are clever and strategic individuals, and if there’s one thing a Rat is guaranteed to love, it’s something to get their mental juices flowing!

A crossword puzzle book, a detective game or a detective DVD set (Think Hercule Poirot!), or something like this origami folding challenge will have them occupied for hours on end.


For the hardworking Ox, one thing they value is order. The Ox is also powerfully connected to the Earth, and any gift to do with nature is a wonderful idea, such as flower-pots, seedlings, and driftwood lamps.

One lovely gift for an Ox person is something like this carving knife set which gives them something practical and nice to look at!

The adventurous Tiger is not one for dull or ordinary gifts. They like what is different and whatever is unique. A Tiger is happy with any gift that no one else has been given as they are proud to stand out as an individual.

A book no one’s heard of, an essential oil set of unusual herbs, or something like this hilarious tissue box holder would be prized by a Tiger.


The serene and refined Rabbit appreciates gifts that are very like them: something designed to bring comfort, but not too extravagant.

Rabbits like anything they can use around the home, so a set of dining ware or a vacuum cleaner are welcome gifts, as is this silver Tree of Life ornament to look pretty in their home.


Known for their rich and fine tastes, a Dragon is not always easy to please, but if you get it right, then you will hold a special place in their heart!

Dragons enjoy luxury and the finer things, so taking them out for a slap-up meal is always a welcome gift. A gift voucher to a nice clothes store works wonders, but if you’re looking for something you can wrap, something like this elegant pendant light will have them smiling.


The Snake, like the Rabbit, enjoys refined presents but tends to value aesthetics more.

Makeup, jewelry, and skincare products are good for the Snake, but if you want something that will be very welcome during these cold winter nights, go for something to keep them warm like this luxury blanket will be appreciated.

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The Horse is an adventurous individual keen on anything that triggers their curiosity.

A suspense novel or a new gadget are all great gifts for the Horse, but if you’re looking for something truly intriguing, try something like this Book of Unusual Knowledge, which they can pour over for hours!


The Goat is a lover of art and has a passionate, imaginative mind. They like to think outside the box, so anything which gets their creative juices flowing is recommended.

Adult painting booklets and paintbrushes, and aisles are wonderful gifts for them, but this journal set is a fantastic way for them to jot down their never-ending thoughts.


The cheeky and independent Monkey enjoys gifts they can analyze and, above all, that they do not get bored of. Monkeys can get bored easily, so it’s good to give them something that keeps them stimulated!

Brain puzzles and books on historical facts are good gifts, but if you really want to make a Monkey happy, try something like this 1000 piece puzzle. They will be entertained for hours.


The practical and enigmatic Rooster needs something they can get stuck into, which lets them get “hands-on” and gets their brain cells working!

Sculpting gifts or painting sets work well for them, but something like this break-your-own geode kit will have them intrigued.


The loyal and kind-hearted Dog values anything that is given from the heart – and with their keen, instinctual nature, they will know when it is! So whether it’s a pair of socks or the latest gadget, the Dog will appreciate it.

A Dog is someone who likes to be motivated too, so if you want to give them a boost of motivation, get them this set of resistance bands so they can get started on their new year resolutions to get fit and healthy.


The amiable Pig does not ask for much, but one thing they do enjoy is comfort and good food! A Pig is happy with a comfy pillow or warm blanket, or a new mug which they can drink their favorite tea and coffee from.

Pigs enjoy tasty foods so something like this simple cookbook would be very welcome.

It’s the Thought That Counts!

Getting gifts for loved ones isn’t always easy, but that’s why we have the Chinese Zodiac to help us along!

Remember, it truly is the thought that counts, so if in doubt go with your gut and get whatever feels right to you. The holiday season is the spirit of giving, but it is also the spirit of appreciation.

What Chinese Zodiac sign is your loved one? Do you feel they would enjoy the gifts based on their sign? Would you enjoy the gift based on your sign?

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